Need to Know Wednesday

The WEG organizers have raised their economic impact projection figures.  By the numbers: over 460,000 individual tickets are being sold, attendeed are buying an average of 5 days worth of tickets, the average room rate is $273 per attendee, and 87 percent of spectators will be from out of state.  Read more.
Ian Stark has been inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame.  During his career, Ian amassed 18 international medals as one of the all time fan favorite eventers.  If you’ve ever ridden with Ian, I’m sure you’ll never forget the F-word: “FORWARD.”  Congrats Ian!
China is spending $4 billion on a new thoroughbred racing facility.  TC’s take
Low flying fighters in the UK spooked a horse to death. Courtesy of COTH.
A 19hh rescue horse has joined the cavalry.
Best of the Blogs: Sarah Stretton injured


Today is a travel day for me, and my next post will be from NC later this evening.  Visionaire will have our Bracket Battle Finals around lunchtime, and, until then, I leave EN in the capable hands of our readers.
Lastly, Anon in Australia has asked for more info on Rolex entrant Peter Atkins, so please chime in if you know Peter.
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