British Eventers Invited to ‘Drown Their Sorrows’ with Boozy Compensation Prizes

TV star Jeremy Clarkson is toasting the tough days with eventers this year. Photo courtesy of Hawkstone.

We’ve all been there: sometimes the day you’d planned (replete with rosettes, eternal glory, and an obligatory mug of lukewarm champagne to toast your successes back at the lorry) doesn’t quite work out, and you end up driving home with the blue dye of the water jump seeping into your knickers because once again, you forgot to pack a spare pair of breeches and once again, your horse took an aversion to the log drop in and sayanara-d you straight into the drink. Now, you really need one. A drink, that is.

Enter Jeremy Clarkson, a man mostly known for car nerd porno show Top Gear, also pretty well known for having a farm and a show about it, and, well… to be honest, he’s known for some other things, too, but I’m mates with the PR in charge of this campaign and I suspect she’ll murder me if I say what I really think of the chap here. Anyway, my opinions don’t matter that much: what matters is that A) the horsey set really like a bit of JC and B) he’s come up with a pretty great way to perk up those water-soaked-knickers sort of days.

One of the ventures that aul’ Jezza has got on the go at that farm of his is a line of lagers and ciders, which he sells under the Hawkstone moniker. Quite delightfully, Hawkstone and BEDE Events, who are in charge of rather a lot of events on the British Eventing calendar, have teamed up for 2023 to create an official ‘watering hole’ — and deliver some great ‘prizes’, too. Taking some inspiration from hunt clubs and their tumblers’ prizes, Hawkstone will now offer much-needed bevvies to those who fail to finish their weekend.

In a letter to Oasby (1) competitors, Jeremy Clarkson wrote: “As a compensation for your bravery – or is it lunacy? Should things not go to plan this weekend and you get eliminated or fall off I will offer you a free case of beer, cider, or vodka to drown your sorrows.”

Of the new partnership, Stuart Buntine, Director of BEDE Events, says: “what an honour to partner with such a new and iconic British brand as Hawkstone. At BEDE we’re all for celebrating the sport and having a little fun along the way, and the new Hawkstone partnership relationship does just that – drown your sorrows or toast your successes!”

Hawkstone Lager and Cider will be available to sample and purchase at The Eventing Spring Carnival at Thoresby Park from the 31st March – 2nd April. Tickets are still available to purchase via Competitors will also be able to claim 10% off their first purchase of any of Clarkson’s lagers, vodka or Kaleb’s delicious cider, by registering at and using BEDE as a discount code.

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