Breaking News: Chattahoochee Hills to Host World’s First CCI5*

The Fork is buzzing today with the news that the FEI has selected Chattahoochee hills for the site of the first ever CCI5* (yes, five stars) in the fall of 2011.  Rumors have swirled for years about bringing a fall four-star to Carl Bouckaert’s incredibly nice 800 acre facility, but this is unprecedented news.

The FEI has not officially confirmed the news yet, but I sent them an email, and I spoke to someone close to the situation who verified the story and said “we spent 5-star money building 5-star facilities, and we didn’t want to settle for a 4-star event.
Information is still sketchy at this point, but from what I have heard, the 5* XC will be competed at a speed of 620 mpm and a maximum height of around 1.35 meters.  No word yet on qualifying requirements.
I have been beating the drum for a while now that the Chattahoochee Hills facilities are some of the nicest in the world, which is obviously a must for hosting a 5*.  Chatahoochee Hills is located just miles from Atlanta, which will provide strong spectator support.  We will have much more information later, so check back soon.  More info


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