C4 Photo Challenge: Eventers Love Color!

Colors galore! Photo by Colleen Peachey. Colors galore! Photo by Colleen Peachey.

It’s a widely known fact that eventers are almost too obsessed with color coordination. You call it a sickness, we call it a labor of love. Say what you will, but whenever you glimpse that perfectly coordinated pair out on cross country, you get a little weak in the knees, just admit it.

To that end, we know that C4 completes the outfit of virtually every eventer out there, and now it’s time to show us your level of color OCD! We’re starting a new photo challenge for your chance to add a new C4 belt to your collection! Here’s the scoop:

Submit a photo in one of the following ways during the entry period showcasing your color coordination as well as your C4 hardware. This month, we’re selecting BLUE as the color we want to see. Navy blue, sky blue, royal blue — you name it, we want to see it!

Ways to submit your photo:

Email it to [email protected] with the subject “C4 Blue”

Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #C4ColorLove

Entries are due no later than Saturday August 15 at 8 p.m. EST.

Get those photos submitted and keep an eye out for them right here on EN!

If you need to add to your C4 wardrobe this year, we’re also offering an exclusive promo code this month! Simply use “ColorLoveC4” at checkout to receive 10% off for the month of August.