Boyd Martin: Silva Rehabilitating in FL, Hopes to Move to PA Soon

Boyd Martin has posted an update on his wife Silva on their blog last night.  Silva has been undergoing four to five hours of rehab daily, working on her speech, balance, and movement.  She hopes to  return to Pennsylvania soon.

From Boyd’s Blog:

Silva’s mum Christa is arriving tomorrow from Germany and she’s going to meet up with Silva in Palm Beach. We are waiting for Silva’s neurosurgeon to give her the okay to travel, and as soon as she gets the all clear she and her mum will head up to PA to the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern. From all reports that’s the number one place to get Silva back to 100%.

At the moment she’s mentally sharp as a tack and her neurosurgeon assures me that as time goes on and the blood is reabsorbed into her body, her balance, sight and speech will improve. There’s no question it’s a pretty serious injury and will take time to heal, but if you give this kind of thing enough time things usually come back to 100%.

While Boyd had to return to Aiken, it sounds like Silva is in good hands with friends and family.  Our thoughts and prayers continue for Silva as the returns to her normal self.  Stay tuned to EN and Boyd’s blog for more updates.

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