Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. Advanced XC Live Updates: Doug Payne & Matt Flynn Win

Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photography.

Good morning, EN! We are very excited to bring you live updates from the Advanced cross country at Blue Ridge Mountain H.T. at TIEC. Doug Payne remains the one to beat as he’s leading both of these feature divisions, so we will keep a close eye on him this morning. Click here to catch up on our coverage.

Advanced competitors are up against 26 numbered fences over 3950 meters. The time to beat is 6 minutes and 56 seconds.

We will be here  keeping record of all the action as it happens, but you can also tune in and watch it live yourself at this link. The first rider leaves the box at 11 a.m., so join us then and keep refreshing this page for all the latest.

12:44 Doug Payne wins the Advanced division with Vandiver! Check back on EN for a full report later today.

12:34 Nilson finishes clear with a time of 7:33.

12:28 Nilson is clear through 4.

12:26 Nilson and Rock Phantom have left the startbox. He has the opportunity to finish in second place of the Advanced B division. He’s got about 12 seconds of wiggle room.

12:25 Matt Flynn and Wizzerd our our provisional winners of the Advanced B division.

12:23 Nilson has one final ride. He had to do a tack change, so he’s just warming up now. He’ll be the final Advanced rider on course.

12:22 Leslie Law finishes in 10.8 time penalties for a provisional score of 39.1. That should move him into second place of the B division.

12:18 Daniela finishes with no jumping faults in a time of 7:21.

12:17 A big jump nearly unseated Leslie at the middle element of the Chimney Rock, but the veteran competitor stuck it to jump clear.

12:16 Leslie Law and Voltaire De Tre are now with us on course. He’s clear through 10.

12:15 If you see Daniela this today make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!

12:13 Ah, what a shame, Ann has missed fence 19 The Sunburst Table. This is actually her second time missing this table — she was eliminated for doing the same with her first horse — so I’d venture to say this one was skipped on the course walk.

12:12 Madeleine finishes clear with a time of 7:54.

12:11 Lovely trip through the water for Ann Goodwin.

12:11 Now we welcome Daniela Moguel and Cecelia riding for Mexico.

12:10 Madeleine and Crosby’s Gold are clear through 20.

12:08 Ann Goodwin is back with Fedarman B. She has a stop at the trakhener at 7A. She takes her time to determine her options, and she’s clear on the second try.

12:06 Madeleine Scott and Crosby’s Gold have a strong start. They’re clear through 10.

12:05 Ellie has a refusal at the corner at 17.

12:04 Doug Payne and Vandier finish clear with a time of 7:22. That gives a provisional 10.4 time penalties. 33.5 is his final score and right now it keeps him on top of the leaderboard.

12:03 Ellie elects to take the option in the Lighthouse water to give the green horse some time to see his surroundings. It’s a good choice for them and they have a great ride out.

12:01 Darn! Ellie misses the line at 7 and has a runout at the skinny after the trakhener.

12:01 Ellie O’Neal and Zick Zack are clear through 4.

12:00 Doug has conquered his demons from earlier rides. He and Vandiver are easily through the Chimney Rock and Lighthouse Water.

11:59 Doug and Vandiver clear through 8.

11:58 Hallie and Clien have a miscommunication at the boat in the Lighthouse Water. They just get there on a slightly off stride with an angled approach. Clien tries to find a way to get over it, but it doesn’t quite work. Hallie did pop out of the tack, but was up immediately and seems to be ok.

11:56 Doug Payne is out with division leader Vandiver. He did not have the finishes he wanted with his first two horses, so I’m sure he’ll leave the box more determined that ever.

11:55 Hallie Coon and Clien are off and away. They’re clear through 7.

11:54 Bobby Meyerhoff finishes just 18 seconds over for a current score of 45.8. He’s been one of the fastest so far.

11:50 Allison Springer and Business Ben finish with no jumping faults in a time of 7:39.

11:48 Nilson finishes with 20 jumping and a time of 7:48.

11:47 Fortuna is full of energy for Bobby Meyerhoff. They have a sticky moment at fence five, but make it a great save.

11:45 Nilson has had a runout at the corner at 18. This one is catching quite a few competitors today.

11:45 Allison Springer and Business Ben are out on course. They’re clear through 6.

11:44 Nilson with a great shot at this stone wall:

11:44 Megan Sykes finishes clear in a time of 7:25

11:42 Wow! Really lovely ride for Megan and Classic’s Mojah through the Blue Table + Corner at 18.

11:42 Ashlynn and Emporium finish in a time of 7:52.

11:41 Nilson is back with his second ride, Lady Colina.

11:39 Ashlynn has a sketchy moment but gets it done at the tricky corner at 18.

11:39 Megan Sykes and Classic’s Mojah are our next starters.

11:38 Ashlynn is the first rider to take the option in the Lighthouse Water. They have a very classy ride through there.

11:38 Katherine Brown finished with a clear round aboard Victor Z in a time of 7:02.

11:37 Ashlynn Meuchel and Emporium have had a strong start here.

11:35 Whitney and Military Mind have a second runout at 24, the MIM table. That’s disappointing just two from home.

11:35 Katherine Brown and Victor Z are having a cracking ride. They’re clear the Lighthouse Water.

11:34 Whiney has one runout at the corner at 18.

11:33 Ann Goodwin unfortunately did not jump fence 19, the Sunburst Table. She’s been pulled up at fence 23 and will be eliminated.

11:31 Military Mind is full of run for Whitney, and she works hard to be successful through the Lighthouse Water.

11:30 Ann Goodwin has a runout at the Blue Table Corner at 18

11:29 Now we welcome Whitney Mahloch and Military Mind on course.

11:28 Ann and Mettraise have one of the best rides through the tricky Chimney Rock complex.

11:26 Ann Goodwin is clear through four with Mettraise.

11:21 Doug has had another stop at the D element after making it up the bank. He is clear over the option. Looks like he’s opting to continue.

11:20 Doug has had a stop at the C element at the Lighthouse water, a bank up.

11:19 Leslie Law and First Class finish with 20 jump penalties in a time of 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

11:18 Doug Payne is out with division leader Starr Witness.

11:15 Leslie Law and First Class have a bobble through the final element of the Chimney Rock complex. He circles to represent.

11:06 Matt Flynn is the first through the finish flags in 7:30, 34 seconds over.

11:05 Nilson has a runout on the final element of the Chimney Rock Complex. He’s successful on the second attempt.

11:03 Nilson da Silva and Magnum’s Martini starting strong around the lake. It also looks like Doug has heard about his elimination and has pulled up.

11:02 Matt Flynn and Wizzerd are clear through the water.

11:02 Doug Payne has jumped outside the flag at middle element of the chimney rock complex with Quantum Leap. Because he continued, he will be eliminated.

10:43 Looks like we’ve had two riders withdraw before cross country: Kyle Carter with Reddy or Not and Gaby Ruane with Lismakeera Brewski. Both of these pairs were in the Advanced B division.

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