Chelan Kozak — Woodside XC

I want to give Chelan a huge thanks for helping us cover Woodside this weekend.  One of our mission statements here at Eventing Nation is that we want to try to bring eventing from as many parts of Eventing Nation as possible to our readers.  This weekend we were able to focus California with Chelan’s help.  Thank you very much Chelan, as always, and thank you for reading.

From Chelan:

The CIC3* rode very much like it walked with a few run outs at a variety of fences. However, the most drama occurred at unlikely places. Anna Collier fell on her first horse at the last fence–the typical last fence fall scenario that makes you cringe and feel terrible for horse and rider, especially when the round prior to that was fault free and looking good. A few horses later, Brittany Lunney had a similar bummer of a fall a few from home over a table. Her horse galloped away, as they do, which caused Kristy Walker to get held before fence two since Brittany’s loose horse was about to cross in front of her. Kristy then gets going again, only to have her horse quit out at the trakhener, number three, which is seen on the video. It is a real shame, as one can’t help but wonder if the hold caused the stop. It’s luck of the draw, obviously, and something any one of us needs to deal with in this sport. Kristy chose to call it a day after that. The next casualty was John Michael Durr on his stallion Warrick, who got to the path back to the stables between fence one and two, and gave JM the middle hoof. JM did his very best to convince the stallion that today was a good day for XC, but the horse was having none of it, and they walked back to the barn.  Fortunately all the horses and riders were fine immediately after their falls.

[Woodside Scores]

Anna was cleared to ride her second horse, Uppercrust D, which she did with two run outs. She looked like she was riding a little tentative, or tired, I suspect after her fall. She rallied and got to the end, however she did not have an air vest on. Reminds me it’s not a bad idea to have a spare cartridge on hand at all times. Since she had two horses, I am guessing she just didn’t have time to have someone whip back to the barn for her cartridge.

James looked like a million bucks, and he told me afterwards he plans on Galway with both Jake and Parker. The ‘happy to have you back’ award for me this weekend is a three way tie- Andrea Baxter’s mare Estrella, Sandra Donnelley’s Beijing mount Buenos Aires, who both rocked around the three star, and Jennifer Wooten’s mare The Good Witch, who won the OI division.  Always lovely to see a good horse back in action loving the job after a break. I lie, it’s a four way tie-Jolie Sexton rode her lovely grey Killian O’Connor in the OP. Welcome back ponies!

The ‘damn I love this sport and the people in it’ moment for me was at the end of XC today. James rolled up to my trailer in a gator. I was camped next to Sandra Donnelley, and he was looking for Sandra. He had heard that they were out of ice on the grounds and he had extra, so he wanted to get it to her so she could ice her horse Bea. The best part about that story is that sort of thing happens all the time in our sport.

Oh and p.s.- I had a bummer of a weekend on my CIC2* horse, so it makes the drive home seem a little longer… Honestly though, I am still crazy about this sport and the people in it. Hmmm maybe that is just ‘still crazy’…

Kudos again to Robert and the entire Woodside crew. It was a fantastic event!

Go (West Coast) eventing!!
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