Human Barricade Fail: ‘My Horse Ran Over Boyd Martin’

A video of Boyd Martin playing chicken with a ditchy horse, and getting flattened in the process, is going viral, and we couldn’t resist sharing!

A bit of commentary from the Boyd & Silva Martin Blog:

It’s true what they say, folks … Don’t Mess with Texas. In the midst of teaching a clinic in Texas this past weekend, Boyd, ever the gentleman, offered to give a young lady a little guidance in getting her resistant horse over a ditch, by becoming a human jump standard … but instead he got steamrolled! 

Oops. Glad everyone is OK — Boyd bounced up with a limp and a laugh, and the horse braved the ditch on the next attempt: “Goodness, that clinician guy wasn’t bluffing!”

Looks like the rest of the clinic went well, too:

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Go Boyd. Go Eventing.