Buck Davidson & Carlevo Top Ocala Winter II Advanced

The big kids of eventing have begun stretching their legs over the big jumps this season, some of them warming up for even larger jumps to come. Ocala Winter II H.T.’s Advanced division, which wrapped up today, was headlined by some heavy hitters but it was Buck Davidson and Carlevo who came out on top.

The Thursday phases of dressage and show jumping were led by Hannah Sue Burnett and her old pal Harbour Pilot, who opted (as did a few others) to withdraw before cross country on their dressage score of 23.4 plus 0.4 time in jumping. Here’s that winning unofficial combined test — many thanks as always to The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Horse Pesterer for bringing us all the ringside action!

Jacob Fletcher and Fabian lurked just a half point behind after dressage then withdrew, opting to end the weekend on their successful romp in the sandbox. Might’ve-been-winners Phillip Dutton and Z had a rail and 5.6 time cross country …

… keeping them in third (he also finished 6th on Sea of Clouds) and leaving the blue ribbon to Buck and Carlevo.

Buck had two more in the division — Erroll Gobey and Sorocaima — who were 7th and 17th respectively.

Devon Brown and HC Celtic Mark jumped double clear rounds to make a big hop up the scoreboard into 2nd.

A handful of other divisions are already done and dusted at Florida Horse Park: Jessica Phoenix and Tugce won Advanced/Intermediate, Lauren Nicholson and Landmark’s Jungle’s Gold won Prelim One-Day A, Caroline Martin and Galwaybay Redfield HSH Connor won Prelim One-Day B, Lindsey Lanier and DHI Kloosterboy won Modified One-Day B, Bruce Mandeville and Smile n Wave won Training One-Day A, Lauren Nicholson and Ziggy Stardust won Training One-Day B, Hannah Sue Burnett and Chakiris Star won Training One-Day C, Meghan O’Donoghue and Axl Rose won Novice Horse One-Day, and Olivia Dutton and JMF Master Cooley won Open Novice One-Day.

Fun fact: two of the winners — Axl Rose and Ziggy Stardust — were both sourced and imported by eventer-turned-jumper-of-very-very-large-show-jumps Justine Dutton. Good eye, Justine!

Advanced Final Top 10: 

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