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Hamilton BioVet: Hoof Wraps with Full Coverage

Ripley graciously models the STAYONS Clay-Epsom Salt Hoof Wrap with Poultice Boot.

During the past several years, I’ve certainly had my share of hoof issues: sore feet, abscesses — you name it.  And, of course, when these types of hoof situations arise, it can only mean a couple of things: Soaking, certainly, or — I can hardly bring myself to say it — poultice time! If you’ve recently read part one of my Hamilton BioVet series on STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultices, by now you know exactly how I feel about traditional poultice methods.

The first conversation I had with my vet about applying poultice was some years ago, and I think I was rendered speechless after being instructed on how to apply green goop to my horse’s foot, cover it with a diaper (preferably newborn-sized, so that it wasn’t super huge) and put a boot over it.  Since the only “children” around my house at the moment have four legs, weigh over 1,000 pounds, live outside and are fuzzy all over, I had no desire to go to the grocery store to buy diapers! I suppose it was lucky for me that my vet just so happened to have some in her truck at the time.

Diapers aside, welcome to part two of my series on our wonderful EN sponsor Hamilton BioVet. You may have already guessed it, but today’s topic of interest is hoof poultices — STAYONS Clay-Epsom Salt Poultice Hoof Wraps to be more specific!

Now, I’ve spent a good bit of time during recent years wrapped around one of my horse’s legs while trying to apply poultice. It’s often just not pretty. For some strange reason, I tend to see hind-foot abscesses, so I’m sure you can picture me hanging on for dear life while someone is cranky and feeling a little kicky. A couple of years ago, I did start using a hoof-shaped poultice pad for the purpose of treating abscesses. And I’ll admit, I got pretty good at using them. You could even call me the “MacGyver” of hoof wrapping.

Poultice pad. Vet Wrap. Duct tape (and there was that time I used patterned packaging tape when I ran out of plain tape). Bootie. More duct tape. DONE.  Well, unless my horse, Mark, would jerk his foot and send the poultice pad flying through the air, so that it would land in a mud puddle and have to be thrown away. This methodology seemed to at least work better than applying poultice for me, even though more pads than I would like to see ended up in mud puddles before I could wrap the foot. I’m fearing this outcome way less with STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps!

The most significant benefit of STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps that I see is the amount of coverage of the hoof.  Unlike other poultice pads I’ve used, STAYONS covers the ENTIRE hoof instead of just the bottom. And this is fantastic, in my opinion! Anyone who has ever had dealings with an abscess (and let’s face it, if you’ve spent any amount of time around horses, I’m sure that you have), knows that it is always a guessing game to try to figure out where it is going to emerge.

In the heel bulb, or somewhere along the coronary band?  Eeenie. Meenie. Miney. Moe. Yeah, that doesn’t help at all. But what will help is having a STAYONS poultice pad that covers the entire foot — from the hoof bulb, across the bottom, up over the top and past the coronary band. I chalk that up as a win in my book.

For my trial of STAYONS, I chose to try the STAYONS Clay-Epsom Salt Poultice Hoof Wraps, since I am not currently (knock on wood) dealing with any abscesses. The Clay-Epsom Salt Wraps are indicated for use to treat soreness, inflammation or bruised soles resulting from heavy work or surgery. My gelding, Ripley, has experienced issues with soreness in his front feet for most of the time I’ve owned him.

The soreness is mainly helped by keeping him in shoes with a rolled toe, but depending on other factors, I can tell when he is sometimes tender in his feet. Because Ripley is a candidate to try the Hoof Wraps, and since he was also such a great assistant and model to try out the STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice, I recruited him to help again. It is important to note that the hoof wraps are also available in Bran-Epsom Salt, which is formulated specially to treat abscesses or suspected abscesses.

Ripley checks out the STAYONS when pulled out of the packet.

Firstly, I loved the Hoof Wrap when I pulled it out of the pack. You may be able to see in the photo I included above that there is text indicating where the toe should be placed. Of course, Ripley also had to check out the wraps before I prepared it to go onto his foot.  Application to the foot is a breeze. Hamilton Biovet includes wonderful step-by-step instructions (with illustrations!) on how to prepare and apply them.

There is also an instructional video available on the Hamilton BioVet website. After applying the hoof wrap and smoothing it out at the top, I pulled on the STAYONS Poultice Boot to help keep the wrap in place. In Ripley’s case, I found that quite a bit of the wrap came above his coronary band, so I also chose to include a wrap to come down. A poultice pad that has been soaked does stay in place well, but I added the polo wrap for a little extra stability (in my case, I ensured not to wrap around the back of the joint).

Once again, shall we count the ways that STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps are just awesome?

1. They cover the ENTIRE foot, rather than just the bottom.

2. Specific varieties of hoof wraps are available depending on what condition you are trying to treat — Clay-Epsom Salt Wraps for general soreness, inflammation or bruising, and Bran-Epsom Salt for abscesses or suspected abscesses.

3. No. More. Soaking. Or. Diapers. Or hoof-shaped pads being flung into mud puddles.

4. The wraps can be re-used if still wet after your daily check of the foot.

5. And I think I forgot to mention EASY and mess-free application and removal.

That about covers it, folks (and by it, I mean the ENTIRE foot!). I’ll certainly be keeping a couple of packs of STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps in my first aid kit, right next to the pack of STAYONS Instant Leg Wrap Poultice. They are easy, stay in place and the STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps are also reasonably price at $12.99 for a pack of two. So get some for yourself or to hand out to your horsey friends.

And if you are shopping with Hamilton BioVet, make sure to take advantage of their generous offer of FREE SHIPPING on the order of any item through their website during the month of December.  Simply use the code ENFREE.

Go Full Hoof Coverage. Go Shopping. Go Eventing.

Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrain

Michelle Mueller jpg

Good morning, Eventing Nation! Well it has been a wet, wet weekend for most of those out competing this weekend. Both Southern Pines and Poplar have wrapped up and riders are now looking forward to their next competitions leading up to spring three-days. For many riders, The Fork will play host to those looking for a final run before Rolex. Rolex is around the corner which means there is a lot of excitement headed your way!

And if you thought you were going to get away with out me mentioning basketball, you were foolish. Go on and complain. But for those few of you who are as obsessed as me, all I have to say is- KANSAS.
And now for what you are here for…
Southern Pines [Live Scores]
Poplar Place [Live Scores]

Southern Pines saw a lot of falls this weekend but luckily no horses or riders were seriously hurt. Sinead Halpin had a great weekend with Tate for a win in the OI-A. Sarah Dunkerton and her lovely gelding, Matapeake won the IR. Sarah is a lovely rider and it will be exciting to see where the future takes her. Michael Pollard and Clark Montgomery both saw good good weekends with wins. Luckily for you guys, EN has done great coverage of the events this weekend. Be sure to look around and find more pictures, videos, and updates.

Samantha Clark was down in Poplar this weekend. I love how great Samantha covers and event. Leslie Law took the blue in the A-A with Hawley Bennett topping out in A-B. Alex Perkiel won the CIC** and Caroline Martin had a nice weekend to take second and third. 

