California Gurls Heather Morris & Tamie Smith Win All the Dressage Things at Rebecca Farm

BFF 4ever. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

To quote the great sage of our time Katy Perry: “California gurls, we’re undeniable. Fine, fresh, fierce, we’ve got it on lock. West coast represent, now put your hands up. Ooh oh ooh. Ooh oh ooh.”

Cali besties Heather Morris and Tamie Smith of Next Level Eventing were undeniable, and indomitable, in the two- and three-star divisions here at Rebecca Farm today. Ooh oh … etc.

The two are used to cheering for one another, even when they’re in the same division.

“If I don’t win I want her to win,” Tamie says, to which Heather adds, “… and vice versa.”

Heather Morris and Charlie Tango. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Both are winning today. Heather staked out the top of the CCI3* dressage leaderboard on Charlie Tango, a 9-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding owned by Team Express Group, with whom she won the CCI2* here two years ago.

Warming up for their test, Heather says she felt like the wheels were coming off. “I got all flustered and I went into the ring flustered and I thought it was awful, and then Tamie was like ‘It was good’ and I was like ‘No it was awful,'” she says.

Their score of 46.1 indicates it was not, in fact, awful.

Of Ian Stark’s cross country course, Heather says that there’s a lot to do out there. The pair finished second at their last CIC3* outing at Galway Downs earlier this year, and we look forward to watching them get the job done tomorrow.

Tamie Smith and Fleeceworks Royal. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Meanwhile, Tamie sits atop the CIC3* dressage throne with Fleeceworks Royal, an 8-year-old Holsteiner mare owned by Judy McSwain. The pair scored a 42.6, and unlike Heather, Tamie knew immediately that it was a good test, dropping the reins and giving “Rory” a big hug after their final salute.

“I was thrilled,” she says. “She was really wonderful … We have a great partnership and it’s been really fun to see how far she’s come.”

Tamie is also fifth in the 14-horse CIC3* division on Wishbone, and has the top two spots in the CCI2* with Sunsprite Syrius and Glock Pullman respectively.

Both Heather and Tamie have been big supporters of The Event at Rebecca Farm from the get-go, making the solid 24-hour trek from Temecula, California, to Kalispell each year to contest the event, usually with a big crew in tow.

“The changes every year are huge, and just when you think it can’t get any better it always does,” Tamie says. “Leave it to Sarah and Jerome (Broussard) to make it that much better every time. It’s a special event.”

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Rebecca Farm CIC3* Dressage Top 5:

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Much more to come. Go Eventing!

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