Boyd and Silva Update: Back Home, Both Recovering Well

Silva at home at Windurra farm teaching lessons. Photo from Boyd and Silva's blog.

Silva at home at Windurra farm teaching lessons. Photo from Boyd and Silva’s blog.

A blog post has been published today with some updates on the respective recoveries of injured pair Boyd and Silva Martin. Silva sustained a head injury from a fall from a horse in Wellington earlier this month, and Boyd broke his leg in a fall from Steady Eddie on cross country at Carolina International last weekend. In his blog post, Boyd confirms that yes, his house does resemble a hospital ward, but also has some encouraging news.

From Boyd and Silva’s blog:

“I’m taking it day by day and not ruling anything out, so it remains to be seen whether I’ll be fit to ride at Rolex.  Luckily at the moment I feel like I’m very fit and light in my body weight, due to the hard work I’ve put in so far this year, so it’s mainly a question of whether my leg will be strong enough. I’ll be starting physical rehab for the leg sometime soon…Silva is slowly getting to a point where she can start teaching a couple of lessons each day, and thanks to her girls, all of her horses are in work and looking in good form …

We’ve got all the four-star horses in full fitness mode; they went swimming at Mountain Meadows on Wednesday afternoon and my guys galloped them up the mountain this morning.  Obviously I’m keeping an eye on how they’re doing, and teaching the odd lesson here and there. With Silva’s therapy each day, and my keeping an eye on my horses and teaching the odd lesson, we’re busy every day, but I’m enjoying being on cruise control for now, and spending what time I can hanging out on the couch with Silva.”

We are thrilled to hear that both husband and wife seem to be doing well. Boyd has horses entered in both Rolex and Badminton, and while his tone in his blog is positive, we still won’t know anything about his status for competition for a couple of weeks, it sounds like. At the end of the day, I’m sure Boyd will make the right call based on his fitness and the welfare of his horses.

Go Boyd and Silva.

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