For photos from Poplar, check out Samantha’s! [Poplar Photos

Margie Engle and Reed Kessler tied for the win at the US Olympic selection trials. When Engle came to Kessler suggesting that they not jump another round to save their horses, Kessler agreed. We should also note that Kessler is a rookie and only 17 years old. [US SJ]

Zara is looking pretty good with her niece in tow. Maybe kids are in the future for the royal? Regardless, it will nice to watch Zara in her Olympic pursuit. [Zara’s niece]

Help Henny get to Badminton. You can buy carrots, apples, entry fees, shoes and so on. Fundraising is really important for all riders, check out this link to support Peter and Henny in the British adventure. [Run Henny Run

Clair just keeps walking and walking!! Check out this video and remember to follow along in Clair’s journey to raise money for spinal research. [Claire

We are getting closer and closer to April. Which means we are getting closer and closer to Rolex. With my tickets tucked safely into my drawer, I am as excited as ever to head to Lexington and watch a top notch crowd compete. With it being an Olympic year, pressures are high and competition should be exciting. Entries are being added daily so be sure to check out the entry list and pick your favorites. [Rolex

I love a good fox in the snow. And thank goodness I have Horse Nation to help me see more foxes in the snow. For all the excitement you could want, be sure to stop by Horse Nation daily. [HN]

Best of Blogs: Blue Clover Eventing
Winner winner chicken dinner…

Lucky Saturday's Links from Tipperary


Don’t forget to wear green!

Hello EN, I hope your St. Patrick’s day has started off on the right foot. Your morning is probably already going better than that of those who attended last night’s USEF fundraising gala in Aiken- I’m sure photos of the shenanigans will end up on here eventually so be on the lookout. There are three events going down this weekend and the Event at Three Day Ranch in CA started yesterday. Mackenna Shea leads the AI with Landioso followed by Bunnie Sexton and Rise Against. Julie Ann Boyer and Rumor Hazit are winning the Intermediate, while Brynn Muechel leads the JYOP. Cross country starts bright and early at 8:30. Good luck to all competitors. [Live Scores]

Events beginning today:
Pine Top Spring Horse Trials [Live scores and times]
Meadowcreek Park [Live scores]

Do you like to win?! There are a couple of contests that are worth a click- one is EN’s very own Success saddle pad contest. All you have to do is submit a photo spelling out “Success” in a creative manner and the chinchillas that be will choose two lucky winners. The deadline for entries 4/1 at 12AM EST. [Success Contest]

The next contest comes from Practical Horseman: submit your contact information and you are entered to win a grand prize four day riding expedition, touring the Irish Castles and Monastic Ruins Trails in Galway, Ireland, and spending your nights at local bed and breakfasts along the way. Second place receives a pair of Dubarry Galway boots, and third place a Troxel Venture Performance helmet. In honor of St. Patrick, send in your entry (or don’t, so that I have a better chance of winning). [Practical Horseman]

Sad news from England: rest in peace Westwood Poser. EN sends condolences to Polly and all others involved with “Mossie.”

Headley Brittania retires.

The USEF names Laura Kraut on Cedric and Beezie Madden on Coral Reef Via Volo to the long list for London.

Mark Todd is impressive, but we already knew that.

Britain’s big names are all out an about at the Aldon Horse Trials this weekend

Today on HN: the best freestyle you’ve ever seen.

A stable hand won 1 million pounds at the Cheltenham racing festival by backing horses trained by his boss.

On the subject of Cheltenham, the deaths of five horses in two days have raised questions about welfare and safety, as they should.

16 horses have died in two months at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, NY, and Governor Cuomo has asked for an independent investigation to be conducted.

On a happier note, three New York racing organizations have banded together and created Take2, a program to help racehorses have a second career.

Professor offers new hypothesis about the cause of head shaking.

Two horses contracted EHV-1 after showing at the HITS Desert Circuit

As Lacy mentioned yesterday, the USEF launched the “Experience Eventing” website.

Feel good story of the day: Sweep the pony helps rehab neglected horses

Best of Blogs:

Boyd recaps this week’s training sessions

Melissa Miller recaps her Red Hills experience for FLAIR

Rolex countdown: 40 more days! In honor of her retirement, here’s Headley Britannia at Rolex in 2009- the year she took home the top title. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, go (Irish) eventing.


Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Greetings sports fans! It was a weekend where Ocala residents got to feel smug about their superior weather (but then remembered that they live in Ocala), Olympic tickets were booked, a pony motored around an advanced track, Michael Pollard won a few advanced sections, and Kentucky pretty much locked up the overall #1 NCAA seed thanks to Calipari’s coaching ability bankroll. Well before John gets wound up about telling the truth about his team, let’s have a look at those links.

[Pine Top Full Results]

For quick highlights you may have missed this weekend…


1.  Michael Pollard — Icarus III (30.3)
2.  Michael Pollard — Shoensgreen Hanni (34.6)
3.  Selena O’Hanlon– Columbo (35.0)

1. Michael Pollard — Jude’s Law (26.8)
2. Becky Holder — Can’t Fire Me (33.4)
3. Heather Morris– Slate River (35.7)

1. Boyd Martin — Remington XXV 29.2
2. Will Coleman — Zipp  31.0
3. Becky Holder — Frodo of the Shire 36.8

1. Jessica Schultz — Lock N’ Load  40.0
2. Lizzie Snow — Coal Creek  44.0
3. Donna Miller — Artceltic Art  44.8

1. Erin Nolan — Balmoral Avenue  32.3
2. Hallie Coon — Namaste’  36.5
3. Andi Lawrence — Armani IV  43.1

1. Phillip Dutton — Fun Maker  27.0
2. Alison Wilaby — Memphis II  29.6
3. Will Faudree — Riesling De Buissy  30.4

Prelim Rider
1. Chelsey Sawtell — Maiden France  47.2
2. Megan Harris — Sparrow’s Owen  51.3
3. Sarah Finkel — Deep Sea  54.9

Montelibretti CCI*** results:
1. Karin Donckers — Chamizard
2. Andrew Hoy  — Rutherford
3. Vittoria Panizzon — Borough Pennyz

Claire “wrong trousers” Lomas is doing some fundraising and you know that she will put that $20 that you were going to spend on a bedazzled browband to better use. [Claire


If you are the one person that checks EN every day looking for a video on how to gun train your dog then today is your day my friend.  Joking aside the video features a cute puppy and for an extra special bonus there is a picture of horses galloping with a giraffe at the bottom of the page. [Gun Train

As many of you have heard, Megan Moore lost her beloved horse, The Grasshopper, on the cross country at Pine Top. Loosing a horse is the worst thing that can happen to us as riders. Megan shares a lovely tribute about Hopper. Be sure to have your kleenex ready. [Hopper

At the racehorse training project everyone was a “winner”. But Eric Dierks was the actual winner. This was a great idea that turned into an internet sensation. Read the whole story from our friends at the Chronicle. [Eric]

Silva Martin is out and about and having a great season. With scores in the 70% range, she is one to want to beat. Check out her (and Boyd’s) blog for the latest scores and updates. Gotta just love those Martins. [Silva

As some one who is obsessed with women having equal rights, I find this to be a good article. So go on, arm yourself with some knowledge–an article about the need for equal opportunities for women in sport written by a young Saudi woman. [YES

Catch up with British Favorite- Laura B. 

Ireland look good for London 2012 

Keeping up with Georgie Spence 

Don’t forget Philip partnering with MDA

I’m not good at farewells, so, uh, that’ll do pig. Go Eventing


Would You Rather?

Life with horses is full of choices. Sometimes these choices involve going on to a new instructor, a new working student position or a new horse. Sometimes these choices are limited by finances, personal reasons, and far too many other things to list. So, EN, if you were given a choice…

Go Eventing.

Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrain



Greetings Eventing Nation.  While most sports fans are bemoaning the end of the football season and feeling like March Madness can’t get here soon enough, eventing fans have plenty of action to follow. This weekend kicked off the season for many horse and rider combinations. Some of these pairs were trying to show off their new-found skills from hours of winter dressage schooling, some were having a last prep run before moving up in a couple weeks, and a few were starting off a season that well could end up with standing on the podium in London.

