Boyd Martin Injured at Carolina International [UPDATE: Boyd Breaks Leg]

Photo by Samantha Clark. Photo by Samantha Clark.

Boyd Martin had seven horses entered in the national horse trial divisions this weekend at the Carolina Horse Park.  We’ve just learned via Boyd’s facebook page that he suffered a fall from Steady Eddie on cross-country today and was taken away in an ambulance.  We’ll update this post as more information becomes available.  Get well soon, Boyd!

boyd fall facebook

[UPDATE: 8:55 pm]

Disclaimer: The photos posted on Boyd’s blog post are a bit graphic, so please proceed with caution!

Boyd has just posted an update on his blog, and it looks like he has suffered a broken leg. Boyd appears to be in as good of spirits as you can be with the month the Martins have had, and gave some more details on what happened at Carolina International today:

From Boyd’s blog:

“Steady Eddie is one of my top young horses, and he made the leap to advanced this year. He’s a very careful jumper so I decided to be competitive on him and really go for it at the Carolina International. About half-way around the course, at the Ruins jump — a vertical to a forward three to a very wide corner — I was moving along and decided to carve my turn and jump the fence at pace; unfortunately due to Eddie’s greenness it came as a surprise to him to see the corner and at the last moment he ducked out. My leg hit the edge of the corner at high speed which knocked me off the Eagle. Right away I knew my leg was broken – the medical staff thew me in the back of the meat wagon and took me to the local hospital for X-rays to confirm that my shin bone took a beating.”

We all know that Boyd is as tough as they come, so although there is no official word on how long he will be sidelined, you can bet that Boyd will be back in the saddle just as soon as he can.

Best of luck to both Boyd and Silva as they both recover from their respective injuries. You can stay updated by checking out Boyd and Silva’s blog here.

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