Breaking News: Chattahoochee Hills NOT Hosting CCI5*

Fools in April: Someone who I will describe as a very important person in eventing came up to me today and said that multiple people have approached them this weekend shocked and concerned about the news that the FEI is having a 5-star event next year.  We both found this extremely funny, but I guess I should make things 100% clear: our story about Chattahoochee Hills hosting a 5-star next year was an April fools joke.  I posted the story under “Ridiculous Commentary,” on April Fools Day, and explained in the “more info” link that it was an April Fools joke.  But, I guess the story has spread a lot farther than I expected.
Of course, as with every good joke, their is a vein of truth running through it.  Bouckaert Farms at Chattahoochee Hills is absolutely a world class facility that is going to be an icon of US eventing for years to come.  They are hosting the Area III championships in May and the AECs this fall, and if they want to host a 4-star (or a 5-star) it’s probably only a matter of time.
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