Ocala Horse Trials [Scores] [Website]
Pine Top Horse Trials [Scores] [Website]

Down in Georgia, Pine Top happened. And possibly the most exciting part (well for me) was seeing Courageous Comet not only back in action, but winning the OI-3. Boyd Martin was looking good with a win in OI-2 and Becky took the top spot in OI-1 with her up and coming star, Can’t Fire Me. Looking at the prelim, Stephen Bradley and Leyland took home the blue in OP-2 while Will Faudree took section 1. Jennifer Simmons also had a good weekend winning the PH and OT-2.

Heading a little further south to Florida, Caroline Martin had an impressive win in the IR sections at Ocala. I’d say 12 points in the lead is a weekend well done. In OI-A, Heather Morris and First Mark just squeaked the lead from Karen and Mr. Medicott. And Clark Montgomery and Kadi Eykamp took the wins in sections B and C respectively. Several riders withdrew before XC including OI-C leader, Michelle Mueller and Amistad. 

Victoria New and Fleeceworks Mystere du Val took the blue in the JYOP with Mackenzie Spaes following .4 behind. After a tragic week, Lauren Kieffer came home with a win on Lucky Devil in OP-A.

And a special congratulations to my good friend, Justine Dutton, for her first and third finishes in the PR section. 

Please be sure to check out the scores to see how all your favorite riders did over the weekend!


Florida. Land of fun, sun, non-existent state income taxes, and of course Mickey and Minnie. Unfortunately it is also the land of retirees travelling 15 mph below the speed limit and the tangentially related problem of flesh eating nastiness. Lauren Sprieser gives her tips for dealing with at least one of these problems. [Lauren]

Celebrate eventing with the sport’s resident rock star at a benefit for the Hitchcock Woods Foundation[Boyd Martin

The fact that Claire Lomas, paralyzed five years ago in a horse riding accident, plans to run a marathon with robot legs makes her amazing. The fact that she compares the robot legs to the “wrong trousers” from Wallace and Gromit makes her my hero. Video footage of the wrong trousers in action? Of course. [Claire


Great photos by Beth Harpham from the Bettina Hoy clinic and early training sessions. Check it out. [Aiken

Equestrian sports psychologist, Charlie Unwin, asks, “If 60 seconds of focused thought could dramatically improve your dressage mark or showjumping round, would you try it?” Learn more, improve your scores, and maybe you will become Edward Gal. [60 seconds

Be careful of an emerging scam in England. Sad story of horses that have been loaned out sold to slaughter. Careful who you lease your horse to. [Sadness

In case you spent the weekend crash landed on a deserted beach, Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday. The barnmice have a tribute reminding us of her and her incredible voice. [I Will Always Love You

Attention to the half dozen guys that event: trying to convince your better half that you have a sensitive side? No worries, Nicholas Sparks has you covered. [Dear John

Where is The Carrot’s commentary when you really need it? Financial woes of the 2010 WEG. [EK

The always classy Emily Beshear has a quick early season update. I’ve said it a million times, but I love the way Emily explains her process and follows through with her plans. There are few people who are as detail oriented. So many are quick to jump to just “getting it done,” but not Emily. She puts the work in, and down the road, her results always represent her hard, dedicated training. [Go Emily

McKenna, commentator extraordinaire, writes about riding horses in Alaska. [HN

58 videos from Ocala. And there is a play all button. Better practice your reflex time on clicking that minimize button. [Don’t get caught

Because I’m obsessed with his riding…

Here is to a better week for all in the eventing community. Go Eventing


Would You Rather?

Recently we have been hearing a lot from Francis Whittington and Jon Holling. Both happen to be extreme experts in the sport of eventing (and extremely good looking). With the live chatting, clinic reports, etc., we have gotten to know each of these riders a bit better. So naturally, they are part of the “Would You Rather” for today.

Go Eventing.





And, completely unrelated to Jon and Francis, but included because no day is complete without a ridiculous video:


Yay It’s Monday News and Notes

Every Monday I aspire to write the same thing and express the same complaints. I dream of filing a complaint with the start of the week and returning to the weekend that has just drifted into the past. However, by noon, I am already full on with plans of survival for the week (like dinners out, Vampire Diaries, and dreaming of the distant but not, weekend ahead). During this intro I could talk about football, but there is little to say (Go Giants), I could spark fake rumors of false eventing relationships (but I won’t) or I could even go public with saying that John talks to chinchillas more than humans and for some reason can’t understand why he has no girlfriend (yes, true). But I won’t do any of that. In fact, the only thing I am going to write about is news, so everyone is safe (for this week).
So here it is, folks…
In the world of recognized horse trials, Rocking Horse Winter 1 took place this past weekend. In the OI Buck Davidson and Sharon Will’s Absolute Liberty took the blue. Following behind them is Emma Kate Fisher and Carlingford’s Merlot Forever.  Buck was back for a fourth place finish with student, Caroline Martin, coming in fifth. 
In OI B, Michelle Mueller and Amistad finished on their dressage score for a large, ten point, win. Jessica Pye is back in action with “Bounder” for a very respectable third place finish. And in OI C, Nora Battig and Borneo Royale took the win. All three OI sections hosted 20+ competitors and had a variety of troubles. 
In the Preliminary, Mike Huber was out for a win. Also, Fleecework’s Mystere Du Val is back on the scene with Heather Morris in the tack. With three divisions of intermediate, six divisions of preliminary, seven divisions of training, six divisions of novice and four divisions of beginner novice, Rocking Horse was sure to be a busy place. There were many riders out, warming their horses up, so be sure to check the results for more details. [RHW1
Last night was the premiere of HBO’s new horse racing drama, Luck. Luck is a behind the scenes look into the horse racing industry- owners, jockeys, trainers, gambling, etc. The nine-episode season stars Dennis Dustin Hoffman. For more on Luck, tune into HBO on Sunday nights. [LUCK] *edited by Visionaire*
Steffen Peters has stepped up to win the World Dressage Masters. Peters, who was the first to go in the last set of seven riders, scored an impressive 83.70% with Ravel. Last to go in the set, Great Britain’s Charlotte Dujardin, came second but the narrowest of margins – .05% out of the lead. Peters, who is thrilled with his win, was also extremely nervous while waiting to see if anyone would top his score. ” I came out and watched Charlotte, and I went over and said, I think you have it. When the scores came up, I felt like I was on a team in a major playoff, and I’d kicked a field goal with 1 second left.” While neither rider had foot perfect tests, their mistakes were minimal. Congratulations to Steffen and Ravel. [WDM
In some “bad choices” news, a farrier in England has been suspended by the Farrier’s Registration Council for allowing his brother, who is untrained, to shoe a horse. The incident, which took place in September 2010, has earned the farrier a suspension, and fine and court charges. So people, don’t go shoeing horses in England unless you are trained. [Dumb
Best of Blogs: Jessica Pye 
As many of you have heard, Claire Lomas was an event rider injured when her horse collided with a tree. Claire is nothing short of amazing. In the following video, you can watch Claire as she makes strides towards walking the London Marathon (this is only her third session!). For more information on Claire, or to find out ways to support her please go to Get Claire Walking
Happy Monday, Go Eventing.

