“Caption It” Contest for William Fox-Pitt

WFP Himself (photo by Samantha Clark)

It’s time for another “Caption It” contest, Eventing Nation! This time, we’re asking you to come up with your best, most clever, most witty caption for the above photo. Give it your best shot, because you could very well become that girl in the jean jacket. Think, what would you do to have a chat with the real William Fox-Pitt?

What’s the prize, you ask? TWO TICKETS to audit the exclusive William Fox-Pitt Clinic on November 5th and 6th at Morningside Training Farm in Virginia. Not only do you get to hang out two days in a row (or one day with a friend) and watch the master at work, but you get to see him work with riders and horses of all different skill levels, eat delicious food and drink delicious beer! There will be vendors and fun stuff at the clinic too!

[Clinic Details] [Clinic FB Page]

All you have to do is submit your caption through the comments section on this page, and that’s it! In a week we’ll pick the top captions, and have a vote. GOOOO CAPTION!

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