Carolina International Introduces ‘Unlock Your Performance’ Clinics

Doug Payne and Crown Talisman at Carolina International. Photo by Jenni Autry. Doug Payne and Crown Talisman at Carolina International. Photo by Jenni Autry.

The Carolina International CIC Organizing Committee has scheduled two clinics this winter offering riders at all levels the unique opportunity to formally prepare for their upcoming competition season. These clinics materialized from the committee’s vision of offering riders in the region the opportunity to train and learn from Officials, Riders, Coaches and Course Designers with deep experience in the High Performance ranks of eventing.

Doug Payne, Will Faudree, Robert Costello, Robert Stevenson, Lizzie Snow and Marc Donovan are focusing not only on another year of outstanding competition at the 2015 Cloud Eleven Carolina International but also on leveraging their expertise with riders and local coaches on improving their overall competitive experience.

Specifically, this committee is seeking another way to give back to the eventing community in a cost effective, highly impactful format. From that vision, the idea of the Unlock Your Performance Clinics came to life.

These clinics represents a tremendous educational opportunity for all participants, their coaches and instructors as well as auditors to gain exposure from some of the best High Performance Eventing experts our country has to offer. Seldom do competitors have the chance to speak face to face with trainers, officials and competitors at this level and to receive a detailed explanation of both dressage judging and show jumping course design from the decision makers themselves.

Moreover, riders will also then be able to create a detailed plan for their horse on how to make the most of their competitive experience from some of the nations top riders and coaches. Nothing like this formally exists outside of the USEF High Performance Program, and it presents a tremendous opportunity for all who want to improve on their competition scores and outcomes.

This Carolina International Program offers the riders the chance to develop specific strategies to make the most of their weekends of competing. The focus will be on developing those strategies rather than basic riding techniques. “Through this program riders will gain knowledge of how the dressage and jumping tests appear from the judges perspective thereby supplementing how the performance seem to feel to the rider,” Will Faudree stated.

The Carolina International Organizing Committee hopes to grow these clinics in 2016 and ensure that, as professionals in the sport of eventing, we continue to give back to those that sustain and enjoy the sport.

The Unlock Your Performance clinics will be held at the Carolina Horse Park on January 27 and February 11. For more information on participating and auditing, please visit the clinic website here.