Monday News and Notes

Happy Monday! I am resisting the urge to talk football. But the Superbowl is just around the corner, so start picking your team wisely. That is all. For those of you who are needing something to do this lovely Monday morning, try checking out Pro’s Derby Cross from the weekend. And just in case you can’t remember how it went, you can check out the recap and results HERE

Poplar Place HT took place this past weekend. In the Intermediate/Preliminary Carl Bouckaert took the blue with Mensa. This pair is really starting to form a bond and is sure to be very competitive this season. Werner Geven also had a good weekend with a second and forth in the IP and a first and second in the Open Preliminary. Connor Husain had a stellar dressage score of 20.0 in the Preliminary/Training. He went on to finish first in the division with a 24.40. With eleven divisions, there are plenty of scores to check. So get checkin’! [Poplar Place HT
Heading just a bit further south to Ocala, Longwood hosted its first ever HT. This popular farm played host to many top riders out for a good, educational weekend with their mounts. Longwood is a beautiful farm, with a fantastic cross country and surely created a fantastic weekend. [Longwood HT]
British event rider, Tom McEwen was winner at the 2011 South Essex Insurance Brokers and Retraining of Racehorses Elite Performance Awards in London. McEwen found his mount, Dry Old Party, through former trainer, Pippa Funnell. Tom and Dry Old Party finished 19th at their first CCI**** and plan to compete at Badminton and Burghley in 2012. Here’s to OTTBs succeeding at eventing! [Tom McEwen
Emily Llewellyn is under the critic’s eyes for entering the wrong classes at a dressage show. Both classes, which she won, were qualifying classes. Neither class was she eligible. Stating that the entering system was confusing, Emily said she entered the classes she thought were correct for her. Also, as of Dec 1, riders are required to wear an approved helmet. Emily went into the ring in a hunt cap, not knowing the rule had changed. [Rule breaking]
Twenty starving and dead horses have been recovered in Bentonia. Among them, a mule. Flying Wind is a mule who is living up to his name. He just can’t be caught. Out smarting the humans, Flying Wind is still on the move. [Mule
The Retired Racehorse Challenge took place this past weekend. Three trainers were chosen, Kerry Blackmer, Eric Dierks, and Tiffany Catledge. Each trainer had to answer racehorse trivia questions to determine the order which they would pick their mounts. They were then given time to bond with their mounts- but not actually get on them. Finally, they were moved into the ring where each trainer rode the mount for the first time. Each trainer will have their horse for five weeks. At the end of the five weeks, the training will be assessed and a winner will be crowned. [Challenge time
And for a little harmless entertainment from RAP…

Happy Monday, Go Eventing.

Get Fit’s Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux

via reddit
Well there is good news, it’s Thursday! Which means only two work days and you have hit the weekend. This weekend consists of zero recognized events, but I am sure many schooling shows. So whether you are in Slocala or the best Aiken, or anywhere in between, be sure to get out here and enjoy yourself.
As a reminder, this Saturday will play host to the celebration of Lesley Long’s life. The celebration takes place from 12:00-4:30pm in Thurmont, MD. In addition to sharing memories of Lesley, there will be a potluck as well as a silent auction to help Lesley’s family. [Lesley Long
British Eventing is celebrating the launch of their new training and education videos. Created by the British governing body for eventing, these videos seek to display that training and education are the fundamental standard of the sports excellence. The videos include information on simulated cross country, pole work for dressage, seeing a stride, JAS training, fence judging, FEI training, controllers and commentators, and course designers training day. [BE
Are you headed to Greenwich? Well hopefully Piggy French is. Check her out in episode 1 of Getting to Greenwich. Warning, this will cause you to be distracted from what you should be doing! [Piggy
As I mentioned yesterday, Mazetto has now officially retired. Lainey Ashker has written a new blog update and shared a little more about having “Ewics” back in the barn. Lainey also talks about the importance of personal fitness. From kicking boxing to pole dancing classes, Lainey has done it all. So for those of you who are waiting on the warmer weather to be able to ride full time again, why not jump in and get your self fit! [LEA
Keeping in line with the fitness theme, Sinead Halpin is also in pursuit of a healthier life style. Sinead talks about preparing for the Olympics and how being over prepared is necessary. With these preparations come personal changes. Sinead is doing everything to make herself healthier, thus giving herself a better chance at achieving her goals. It doesn’t hurt that she has got a great boyfriend who helps her out and pushes to challenge her. So people, what are you doing this winter to step up your game? [LOVE, LOVE
Molly Rosin’s student, Kim Parisan, has lost her beloved partner. Brio, passed away from unknown causes. EN would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Kim and all of Brio’s family. Please read Molly’s blog for more information and photos of Brio. [Remembering Brio
Susan Kayne announced today a call for submissions for Unbridled’s new feature, THORO’TALENT. Kayne will be seeking stories of retired race horses. “Unbridled is an all-access pass to learn everything equine from the world’s most accomplished and fascinating horse people. The series will broadcast its 10th season on HRTV in 2012.” They are looking for “true stories from people about their own experiences with OTTBs, from backyard pets to competitive athletic partners across disciplines.” [THORO’TALENT

That’s all for now, EN, happy Thursday!

Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

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Well hello Eventing Nation! It has been a while since I have seen all your smiling faces (or imagined them). I hope the holidays treated everyone well. Mine were filled with food, more food, wine, more wine, and good family fun–??. It is hard for me to believe that the season is already under way. I am still stuck in “get motivated” mode. Hopefully some of you are too- I’m starting to feel left behind. However, the weather has been freakishly lovely, so I can’t complain. This is my first winter not heading south and I intend to enjoy it (maybe). OK, enough rambling about nothing. I wish I had an exciting video of John’s recent dancekapades, but I don’t. Hang tight though, I’m working on it. 

Well known, CCI**** eventer, Mazetto has officially retired. “Eric” as he is know to many, had a great career finishing Badminton and Luhmuhlen with former rider Jonelle Richards. Eric has had many talented riders on his back (Eleanor Brennan and Lainey Ashker) and finished his career with Ashley Kehoe in the tack. Ashley had many top finishes with Eric. After a minor ligament strain, it was decided Eric would be retired. It is rumored that Eric has returned to his former jockey, Lainey Ashker, to enjoy his retirement. 
After nearly a year away from competing, Jessica Pye and Bounder are back at it. Jessica ran Bounder at last weekends Ocala Horse Trials. Thought she wasn’t thrilled with her dressage, the jumping phases were great. Jessica felt as thought she and Bounder has a less than stellar performance due to lack of practice, poor ground, nerves and just plain rust that has coated the pair of the past year. Jessica and Bounder are headed for the Intermediate at Rocking Horse in two weeks and are sure to be on fine form. [Pye Equestrian
Doug Payne- always ahead of the game. Check him out on iTunes. [DPEquestrian
One of Great Britain’s most talented up and coming riders has had a great wrap up to her 2011 season. Emily Llewellyn has wrapped up her season and has some exciting new changes. New horses have arrived, she has made the move to live with her boyfriend (a show jumper) and is trying her hand in the Grand Prix ring. Emily is excited for the upcoming season with a great string of horses ready to have some top placings. [Emily Llewellyn
Check out pictures from the High Point Farm Candy Cane Derby. With festive jumps and great fun, it was a fun event for all. [Candy Canes]
Course Brook Farm is starting a new blog series to allow people to get to know the people behind the farm. The first blog post is a question and answers session with resident trainer, Erika Hawkes. Erika shared about getting starting, wanting to be a novelist (and Kate Middleton) and living in Singapore. [Get to know Erika
Tests are complete and the footing is chosen. Olympic riders will be riding on a non-waxed sand, felt and fiber while showing off their skills in London. With many top professionals on hand to test and observe the footing, the choice is likely to be a good one. Testing concluded on December 21. [Olympic footing
Professional Equine Grooms has created a new series of awards for grooms that will be presented in Fall 2012. The awards will go to honor grooms who have gone above and beyond in their jobs. “The mission of PEG is to acknowledge grooms as skilled individuals in their respective disciplines and to provide growth and educational opportunities across the horse world.” [PEG awards
There is no bull about Elisabeth Iorio because she has gone bull crazy. A four start eventer, polo player and so much more, Beth has taken to a bucking bronco business- Platinum Pistols Bucking Bulls. Beth has gained her knowledge from well known people in the industry and is eagerly expanding that knowledge as her business grows. So go on, read about this exciting ride for yourself! [Platinum Pistols
And don’t forget, with the new year comes a new contest. Get out your Nunn Finer gear folks and get creative! Make Friday the 13 your lucky day. [EN contest]
From Ali-
Peace, love and ice cream. Go eventing. 


