Bromont CCI3* Course Walk Between Chinch Ears

Le Chinch politely requested that he not be made to hurtle himself over every fence on the Bromont CCI3* Todd Sandler Challenge course again this year. Instead we’re bringing you what is possibly the cutest edition of Between the Ears we’ve ever published.
Nestled in the valley of the mountains that characterize the quaint ski-town of Bromont, Quebec, the Bromont Olympic Park is a picturesque setting for an equestrian event. The cross country course is designed by Derek di Grazia and beautifully constructed by Canada’s own Jay Hambly.
The wide galloping lanes wind around the steeplechase track, and Derek has given the horses plenty of room to open up their stride and find a good rhythm. The terrain has been well utilized, and let’s hope these horses aren’t ditchy, as there are no less than three ditch and wall type questions.