Carolina International CIC3* Live Cross Country Updates

Stonehenge — fences 12ab on the CIC3* course. Stonehenge — fences 12ab on the CIC3* course.

It’s go time here at Carolina International, and the CIC3* horses and riders and getting ready to test out Hugh Lochore’s brand new course for this year. If you haven’t already, check out both the bike cam course preview as well as the traditional preview to get up to speed on what the riders will be facing today.

I will be out on cross country today checking in with updates as they come in, so be sure to keep checking back for more. We will have a full wrap-up once cross country completes.

The first combination on course in the CIC3* will be Buck Davidson and The Apprentice at 12:16 pm EST. Stay tuned for much more!

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12:23: Buck Davidson and The Apprentice came home with no jumping penalties and 13.2 time. These two had a rocking good round and really attacked the course. Will Faudree and DHI Colour Candy also came home clear with 10 time penalties.

12:33: Allison Springer and Arthur blazed home with just 8 time penalties. Arthur looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself on course.

12:43: Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville had a great round, coming home clean. No word on time penalties for her yet. [Update] Just 3.2 time penalties for Sinead, the fastest so far.

12:58: Hannah Sue Burnett and Harbour Pilot come home with just 2.8 time penalties. The ground is really holding well and the galloping conditions look fantastic today. The riders who are wanting to go for time should have no issues asking for the needed speed.

1:00: Sharon White and Rafferty’s Rules had a run-out at fence 8B, the corner that is part of Zoe’s Bank. They cleared it on second attempt.

1:05: Kimberly Kojima and High Time had a runout at Stonehenge, fence 12B.

1:09: Kimberly Kojima and High Time had a runout at fence 22, part of the Cloud Eleven Tidal Pool. This was their third refusal (I believe the first was at Zoe’s Corner), so they have been eliminated.

1:10: Holly Payne has withdrawn Never Outfoxed.

1:18: Emily Beshear and Here’s To You are looking great through the mid-point on course. Quincy took out a flag at fence 15A, part of the Knowlbrook Farm Feeders, but both look confident. I overheard her say at the finish that she took it slow, and it looks like she got a decent run today.

1:22: Buck Davidson brought Reggie home looking like he could go around again. No jumping penalties, and only 2.4 time. He takes the provisional lead from Hannah Sue Burnett.

1:28: Marilyn Little looked positively thrilled with RF Smoke On the Water at the finish. They’ve come the closest to a double clear with just .8 time penalties. Marilyn called Smoke “the most intelligent pony ever!” after she crossed the finish line.

1:40: Ireland’s Timothy Bourke and Luckuan Quality are the first double clear of the day!

1:51: Michael Pollard and Mensa had a fall at fence 18A, the first part of the Aires Marine Pine Line. Michael was up immediately and appears to be fine. Mensa ran off but found himself back at the vet box. First impression looks like they are both ok.

2:03: Will Coleman and Conair are the second pair to make the time.

2:06: Buck Davidson and Petite Flower hav. a refusal at fence 18AB, the Aires Marine Pine Line. Clear on second attempt. Flower is jumping huge today.

2:09: Kim Severson has withdrawn Fernhill Fearless.

2:11: Marilyn Little continues her kick ass day, bringing home RF Demeter home double clear. She currently has the lead. The top 5 are getting ready to start.

2:19: The overnight top 3 are on course. We’ll have your winner shortly!

2:21: Michael Pollard and Ballingowan Pizazz looked very confident through Zoe’s Bank.

2:26: Michael Pollard and Ballingowan Pizazz come home with about 8 time penalties. Marilyn Little and RF Demeter are your winners! Second is Buck Davidson and Ballynoe Castle RM, Michael and Ballingowan Pizazz third. Full report to come!

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