Bracket Battle of Event Horses: THE FINAL MATCH

And then there were two.  Nearly four weeks ago, we started this little game with 32 of the best event horses we could think of, and now we are down to the last ones standing: WINSOME ADANTE and CHARISMA. 

Charisma knocked out Murphy Himself yesterday; by Podge’s standards, it was a real nailbiter!  Murphy made a strong showing, with over 30% of the vote, but Charisma was simply too much to overcome.  We’ll see today if Charisma can dominate one final matchup…

Winsome Adante or Charisma?  It’s so hard to choose.  From two different eras, with two very different riders.  Dan doesn’t have an individual gold to his credit, but his presence at a three-day almost meant everyone else was competing for “also-ran.”  And Charisma…what more can we say?  Double gold-medallist, Badminton runner-up, and inspiration to all. 

Such a tough decision…maybe I can convince John to let us vote twice!

    1.  WINSOME ADANTE                                vs.                    2.  CHARISMA


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