Would You Rather?

We are getting even closer to the holidays. I love the holidays. Hopefully a change in the normal routine, and maybe some added excitement. A little family drama? Some weird fighting at the dinner table? Or an out of control New Years Eve? Who knows. But whatever the holidays bring you, hopefully it is not a disappointment and hopefully you are willing to share the experience.

So here it is…

RIP Lesley Long

Lesley Long.jpg

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that yesterday the equestrian community lost one of its greatest members. Lesley Long passed away peacefully at the hospital surrounded by those closest to her. In November, Lesley was involved in an accident while clipping a horse that caused her to suffer a severe head trauma. Before starting her own business with daughter Kerri, Lesley spent over 10 years at Liz Patrick’s Waters Edge Farm, where she was a tremendous influence, as well as educator, to so many horses and riders. In effort to help Lesley’s family with hospital bills, as well as placement of the horses, fundraising is being put in place. Eventing Nation would like to send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to Lesley’s family and friends during this devastating time. Please know that the entire eventing and equestrian community is behind you to offer support as you mourn this terrible loss. 
I would like to say thank you to EN’s good friend, Kerry, for telling us a little more about Lesley…

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. On Wednesday we lost our dear friend and fellow eventer Lesley Long.  About three weeks ago Lesley suffered a traumatic brain injury after being kicked in the jaw.  Sadly the injury to her brain was devastating and just too much for her body to combat.  Those of us lucky enough to call her a friend are simply at a loss.  Lesley was a tremendous rider, instructor, mother, wife, and friend.  


Lesley was a devoted horse woman her entire life.  A USEA Level 1 instructor, Lesley had over twenty years of professional experience.  She had a vast background of experience with training racehorses, timber horses, and hunt horses.  She had a talent for starting young horses and had a love for the off track TB.  For many years she volunteered at Days End Farm Horse Rescue.   Most recently she and daughter Kerri began LK Sport Horses, where Lesley passed her knowledge on to her students.  


It is hard to put into words the loss that her family and friends are feeling today.  Her family took comfort in knowing how loved Lesley was not just by her family but by the riding community as well. 


Ride on Lesley

Smart Move’s Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher


I love coming home to these creations- thanks to my favorites, Rebecca and Kiki.
This news and notes is not the kind I enjoy writing. As John posted on Tuesday night, Lisa Marie  Fergusson’s Smart Move has been euthanized following an accident where he was struck by a car. Smart Move was an exceptional athlete and wonderful to watch in all three phases. Words cannot express the sadness of such a tragic loss and our thoughts and prays are with Lisa, Mike and all of Smart Move’s connections. 
In more sad news, a barn fire occurred on Tuesday evening (around 7:50pm) at Morven Park. According to the news report there was no confirmation if horses were in the barn or not. However, according to Morven’s Facebook page, no horses were present. The barn was located closest to the outdoor rings. Our deepest condolences go to those at Morven Park as they recover from this tragic fire. [Morven Fire
In some happier news, Boyd Martin has four new arrivals. Four three year old horses have touched down in the land of the USA. All four, bred by Boyd and Silva, will be settling in for a few months before being started. Congratulations to the Martins on their new arrivals. [Marathon trip
Many times in the past, the topic of Mary King riding while 6 months pregnant has been discussed. This time, she talks to the BBC about her choice. Mary says she feels most comfortable while on a horse and therefore there was no question about riding while pregnant. Mary also talks about miscarrying her second child while at a competition. Mary is open, honest, and very real. [BBC]
So many of us dread the time of year that requires clipping. But, for Dana Boyd, clipping is a way of life. Dana clips for a profession- completing 500-600 horses a year. When the horses come to Florida for the winter, Dana finds herself the busiest. However, the rest of the year there is still clipping and mane/tail trimming to be done. The slower months also allow more time for her own horses. Dana also teaches clipping clinics around the country. What does one who clips this many horses wear? Comfortable shoes, a baseball hat, and a smock (like the one you wear when you get your hair cut). And don’t forget to keep a bandanna in your pocket for hair free facial wiping. [Body Clipping
Theaters Christmas Day are sure to be hopping. Many of us will be running off to see “War Horse.” “War Horse” is up for seven Broadcast Film Critic Association award nominations. These nominations include: best picture, best director, cinematography, best art direction, best editing, best sound, and best score. In addition “Buck” has been nominated for best documentary. Winners will be chosen at the 16th Annual Critic’s Choice Movie Awards on January 14. [Get IT
Recent results with a pressure scanner show that ECOGOLD pads are the way to go! Certified saddle fitter Britta Rizzi did this test without the request of ECOGOLD and stated ” I did quite an array of comparison pressure scans with ECOGOLD saddle pads and the results are amazing. It even improved the fit of a way too tightly fitting saddle. Usually, extra saddle pads make it a lot worse since you are creating more bulk under an already too-narrow tree. Another impressive feature is that ECOGOLD half pads stay up in the gullet and don’t come pressing down on the horse’s withers.” [ECOGOLD
Vote for Horse and Hound in the Equestrian Social Media Awards. H&H won three ESMAs last year and is hoping voters will help them pick up even more awards this year. The ESMAs were created in 2010 to help bring together global equestrian community and show how beneficial global media is to the equestrian world. “Social media has proved itself to be a revolutionary communications tool, which has been embraced by the global equestrian community. Love of the horse transcends borders, seas, and language. Social media has allowed global equestrians to connect in ways never before seen” says PagePlay’s Liam Killen. [H&H]
Burghley Horse Trials has won the ‘International Best Event’ award for the sixth year running.  
For all you ICP lovers, check out the ICP Open Forum Recap
Brian Sabo’s address at the USEA Convention
Go eventing.600x100_HQ_GinJuice.gif

Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD


Well the USEA convention has finally wrapped up. With this wrap up comes the final end to the season. Rumor has it, the convention was a good time. However, we will keep it at that as to not embarrass some people. As you all have probably seen, Buck made out like a bandit, taking many of the top awards. But one of the most sentimental awards went to Boyd and Neville. After  a year of incredible ups and downs, Boyd and Neville took home an award for courage. Boyd demonstrated incredible courage this year and I can only hope his luck and courage will be all positive as he heads into 2012.
Boyd recapped his weekend at the convention. Congratulations again to Boyd and his groom, Lindsey Taylor, who took home the top groom award. [Boyd Martin
Looking forward into 2012, our motivation should be high for the new year. If anyone needs an athlete to be inspired by, look to Tim Tebow. I’m tempted to say he might be the hardest working player in the NFL. Despite his sometimes less than stellar technique, he seems to find a way to win. No folks, this is not a way for me to talk about football. I’m simply saying that sometimes we can all use an inspiring figure, and Tebow is a good choice. Pick up a copy of his book over the holidays. It’s a good, quick read. 
Now, with that new found motivation, spend some time learning more over the winter. Perhaps in the warm comfort of your home. There are so many videos out there you can learn from. Google your favorite rider, watch their style, watch them teach. Anything you learn from is a good source.  It wouldn’t be right to leave you without an example: Clayton Fredericks XC clinic
In exciting news, Bromont will be adding a CIC*** in addition to the already present CCI*** and CCI**. The three day will run June 7-10. Preparations are already underway for the new CIC course. The week following the the three day will play host to a national horse trial with BN-P/T levels. These two weeks in June will be huge for Bromont. This is probably my favorite event and I hope many of you go to support it in 2012.
Bromont Website                     
In honor of the holidays, please waste a few minutes of your time to watch this video. Go on, think it’s dorky, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. At least I wasn’t able to. [Jingle Bells
German born, Laura Bechtolsheimer is British all the way. In a recent article, Laura discuss how she thinks nothing of being born in Germany. She considers herself 100% British. She even jokes that her parents knew she was British when she came home from kindergarten having eaten marmite and liking it. While Laura is a driven athlete, she talks about having perspective. You never know when things could change (she mentions Courtney King-Dye and her brother). The granddaughter of a billionaire, Laura has a lot of support and backing. But she is genuine, a hard worker, and one of Britain’s greatest talents. Roll on 2012. [Laura B.]
There is to be an investigation as to why Ireland’s show jumping team did not qualify for London 2012. After investigating, a draft report will be reported to Horse Sport Ireland in late January. [Ireland SJ
Round two of body clipping is coming up soon. Many of us struggle with horses who are “clipper shy.” Well lucky for us, the amazing Monty Roberts, has a few suggestions. To get your horse comfortable with the vibrations of the clippers, invest in an electric toothbrush. Then use the toothbrush all over the horses body. This will allow the horse to become desensitized and used to the vibrations with out having to use a sharp blade. Then move to quiet, cordless clippers. After your horse is settle with those, try your body clippers. Remember, when it comes to clipping, patience in necessary. [Monty Roberts
In case you missed the Board of Governors meeting, the USEA has a nice recap. [USEA]
Yesterday was a very important day for eventing. Jose Ortelli became another year older. The striking young man from Argentina hasn’t spent nearly enough time in the states this year. Let’s hope to see him more in 2012. Happy Birthday, Jose. [SClark

Best of Blogs take two: Trust
As you can imagine, John spends a lot of time alone. This video is proof of that. Thank you, John, for sharing with me.

Go Eventing.
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Windstar’s Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY! Well it’s here, folks. With Friday comes not only the end of the work week, but the excitement of more happenings in Nashvegas. I am sure John is living it up to the fullest but I only hope he remembers why he went there in the first place. For those of us who didn’t get the chance to join our fellow hooligans in Nashvegas, take some time on this day to do something fun- like watch your dog chase a laser pointer.
After taking home a nice $150,000 for becoming this years FEI HSBC Classics Champion, Mary King has received an extra $50,000 for becoming the HSBC’s Rankings leader at the end of 2011. Many thought William Fox-Pitt was set for the 2011 in September. But with his Pau 2010 points not counting, Mary was pushed into the lead. HSBC’s Group Head of Sponsorship, Giles Morgan talks about the two riders- “It was neck and neck between Mary King and William Fox-Pitt this season, with both of them putting in really impressive performances, demonstrating the strategic, physical and mental abilities necessary to compete in Eventing at this level. But it was Mary who eventually came out on top and we are delighted to be able to acknowledge and reward her incredible achievement as leader of the HSBC Rankings.” [Mary King
Just in case anyone forgot, or didn’t see it the first time, our own, Boyd Martin, made it into Sports Illustrated. [Boyd Martin
For those of you who missed John’s recaps of today’s events at the convention, the USEA has done a recap, discussing the different meetings that went on. Assuming John makes it through the night, he will be live and on form with more convention coverage. Make sure to check here 30 times more often than you already do. [USEA coverage
Watch the Bettina Hoy clinic video. Bettina discusses several things. But first and foremost she talks about leg protection for your horse. Bettina rides in Kentucky boots and so should you! I, first hand, have gotten to experience how great these boots are when a good friend showed me a pair. Let’s just say, next season, I’ll be supporting Kentucky boots. [LEO]
A mild fall has helped the cross country course revamp at GMHA. Highlights of the features include, improved drainage and footing in wet areas, new ditches and banks, terraced hillside crossings that are safer for everyone, new water crossings and renovation of many of the jumps. GMHA has announced the inaugural “Festival of Eventing” in conjunction with the course upgrade.  Organizers are hard at work planning the Festival of Eventing, which will take place August 6-12, 2012. The week-long affair will include a Novice and Training Three-Day event Monday through Thursday, a sanctioned Beginner Novice and Novice one-day horse trial scheduled for Friday, and a two-day horse trial over the weekend which will offer Beginner Novice through Intermediate levels.” There is still fundraising to be done and items needed to help complete the project. GMHA has done a fantastic job and the end result is sure to be incredible. [GMHA]

The Queen has bought a three year old filly from part owner, Elizabeth Hurley. The Queen who paid a reported 500,000GBP will use the filly for breeding at the royal stud at Sandringham. [Queen’s filly]  

In sad news, one of eventing’s top stallions, Brandenburg’s Windstar, has been euthanized due to a spinal injury that caused a deteriorating arthritic condition and neurological symptoms. Windstar has been one of the leading eventing sires in the US for the last few years, and was the sire of such well known Advanced eventers as Arthur and Polar Storm, and the up-and-coming youngsters Quinn Himself and Polaris. Our thoughts go to Phyllis and all those who were connected to this lovely horse. 

Thank you to my dear friend Hans. You have taught me so many things, but I am so glad you have finally taught me to ride a horse…

Go eventing.


Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Yes… it’s a tattoo. Get it Liz! We be lovin’ it.

Well it’s Monday again. I don’t know what Monday brings for all of you, but for me it brings the start of final exams. Finals are always a trying time for me. Usually I find my mind wandering to the latest equine shopping deals, or the upcoming years competition calendar. Mind you, not matter how long I give myself to prepare for these exams, horses always find a way to creep in and ruin the studying. So for those of you who are soon (or immediately) to be faced with final exams, what do you get distracted by? And once distracted, how do you regain your focus?

Professional management- Tip #4. Write down three ways you can help your team. Then get their feedback. Also, what are three ways you can help by helping others? It’s all about team effort. Without a successful team, there will be no chance of success- no matter what kind of program you have. [Tip #4
Dr. Allen Sills will be performing ImPACT testing at the USEA Convention this weekend. The ImPACT test is a computerized evaluation that provides a baseline that can help determine when an athlete has recovered to pre-injury status. ImPACT Testing will enable riders who have suffered from concussions to return to competing more quickly as described in the USEF Rule EV113. The cost of the test is $35. Time slots are limited so please email [email protected] if you would like to reserve a spot for testing. [ImPACT
Winter time brings time for improvement. What better way to improve than doing some indoor jumpers. Team CEO has done just that. Megan’s students tore it up bringing home lots of blue ribbons. Hope to see many more of you out there practicing you skillzz in the jumper ring over the winter. [Team CEO]  
And just in case you wanted to see the worlds largest bug…. DO IT
Lauren Kieffer has had a nice wrap to the season. With several nice up and coming starts, Lauren has her hands busy heading into 2012. But none of this would have happened without the wonderful owners, supporters and sponsors that Lauren has. To read more on Lauren’s team, check out her BLOG.
Grey Brook Eventing shares the good (selling saddles fast), the bad (saying good bye) and the ugly (boy problems). To find out more, follow Kate’s blog HERE
Down in Texas fire has caused mass destruction. This destruction has left hay scarce. A local news station reported a nice story about hay being delivered to destroyed areas. [Hay, hay
As we all know by now, Obama has released the ban on horse slaughter. This issue has been on the front of many peoples minds, there is no denying that is is here to stay. But before you can jump to conclusions, it is important to understand the details of the ban lift. A few nights ago, Annie talked a bit about this issue. But in THIS article, you will find clear reasons that hopefully allow you to feel a little more comfortable with Obama’s choice. No one wants to see or hear of a horse slaughtered. But perhaps legalizing horse slaughter will allow many horses to suffer less. One can hope. 
On to finish studying for finals! Please forgive any mistakes.
Gucci Masters
What ever you find yourself doing today, I hope you enjoy it. Go Eventing.
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Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

