Bromont CCI4*-L Live Updates: Boyd Martin Rockets to 1-2

Fence 15ABC on the CCI4*-L course. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Bonjour! We have bright, sunny conditions for cross country day at the MARS EQUESTRIAN Bromont CCI Three-Day Event. While we’ve avoided any downpours during the competition, the course is still drying out after being pummeled with rain in the lead up to the event. The CCI4*-L is running first starting at 8:30 a.m. EST to give the horses the best of the ground.

Derek di Grazia’s CCI4*-L course has 27 numbered obstacles running over 5,700 meters. The optimum time is 10 minutes. No pairs made the time last year. In the past four runnings of the CCI4*-L at Bromont, just two pairs have managed to finish on their dressage scores. This won’t be a dressage show, y’all. You can watch a drone flyover of the course below.

There is no live stream for cross country today, but I will be running live updates for the CCI4*-L on this page. Keep refreshing for the latest updates. EN wishes safe cross country trips for all. Go Eventing.

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8:35: We had a slightly delayed start but are underway with Clayton Fredericks and FE Stormtrooper as the first on course.

8:42: Lauren Kieffer and D.A. Duras have parted ways at the duck into the water. They are both OK.

8:43: Clayton is still going well and Buck Davidson has started with Copper Beach.

8:45: Clayton and FE Stormtrooper picked up 20 jumping penalties at the road crossing at fence 25. They are now safely home with 25.2 time penalties as well.

8:46: Buck Davidson has retired Copper Beach at fence 9.

8:47: Boyd Martin and On Cue are the only pair currently on course and are safely through fence 5.

9: Emilee Libby and Jakobi are on course now.

8:50: Colleen Loach and Qorry Blue d’Argouges are on course now.

8:51: Boyd and On Cue are clear so far and heading to the drop combination at fence 15.

8:55: Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico are on course now.

8:56: Boyd Martin and On Cue are home clear. They sat in second place after dressage so we are anxiously awaiting their time.

8:57: Just 4 seconds over the optimum time for Boyd Martin and On Cue in the mare’s 4*-L debut. They sit on a score of 32.3.

8:58: Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico have picked up 20 penalties at the arrowhead at fence 9. She then picked up another 20 at the water at fence 11.

8:59: Colleen and Qorry are home clear with 9.6 time penalties.

9: Katherine Coleman and Monte Classico have sadly been eliminated on refusals at fence 15.

9:03: Caitlin Henderson and Creative Dreamer are on course now.

9:06: Emilee and Jakob are clear through fence 15.

9:07: Caitlin picked up 20 jumping penalties at the water at fence 11.

9:08: Cornelia Dorr and Sir Patico MH are on course now.

9:09: Emily and Jakobi are home clear with 17.6 time penalties.

9:10: Emily Hamel and Barry are on course now.

9:23: Caitlin and Creative Dreamer are home with 20 jumping penalties and 39 seconds over.

9:14: Will Faudree and Michel 233 are on course now.

9:15: Cornelia Dorr and Sir Patico MH finished just 2 seconds over the time but picked up 20 penalties on course.

9:16: Emily Hamel and Corbett picked up 20 at the corner at 15C.

9:17: Alex Green and Fernhill Limited Edition are on course now.

9:18: Will picked up 20 penalties at fence 9.

9:20: Emily Hamel and Corvett have been eliminated on refusals at fence 23.

9:24: Jennie and I Bella picked up 20 jumping at the water at fence 4.

9:25: Will Faudree is home with Michel 233.

9:26: Jennie has fallen from I Bella at fence 9. Both are OK.

9:27: Ellie O’Neal and Zeta are on course now.

9:28: Alex Green and Fernhill Limited Edition are home clear with 28.4 time penalties — just our fourth clear so far.

9:31: Allie Knowles and Morswood are on course now.

9:34: Allie and Morswood picked up 20 jumping at fence 11C when they glanced off the arrowhead brush.

9:36: Ema Klugman and Bendigo are on course now.

9:40: Karl Slezak and Fernhill Wishes are on course now.

9:43: Allie Knowles and Morswood have completed with 20 jumping penalties.

9:44: Sabrina Glaser and Rembrandt parted ways at fence 4A when the horse left a leg. They are both ok.

9:45: Karl and Fernhill Wishes picked up 20 jumping at fence 9B.

9:46: Ema Klugman completed with 20 jumping penalties.

9:47: Dan Clasing and MW Gangster’s game are on course now.

9:49: Karl completed with 20 jumping and 15.6 time.

9:50: Joe Meyer and Buccaneer are on course now.

9:52: Joe Meyer and Buccaneer fell at fence 6. They are both up and ok.

9:55: Clayton Fredericks is on course with his second ride FE Always In Time.

9:57: Dan Clasing picked up 20 jumping at the third water and has now completed.

9:58: Karl’s jumping penalties have been removed. We will bring you the fence reports and verify all penalties at the conclusion.

10: Lauren Kieffer is back with her second ride now in Landmark’s Monte Carlo.

10:02: Clayton and FE Always In Time picked up 20 at fence 9.

10:03: Buck Davidson is on course now with overnight leader Carlevo.

10:07: Clayton is home with 20 jumping and 26.2 time penalties.

10:08: Lauren Kieffer is home clear with Landmark’s Monte Carlo and inside the time! They are the only pair to catch it.

10:09: Boyd Martin and Ray Price are on course now as our final pair to go.

10:13: Buck Davidson and Carlevo are home clear with 12.4 time penalties. Boyd and Ray Price can now take the lead.

10:15: Boyd will lead overnight. The question is which horse. He has to make the time with Ray Price to overtake On Cue.

10:19: Boyd did it! 7 seconds inside to sit first overnight with his homebred Ray Price and second with On Cue in her debut at the level. Pure class.