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Boston Hillcrest HT 10-09 xc gallop.JPG

Your Name: Jen Wolz

Age: 30 (ugh, when did that happen)

Location: Pulaski, VA (it’s in the Southwest foot part)

Primary horse’s name:  Boston No Sox (“Boston”)

Age, breed, pertinent info:  8 year-old thoroughbred cross (I’m thinking he’s a race bred quarterhorse); I ended up with Boston because his owner stopped paying board on him and I was the only one who could ride him.  He’s very atheletic and has the potential to do anything I would want him to do (and maybe more).  He’s also a little “special” sometimes and we’ve had several cross country rounds that involved a lot of sideways travel (imagive traveling at cross country pace, but sideways and forward instead of just forward).  We’re working on it.

Level currently competing: 
Finished out the season at Rubicon going Beginner Novice.  Would like to start out this season (whenever the snow melts) going Novice.

Short term goals this spring/summer: 
Lose the sideways stuff and confidently jump around at Novice.

Year-end goals:  Training Three Day at Waredaca.

Overall goals? 
I’d love to get Boston up to Prelim eventually.  I’ve gone Prelim once (well, twice if you count my first failed attempt when I missed a jump in stadium,which, of course, was scheduled before cross country) and then that horse magically sold to an older lady who wanted something to take out on trail rides.  Yep, the horse I’d brought from the track to prelim went from prelim one month, to trail horse the next.  Lucky horse, he’s loving it.  If Boston has the potential to do more than prelim, I’d love to see him do it.  Will it be with me?  Who knows.  

I‘m also a lower level pro (people tend to forget about us lower level pros, instead they tend to break eventers down to upper level rider/trainer pros and lower level amateurs).  I want to continue helping my riders develop solid foundations and the ability to be competitive at recognized shows.  I’d love to get another project or two out in the competition ring this year.  I am currently working with a halflinger pony that was an amish work pony until November ’09 (no joke).  Maybe she’ll be the next pony eventing star. 

What’s the best thing you’ve learned recently?  Any big epiphany or light-bulb moment? 
It’s okay to give up the outside rein sometimes.  I don’t need to, and shouldn’t be, holding my horse up all the time.  What are your strengths?  I’m a hard worker and love having lessons so that I have goals to continue working toward and so that I can continue to bring my new knowledge back to my students and the horses I’m riding.  What are your weaknesses?  I’m a control freak and a perfectionist.

Favorite eventing moment/story? 
Crossing the finish line after cross country at the Maryland Horse Trials II last July after completing my first prelim.  It was a goal that I’d been working toward for a few years and the rush of finally realizing that dream was incredible.  I didn’t care that I’d had two stops on course – both were at somewhat difficult questions (corner and water complex).  All that mattered was that I had done it and I had done it safely and securly (i.e. I knew my horse and I were both ready for the move-up).  Emily Beshear, who gives me lessons as regularly as we can make it happen when she lives 3 hours away, was cracking up at the finish line because I was crying like crazy.  I think she said something like, “Jen, you cry when things go bad and you cry when things go great.  You’re funny.”

Link to blog or website, if applicable:  http://www.wolzequestrian.com/

Photo(s) or videos:

Boston Rubicon 11-09 dres 5.JPG   Boston Hillcrest HT 10-09 jump 1.JPG
My husband took them – it’s fun having my own photographer travelling with me; it’s weird that I’m pretty sure I’m my husband’s hobby

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