Black Friday News & Notes from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Catchin' some rays on the road with Leo.

Catchin’ some rays on the road with Leo.

Holy Turkey Hangover!! I’m surely not the only one who is feeling a little sluggish today after an exciting and exhausting day of family, friends, wine, and lots of stuffing with gravy. Those of you brave enough to go outside today and tackle the Black Friday shops in person, I say God Bless, because I am staying away from town today! Good thing we have the internet for shopping while avoiding the crowds! Be sure to check out our post on Black Friday deals from our favorite sponsors, because now is the time to grab the awesome goods that you’ve been eyeballing all year!! [Black Friday Deals Galore!]

North American Weekend Preview:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

News From Around The Globe:

In the weirdest way to spend your Friday, you can now vote to name the mascots of the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Rio has released a funny little video of the two mascots (see below) and are now asking for your input on what to call them! If you can’t recognize them, don’t worry because the Olympic mascot is a mixture of “all the Brazilian animals” and is blessed with their many qualities: the agility of the cats, the sway of the monkeys, the grace of the birds. The Paralympic mascot is a magical creature, a “fusion of all the plants in the Brazilian forests”. The names available are: Oba and Eba, Tiba Tuque and Esquindim, and Vinicius and Tom. Go figure. [Vote Here]

British riders wonder, what exactly IS hunter/jumpers? Horse & Hound went on a mission to figure out what this North American riding sport is, and they got the low down from American college student Yukiko McQueeney. Don’t worry Brits, sometimes I wonder what that’s all about too…[Hunter Jumpers Explained]

A new scientific study shows that while soaking hay reduces dust and carbohydrate content, it also significantly increases the bacteria levels. Soaking or steaming-plus-soaking lowers water-soluble carbohydrates, but significantly reduced the hygienic quality of the hay which can potentially compromise the health of the horse. [Soaking Hay Causes Bacteria]

Build a turkey, win a Tipperary T2 Helmet! In the latest of our wacky contests, we’re asking you to build a turkey from random stuff (wheelbarrows, jumps, hay, grooming tools, saddle pads) found around the barn, and send us a picture to win a Tipperary T2 Helmet. If your creation wins, so do you!! You have a week. GO! [Build A Turkey, Win a Helmet]

SmartPak Product of the Day: EVERYTHING!! SmartPak is having a site-wide 15% off sale today and for Cyber Monday, and it applies to everything including stuff that’s already on sale! And don’t forget, SmartPak orders over $75 are automatically free shipping! [Shop SmartPak Black Friday]

Congrats to Becky Staden, the winner of this week’s Fab Freebie for a GoVelope Phone Carrier, in the style & color of her choice. Be sure to check back Monday for next week’s Fab Freebie. [GoVelope Fab Freebie]

Super weird Rio 2016 mascot naming video:


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