Contest Alert! Build Your Own Turkey, Win a Tipperary T2 Helmet

You could win a Tipperary T2 helmet!

You could win a Tipperary T2 helmet!

It’s Thanksgiving Week, EN! And to celebrate we’ve giving away a beautiful Tipperary T2 helmet to the reader who builds the best Thanksgiving turkey out of items found around the barn.

We’re talking wheelbarrows, buckets, jumps, hay, straw, grooming tools, wraps, boots, saddle pads — literally anything you can find. Then fashion it together however you can; old standbys like duct tape and baling twine should prove useful.

Here's your inspiration! Your turkey can be modeled after either one.

Here’s your inspiration! Your turkey can be modeled after either one.

You can choose to model your turkey after one that’s still gobbling or one that’s on its way to the table for Thanksgiving dinner. As long as it looks like a turkey, the choice is yours. As always, we will look for creativity, resourcefulness and straight up insanity when choosing the finalists.

Snap a photo of your creation after you’re done raiding the barn and send it to [email protected] by midnight EST Tuesday, Dec. 2. We’ll post the entries for voting next week.

The winner of the poll will receive a T2 helmet from our awesome sponsor Tipperary. We’ve big fans of the T2 — not to mention the #mindyourmelon movement! — and you can learn more about this helmet in our product review here. Also, Peter Atkins wears this helmet, and we know you want to be cool like Peter and Henny.

Henny! Photo by Jenni Autry.

Henny! Photo by Jenni Autry.

The T2 features a super cool matte paint finish, an ergonomic design and a unique drop back shell that cradles the skull. The rear padding system ensures a personalized fit, and 10 large aluminum vents maximize air flow. The winner gets to choose the color: black, slate or chocolate.

Click here to learn more about the T2 or to order one for yourself. Chinch already put one on his Christmas list.

Go Tipperary. Go Eventing.

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