Thank goodness! Friday is here. You are now two days into December and two days closer to all the holiday festivities. Just in case holiday shopping has started to make your heart beat a little faster, don’t stress! You can do it all online these days. And for all your horse loving enthusiasts, it should be easy. Check out all of your EN favorites for great holiday ideas. You will be sure to find great deals without ever leaving your couch. Now that is my kind of shopping.
Speaking of holiday gifts, Boyd and Silva Martin have just the gift idea for you. Check out their training videos. What better way to improve your riding this winter than to get great tips for two of the world’s best riders. Or maybe just treat yourself to these videos. Lucky for you, both series two videos are on sale this month only for $9.95. Snuggle up and get educated this winter. [Training videos
Just in case you take your dog hunting with you, be careful he doesn’t shoot you. [OOPS
FLAIR has launched its newest Master Class Series of videos. The first video in this 8 part series is with Eric Dierks. Eric discusses the roll of galloping fences in the first part of cross country. Check out more right HERE
What a lovely holiday display. And even better- a familiar rider is included. [Three Days, Three Ways
Meg Kep has given a blog for thought. After a few quick notes Meg discuss the importance of understanding laws, government, how things come into place, and the cold hard facts. Annie did a wonderful job last night talking about legalizing horse slaughter. I am sure we will be hearing from many people on their views and opinions of the change in horse slaughter laws. So here is one of the first to publicly express her opinion… Take it away MEG.
A British charity is saying horse abandonment has tripled. “In 2009, 160 horses were reported to its welfare team as being abandoned, and in 2010 that figure was 241. The figure so far for 2011, as November 15, is 392, with the projected total expecting to be around 460.” Horse abandonment is a huge problem world wide. Abandonment is often the result of people who lack knowledge of the animals and often find them to be too expensive to continue to own. There is no easy fix to abandonment. But we can all help by helping to educated inexperienced people and, as always, donate to a charity. [Abuse

Badminton is not far now. With May only 5 (6) months away, preparations for Badminton 2012 are well under way. The Willis brothers are busy, busy, busy. There has been major changes to the sunken road (cut out a step to allow more flexibility). All physical changes are changed and completed before Christmas. This will allow the ground to repair before May. Volunteers are being summoned, contractors agreements have been finalized, new sponsors are arriving, and the box office system has been tested to the max. Get ready, the spring season is almost upon us! [Badminton

In case you missed it. Eventing Radio Episode 170 with guests Philip D., Boyd M., and cool girl, Sinead.

Happy December. Go eventing.
Love this little boy… very creative!

Happy December. Go Eventing. 



Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

Because this is what we all feel like on Wednesday, right??
Hump day is here! Crank down, focus in, and get that work done. Your almost to the weekend. The even weirder thing? It’s almost December. December came far too fast for me. And what follows December? A new year, full of new resolutions, new competition plans, and new ideas. So, as we go into December, what are your resolutions? Your 2012 goals?
In case you missed it, the answer to Samantha’s quiz question was indeed Happy Times. [Happy Times
Get to know Peter Atkins a little better. Peter has a wonderful bond with his family and Henny. So many of us have fallen in love with the relationship between Henny and Peter. From world class, fit three-day horse to lead line pony, Henny has captured the hearts of so many. So take this chance, find out a little more and see some cute pictures. [Peter Atkins
Our fearless leader is really sorry he couldn’t be here tonight to write the news and notes. He was just too busy watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show to be bothered. 
Give him a dry place to shoe, and a cup of something warm, and he will work away. Horse and Hound blogger talks have princess farriers, and down to earth farriers. He happens to be the second. You can follow Roland’s farrier adventures under his Twitter name, nagsandnails or right HERE on his blog. 

The smile says it all. In his latest article, William Micklem discusses the three Ss. Keeping it Sunny: Being sunny is a key requirement for coaches, because coaching is all about human interaction.” Keeping it safe has to be the first priority in any sporting situation, but keeping it sunny should be intertwined around safety. The two form the prerequisites for successful coaching.” Keeping it simple “is the holy grail of coaching, and simplicity is the most powerful word in training. It will accelerate progress with all levels of riders and in all activities. Therefore, I am always trying to refine and reduce and simplify, no matter if it is tack, a training exercise or a sentence.” [Micklem

European nations have called for a review of the Olympic qualifications before the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The main concern being that it is easier for some nations to qualify than others. [Olympic qualifications under review

The team behind Silver Lining Farm shares their secret to success and give advice to future OTTB owners. They share the importance of a veterinarian inspection, spending time with your new horse. There is talk about common foot problems with OTTBs. But most importantly, don’t push your new OTTB too fast and always be patient. For more advice, check out their blog HERE

A fire crew has saved Louis from a swimming pool. After pumping the water from the pool, and using hay bales for stairs, the rescue team was able to lead Louis out of the pool. See the pictures for yourself. [Rescue
And just in case you need some early help planning for those resolutions, here are some recommendations:
1. Do less laundry and use more deodorant.
2. Stop boring your boss with the same excuses you always use for missing work. Come up with a new one (a more adventurous one).
3. When someone sends you a funny joke through text, refuse to reply with LOL. 
4. Remember to replace the gas nozzle before driving away from the pump.
5. Start buying lottery tickets from a luckier store.  
Best of Blogs: Lillian Heard

Go eventing.600x100_HQ_GinJuice.gif

34-13’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Family, friends, food and FOOTBALL. Yes, the title of this post is the score of the South Carolina vs. Clemson football game. Saturday football following Thanksgiving is my favorite. Most teams are playing their rival. This only means one thing, there is potential for me to sleep in my grandma’s drive way. You see, my entire family has Clemson running through their veins (well not 100% my mom). Naturally this leads to me endlessly trash talking that the Tigers (more like kitties) will go down. Too much trash talking, and a win from Carolina, and I could end up locked out of the house. But not this past Saturday. Lucky for me, I was so late getting home, everyone was in bed. All I have to say to all you poor Clemson fans is- I am darn proud to be a mother lovin’ Gamecock fan!
Yes football has nothing to do with eventing. Except for the fact it provides a different form of insanity during the off season. I know many of you are huge football fans. Which teams do you support? And to all you Clemson and Missouri fans, just stay out.
For those of you too stuffed to continue on to more work, maybe you should consider another holiday. Possibly a trip on an African safari? Mark Todd thought this would be a fun way to relax and re-energize from the season. Maybe it would work for you too. [Mark rides in the wild
Friday probably found many of you hitting the stores for some Black Friday deals. But why not do your shopping from the comfort of your chair? Online shopping- a way to beat the crowds, avoid getting dressed, and not risk getting run over. What better to do your Black Friday shopping than through than ECOGOLD. Through Monday, ECOGOLD is offering Black Friday deals. Just use internet coupon code BLACKSTUFF15 and you shall receive… [Shop NOW
Meet the Santa Ponies. These special friends, who dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus, will be traveling around visiting kids in hospitals and hospice from now until Christmas. Known as “The Santa Ponies”, they will also work with sheriff’s officers reaching out to children in a high crime neighborhoods and visit children spending the holidays in homeless shelters. The Santa Ponies are members of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. They will be joined by other tiny therapy horses (only 19 – 24 inches tall) dressed as elves and nutcracker horses. The team of 26 therapy horses visit over 10,000 adults and children each year. [Santa Ponies

Just in case anyone is looking for a good read over the winter, I highly suggest jumping into The Hunger Games trilogy. These three books are easy, brainless, and highly addictive. You won’t be able to put them down. Warning: you may lose focus on all other aspects of your life. And if your mom is anything like mine, you will get suspended from reading while family is present. Try it! The movie trailer is out… so to learn a little more go HERE.

