Carolina CCI4*-S Live Updates: A 1-2 Punch for Liz Halliday-Sharp

Liz Halliday-Sharp and Fernhill By Night – your CCI4*-S winners. Photo by Jenni Autry.

Welcome to cross country day at the Cloud 11 ~ Gavilan North Carolina International. CCI4*-S cross country starts at 12:40 p.m. EST and will stream live on EQSportsNet. Click here for details on how to watch live. EN will also be running live updates, so keep refreshing this page for all the latest news.

Ian Stark’s CCI4*-S track is 3,800 meters with an optimum time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds. Click here for a fence-by-fence preview. Only one pair, Doug Payne and Vandiver, made the optimum time last year.

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12:40: Our experienced pathfinders Buck Davidson and Park Trader are now on course! They complete with 10.8 time penalties.

12:47: Clayton Fredericks and Luksor are next out. Neat to see their Hylofit heart rate monitor stats on the live stream; clearly this horse is quite fit. Funnily, Clayton’s heart rate is lower cross country than it was during their dressage test! This pair finishes clear with 3.2 time penalties.

12:53: Will Faudree and Michel 233 are clear through the finish flags with 2.8 time penalties.

12:55: Felix Vogg and Cayenne run into early trouble at the first combination at #4, The Attwood Mounds, and will carry 20 forward as they continue on course. They step on the gas to make up for lost time and finish with 6.8 time penalties.

12:58: Confirmed: a clear round inside the time for 2nd placed Liz Halliday-Sharp and Deniro Z! They’ll finish on their dressage score of 29.5. Liz sits in the lead on her second horse, Fernhill By Night, so she’ll be the winner here today — the only question is, on which horse?

1:02: Caroline Martin and Danger Mouse are home clear with 2.0 time.

1:04: Emily Beshear and Olney Uncle Sam finish with 2.8 time.

1:06: Ariel Grald and Leamore Master Plan will be our second pair to come home clear inside the time.

1:07: Kylie Lyman and Da Vinci Code part ways at the water when the horse runs out at the C element of the combination at #4.

1:11: Katherine Brown and Victor Z have a big jump over the ditch at the hollow and run into trouble at the brush skinny C element, picking up 20. The wind taken out of their sails a bit, Katherine calls it a day when Victor Z says no at the brush into the water, and then again at the option.

1:20: Alexandra Knowles and Morswood complete with 10.8 time penalties.

1:22: A third pair has finished clear inside the time: Cornelia Dorr and Sir Patico MH.

1:23: Clear with 4.4 time for Colleen Loach and Qorry Blue D’Argouges.

1:25: Charlotte Collier and Clifford M collect 6.0 time.

1:27: Buck Davidson is out on course with his second ride, Copper Beach. They finish clear with 8.8 time.

1:34: Doug Payne and Quantum Leap are another pair outfitted with the Hylofit technology, giving us a window into the horse and rider’s heart rate, speed and distance traveled. They finish clear with 3.2 time.

1:42: William Coleman and Obos O’Reilly turn in our fourth fault-free performance of the day, stopping the clock nine seconds inside the time.

1:44: Clear with 9.6 time for Phillip Dutton and Corvett.

1:47: Lisa Marie Fergusson and Honor Me are our fifth pair to finish clear and inside the time.

1:50: Clear with 9.2 time for Ariellle Aharoni and Dutch Times.

1:51: Clear with 11.2 time for Alexandra Sacksen and her bold-hearted Connemara Sparrow’s Nio.

1:52: Liz Halliday-Sharp is on course with her most inexperienced horse of her three in this division, Cooley Quicksilver. They have a glance off at the coffin and she pulls him up shortly thereafter.

2:03: Sharon White and the big-galloping grey Cooley On Show are clear with 3.6 time.

2:04: Hometown favorite Will Faudree and his second ride of the division, Pfun, get some cheers and whistles as they make short work of the Hollow. They complete with 2.0 time.

2:05: Tim Bourke and Quality Time are home clear with 0.4 time after a deceptively chill-looking round.

2:07: Buck Davidson parts ways with Erroll Gobey at the #4 combination. Buck is on his feet and straightening up the flag; the horse is having a jolly trot around the track.

2:15: Allie Knowles and the talented young mare Ms. Poppins are clear with 10.4 time.

2:18: Clear with 13.6 time for Elinor O’Neal and Zeta.

2:20: Clear with 4.4 time for Phillip Dutton and Fernhill Singapore.

2:24: Jennifer Brannigan and FE Lifestyle part ways after the horse twists jumping into the coffin.

2:33: Felix Vogg and Colero finish just inside the time, which will see him in a top 10 finish.

2:35: Will Coleman on course with his second ride, Off The Record. He already made the time on Obos O’Reilly and is motoring around with this one — can he make it two-for-two? Update: Yes!

2:40: Doug Payne and Vandiver are the defending champions here at Carolina and posted a double clear in 2018, the only combination to catch the time. They can’t catch Liz Halliday-Sharp today but will be challenging for a top spot … and they’ll do no worse than fifth place after their clear, fast round.

2:45: We’re down to the top four pairs now, starting with Emily Beshear and her second ride of the division Silver Night Lady. They’ll slide down the leaderboard a bit after picking up 12.8 time.

2:46: Third-placed Hallie Coon and Celien finish one second inside the time.

2:48: Our leader Liz Halliday-Sharp is now on course with Fernhill By Night. Liz and “Blackie” can afford to be three seconds over the optimum time and still take the win over Deniro Z.

2:54: And the queen of Carolina International 2019 is … Liz Halliday-Sharp! Finishing five seconds under the time, she’ll take the pillar-to-post win with Fernhill By Night and second place with Deniro Z.

Stay tuned for the full report!

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