Burning Eventing Questions Part IV

My plan for last week was depressing, mainly because it in fact was NOT dry.

This is a series written by me, about me, and my return to eventing. We’ve (that’s me and my horse Plaid who has been chronically lame for 5 years) been away awhile, so sometimes we need a little help with the unknowns. Read Part IPart II, and Part III if you so desire.

Winter Edition!

Since we last spoke, we’ve made some changes in our routine. The biggest is the move we made to Allen and Clover Sport Horses, where hopefully they will help us polish our edges and by that I mean not look like such a hot mess in all three phases. Being around quality horses and riders all the time is an inspiration, and a little intimidating, but I think will help us in the long run.

Before I started eventing again this year, there was no off season. There were cold months, when you rode less and prayed for sunny days, but there was no planning. So, as someone who would like to keep riding in the winter, and keep my old guy fit (do you know how hard it is to RE develop some sort of topline on a 19 year old–20 in February!–OTTB that has downhill tendencies?), I have some questions!

1. Is it normal to get choked up when you come across your pinney from the last event you did?
2. How do you avoid motion sickness when trotting endless 20 meter circles in the indoor?
3. How do I explain to my family around Christmas that $600 for custom boots isn’t THAT much?
4. It’s 60 degrees in December in Area II, does the last event really have to happen the first week of November?
5. Are the other eventers at my barn judging my horse’s poorly executed trace clip?
6. My horse tripped over a log on the trails the other day, does this mean he’s forgotten how to jump cross country?
7. Did someone forget to send me the memo about eventers wearing air vests during jumping lessons?
8. Now that 3′ fences look small again, does this mean I’m ready to move up to training?
9. Do you think my horse would be terrified if I showed him my plans for next season?
10. I finally got my photos back from the last event, how did the photographer NOT get me almost falling off in stadium?! I was really looking forward to using that in a post.



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