Canada Day: Our Favorite Team Canada Moments Through the Years

The “Spiffiest Quarter Marks” award goes to Team Canada.

It’s no secret we love our Canadian friends here at EN. In honor of Canada Day today, we thought it appropriate to take a stroll down memory lane to one of our favorite moments in recent Canadian eventing history. One of my personal favorite stories to relive is that of the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

It was a dream weekend for the Canadian team made up of Hawley Bennett-Awad, Kyle Carter, Stephanie Jenkins (nee Rhodes-Bosch), and Selena O’Hanlon. Individual riders Rebecca Howard and Jessica Phoenix also joined the Canadian contingent. It wasn’t supposed to be Canada’s year – in fact, most analysts would write the team off as a virtual non-factor in the face of powerhouse teams such as Great Britain and Germany.

The cross country phase would all but define the weekend for the scrappy team (which I wrote about in more detail in this piece for Heels Down Mag awhile back), and the team would go on to finish in silver medal position.

Relive some of this memorable weekend in the Bluegrass State through the lens of some of our favorite videographers:

I’ll let the following photos show you our Canadian friends through the years here at Eventing Nation. What are some of your favorite Team Canada moments?

Team Canada at Lima. Photo courtesy of Rob Stevenson.

Canada’s Junior team ahead of the jog at Young Riders in 2017. From left, Eva Marquis with Hollywood, Chloe Duffy with Oro Veradero, Chef d’Equipe Penny Rowland, Ella Marquis with Meadowbrook’s Pollyanna, and Tosca Holmes-Smith with Fiat. Photo by Mark Marquis.

Go Canada! Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

Team Canada in Normandy. Photo via Hawley Bennett on Instagram.

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti(CAN). Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

We can’t forget the fans who show their endless love and appreciation for their favorite riders:

Canadian fans cheer on Jessie Phoenix and Pavarotti after their test. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

A spectator with Canadian pride! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Last but certainly not least, here’s a look at how some riders are celebrating today:

Happy Canada Day to our fellow Canadians back at home!! We miss everyone and we’re so proud to be Canadians during these tough times! Enjoy the day! Have a caesar and poutine for us! Cheers! 🇨🇦❤️

Posted by Karl Slezak Eventing on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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Happy Canada Day!

Go Canada!