Budweiser Releases Clydesdale Commercial for U.S. World Cup Game

If eventers don’t give a crap about the Kentucky Derby, then I’m going to take a wild guess you all feel the same way about the World Cup. BUT we’re all Budweiser Clydesdales fans here, and our favorite gentle giants star in a special commercial released this morning to get U.S. fans pumped up for today’s round of 16 match against Belgium. Budweiser says on its YouTube page:

“When you’ve made it this far and it’s win or go home and the whole country’s skipping out of work to cheer their brains out, there’s only one other thing you need: AN EPIC HYPE FILM. Watch the new Budweiser World Cup 2014 commercial for the USA vs. Belgium round of 16 match. Let’s do this. Go USA.”

If you’re one of the lucky soccer fans playing hooky today to watch the game on ESPN — or you just happen to be near a TV at 4 p.m. EST — here’s a little background via ESPN.com on the match, in which the U.S. is playing the role of dark horse:

“But right now in Salvador, it doesn’t feel like anyone’s letting go just yet. Right now, it feels better than hope, and it feels better than optimism, and it feels better than faith. It feels like belief, and for a team that shouldn’t win, there’s no better feeling in the world.”

Go Team USA. [Hat tip to Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog]

Update 1 p.m. EST: If you’re wanting to feel inspired for today’s game, check out this video via Bleacher Report:

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