After a really successful fall season, and an impressive trip around Burghley, Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz will be Badminton bound. Colleen has done nothing less that impress all of us in 2011. I can only hope this will continue into 2012. So many people, including myself, are cheering for Colleen. Badminton here they come. [Badminton bound

I like the ganster music…

Go Hokies. Go Gamecocks. Go Eventing.
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Would You Rather?


So the following question has nothing to do with anything. It just came about by pure, random, rainy day thinking. We just survived Thanksgiving and the holidays are upon us now. For those of you who catch your own birds and cook them, I give you a lot of credit. Each time I go out hacking and come across a turkey, I try to give him/her a fair warning by yelling “RUN!!!” But what if things were the other way around? What if it was us that was being chased?

Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

photo (5).JPG

My mother and her best friend caught Thanksgiving dinner…. or made a best friend. Which means- this turkey is one lucky turkey (he will be missing dinner).
As today dragged on and my eye lids became increasingly heavier, I started to get anxious. I realized it was my responsibility to provide you with your Wednesday News and Notes. While this might not seem daunting, it is when you run the possibility of John taking all the links for his afternoon post. As I sat in Sociology, willing my phone to find some serivice, I worried John would steal the links. Yes, a real, legit worry. But, the service rolled in and I was relieved to stalk EN and see there were no links sacraficed. So basically, this entire introduction was to thank you, John. Thank you for not stealing the links on my night to write. 
Now, to get your day going, take a look at these dashing grooms in a revealing calendar. Now, if someone could just tell me where to find these handsome men. And how the heck do I get a job with them? Pictures found via ECOGOLD. [Haaat grooms
NickerNews would like to share a Thanksgiving message. This message probably resembles so many of you. But who has a grand entrance like the one at the end? [NickerNews
A few weeks ago, at Galway Downs, Barbara Crabo was crowned the winner of the long format CCI* on her mount, Over Easy. However, today Barbara found out she would be disqualified due to Over Easy being 5 (FEI rule is 6). In a statement, Barbara addressed the situation:
     It’s just a bummer. When I was going to enter her, I wasn’t sure if 5 was too young, so I    searched to find the ruling and couldn’t find an age listed. Then I called the [U.S. Eventing Association] office, and they looked it up and told me that she could be 5. I went through all of the right avenues and talked to the right people but was misinformed. I feel like the FEI should make the rules clearer and more user-friendly. In my mind she still won, and I don’t feel like I was asking too much. It didn’t make me think that we’re moving up to intermediate immediately in the spring. She’ll stay at preliminary until next summer, but I’m still ecstatic with her. [Over Easy

In case you missed it, the USEF has released the 2012 Developing Rider list. While there are certainly some talented riders on the list, I feel as though some really talented people have been left off the list. What about riders with multiple top ten CCI*** or better finishes? So EN, who would you liked to have seen on the Developing Rider list? [USEF Developing Riders

In some sad news, Canadian Olympic Dressage horse, Seafox has passed on at the age of 29 after enjoying 9 years of retirement. Leslie Reid and Seafox competed at Grand Prix until he was 17 years of age. For the next few years, Seafox taught Leslie’s young rider students the ropes of upper level dressage until he was officially retired at the age of 20. We would like to extend our sympathies to Leslie and all of Seafox’s connections. [Seafox

Sinead Halpin is always great at blogging. But this one gave me goose bumps. I LOVE Sinead. I admire her dedication, her drive, and her shear will to win. To get your inspiration on, read this blog. [READ NOW] Oh ya, I agree with Sinead, Ham is BETTER than turkey. 

One of EN’s favorites is looking for a working student. If you are hard working and want to be in an awesome, competitive and extremely educational environment, consider applying. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day in Boyd Martin’s presence. Yes, I love talking at Boyd. Please accept it. [Work for Boyd

Peace, love and ice cream. Go eventing. 


Stuart Tinney’s Tuesday News and Notes from Pennfield

Why thank you, I am sure that check is written out to me. 

Congratulations to Stuart Tinney on his win at Adelaide! This wraps up the final major event of the year. Now it’s on to merry thoughts of holidays, good food, and present shopping! But with the end of this year comes the beginning of the next. And the next happens to be a big one. With several top riders (their support teams and admires too) having all eyes focused on the Olympics, the new year is approaching quickly. Horse and Country TV has done a series following eight riders on their journey to Greenwich. For more information and a trailer for the first episode click HERE
Referring back to the holidays… when considering celebrating the holidays, turn to the Virginia Horse Center. The VHC is offering special rental rates and wonderful holiday catering. Consider VHC for all your holiday celebrating needs. [Celebrate with VHC]
And just because we can’t get enough— Starting December 2, Smartpak will host the 12 Deals of Christmas. All you have to do is sign up. [Go here for awesome deals
Isabell Werth has retired Satchmo from international competition. Isabell spoke of the retirement: “I remembered a moment eleven years ago when I said goodbye to Gigolo in the same place, 11 years of successes, failure, ups and downs and with the birth of [my son] little Frederik. Over those 11 years Satchie has been my daily challenge. I don’t just owe him a lot, I have also learned a lot from him.” Although Satchmo is still completely fit and healthy, with seven grand prix horses Isabell said she sees no need for 17-year-old Hanoverian to continue to compete in 2012. [Satchmo retires
I know this is a night John has always dreamed of.  A party at Jules Stiller’s place? Count John in. Jules is known for throwing fantastic parties. Oh yea, it’s also the Event Riders Association 2012 Annual Fundraising Ball. [Get tickets
Vote for Canada’s Athete of the Year. You might even find a familiar name… [Vote now
This is the time of the year for reflection on the previous season. It is also the time to catch up on all the important things that are hard to do during competition season. Rebecca Howard has got this down. After a busy season, Rebecca had a nice holiday back in Canada. Enjoying time with family, and celebrating her grandmother’s birthday, Rebecca had a wonderful trip home. [Follow Rebecca’s lead]  
British Eventing has come up with a new app to help you learn your dressage tests. Maybe the USEA will follow this idea. Could be very helpful! [Dressage test app
In sad news, two horse have been euthanized after sustaining injuries at the Colonial Cup in Camden, SC. EN would like to send our thoughts and sympathy to all those connected with these two horses. [Colonial Cup]  
Katherine Erickson has done a fantastic blog on 5 years of record keeping. Starting in the fall of 2006, Katherine began a daily riding log. She has documented every ride since then. Because of her awesome recording skills, Katherine is able to look at her stats. She knows how many hours she has spent in the saddle, how many hours she has ridden her own horse, and which months were her most popular. [Record Keeping
Best of Blogs: Time: The One Thing You Can’t Buy

Best of Blogs- take two: Lauren Sprieser Clinic day 2
Soon to be joining the USA:

Go eventing.