Boyd Martin’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Photo thanks to Boyd himself
Well, I suppose everyone in Holland or heading back from Holland, probably has a good story. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stories to share. With epic parties and endless beer tents, I am sure eventually the truth/story teller, Facebook, will allow all of us to know what really went on. As far as the riding, that Boyd Martin, man oh man is he consistent. Boyd is one of the best and most consistent riders in America and we should all be super excited to have him. I know Tamie and Michael will be disappointed with their weekends. But weekends like this are necessary to learn what must be worked on so improvement can be made. Without a doubt, the knowledge they have gained in invaluable. 
Now for a little score review….
Woodside International HT [Times and Results]
Radnor Hunt HT [Results]
Maryland HT at Loch Moy Farm [Results]
Middle Tennessee Pony Club HT [Website]
Fall HT at the Ark [Results]
Pine Top October HT [Times and Results]
Course Brook Farm Fall HT [Website]
Roebke’s Run HT [Results]
Kent School Fall HT [Website]
And some random notes…
It was a good weekend for James Alliston at Woodside. Alliston and Jumbo’s Jake won the CIC*** from start to finish. Jolie Wentworth finished second. Maris Burns took top honors in the CIC** and Wentworth also took the top two places in the *CIC*. [Woodside
At the Ark, Holly Hudspeth and crew were out enjoying the weekend. Holly and Stewie are back in action with a second place finish in the Open Prelim. Holly was thrilled with Stewie’s relaxed attitude all weekend. Maybe this relaxation is from his yummy Cavalor feed? Holly’s younger horse, Freddie, came away with a blue ribbon in the Novice. Students, Maxine and Lexy, had a nice goes in the Junior Training and Novice divisions, bringing home a second place ribbons. [Hudspeth Eventing]
Boyd gives us a final wrap up from Holland. Complete with pictures [Boyd
Pine Top Fall HT ran this weekend with 12 divisions. Olivia Dillon took top honors in the OP. In the OT the blue went to Marty Whitehouse. Tearing it up in the OBN division was Susan Thomas. The weather in Georgia this time of year is fantastic and should have made for good eventing. 
A bit further up the coast, in Maryland, Philip Dutton took top honors in the OI and OI-C.. As usual, Sally Cousins had several well placed horses in the same division. Nina Ligon and her new mount, Butts Leon, also took home top honors in the OI-B. Training level was the level of choice for most riders this weekend. With sections A-E, there were a good many training horses to watch. It is fantastic to see all of these events having so many entries. Entries for events mean they can keep running. Events that keep running mean there are more fun weekends for us!   
Huge shout out to my favorite Brit, Justine Dutton, winning the PT on her mount, My Mexico.  
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In case you miss the action in Holland, or just want to see it again, you can now replay it HERE

Valerie V. of Blue Clover Eventing give a Morven and Maryland recap. [Love the nice weather]
Kristin Schmolze is Ocala bound. After a two day stop over in Aiken, Ocala is the next and final stop. As an alternate, Krisitin is packed and ready to go if she should be called up to the plate. Like Kristin says, an alternate is a difficult position. You are not expecting to go, but you must be ready to go. Luckily, she has brought her other mount to help her pass the time. [Kristin Schmolze Eventing]
And reasons  you should never mess with a dog:

Happy Monday, folks. Fair Hill is here. So get ready for some great action and keep your fingers crossed for great weather! Go Eventing.

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