Bromont Announces Competition Grant Program for Under-25 Riders

The beautiful Bromont sign. Photo via EN Archives.

The 2019 MARS Equestrian Bromont Three-Day Event is launching the Bromont Rising Program to provide up to 10 grants of CA$3,000 to under-25 U.S. and Canadian riders competing at the June 6-9 event in Quebec, Canada. Grant recipients can compete in any division: CCI4*-L, CCI3*-L, CCI3*-S or CCI2*-L.

In addition to the grant, the program will consist of two days of mounted and unmounted instruction prior to the start of the event from leading coaches, course designers, riders, owners and support staff, as well as coaching as requested during the event. The program will include seminars on horse selection, conformation, syndication, business skills, stable management and event preparation.

Launching a program to support young North American riders has long been a goal for Sue Ockendon, who has run Bromont since its inaugural season as the equestrian venue for the 1976 Olympic Games.

“This has long been a dream of mine, and I am delighted to have it come to fruition with the help of the 2019 Organizing Committee and our title sponsor MARS Equestrian,” Sue said. “It is so important that we recognize and provide support to our younger riders who will be the future of the sport. I am hopeful that this program will flourish and extend to other venues.”

The grant money will be awarded in a lump sum to each recipient to offset the cost of transportation, entries, lodging and meals during the June event. Program participants will arrive Monday, June 3 for the two-day training camp.

“We are trying to give a leg up to the riders who have committed to making this sport their livelihood and who need help in achieving that goal,” Sue said. “With this program, we are aiming to provide an opportunity to riders who are not currently part of any grant or training program to come to Bromont and compete with the ‘big guns.’”

The application form and selection criteria for the Bromont Rising Program will be available on the Bromont website by April 1. Selection criteria “will focus primarily on talent and determination.” Click here to view the Omnibus for the event.

Do you know of a U.S. or Canadian rider who would be a perfect fit for the Bromont Rising Program? Please share and spread the word. Go Eventing.

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