Camie Stockhausen Hangs on for Dear Life to Win at Roebke’s Run

Camie Stockhausen nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory yesterday at Roebke’s Run H.T. in Hector, Minnesota.

She kindly sent us a video and explanation of what happened: “My horse Best Etiquette (‘Eddie’) and I were holding first place in Open Training after dressage and cross country. Unfortunately, we executed a glorious stop at fence one in show jumping, taking down all the rails.”

In eventing, however, fortune favors those who refuse to go down without a fight.

“With great help from Eddie putting his neck up like Fred Flintstone’s brontosaurus, depositing me onto his withers, I was able to shimmy back into the saddle,” she says. “The kind Minnesota crowd clapped and I waved and smiled, because of course, I planned all that!”

That’s right, Camie! It looked to us like you were just leaning down to give Eddie a big hug.

Roebke's fail Ed

“The fence was rebuilt and we jumped the course quickly to cover for time added due to sliding through the fence. At the end of all this drama, we won the blue ribbon!”

Many thanks to Camie for sharing and to Jay Stockhausen for the video.

Go Camie and Eddie. Go Eventing!