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Because this is what we all feel like on Wednesday, right??
Hump day is here! Crank down, focus in, and get that work done. Your almost to the weekend. The even weirder thing? It’s almost December. December came far too fast for me. And what follows December? A new year, full of new resolutions, new competition plans, and new ideas. So, as we go into December, what are your resolutions? Your 2012 goals?
In case you missed it, the answer to Samantha’s quiz question was indeed Happy Times. [Happy Times
Get to know Peter Atkins a little better. Peter has a wonderful bond with his family and Henny. So many of us have fallen in love with the relationship between Henny and Peter. From world class, fit three-day horse to lead line pony, Henny has captured the hearts of so many. So take this chance, find out a little more and see some cute pictures. [Peter Atkins
Our fearless leader is really sorry he couldn’t be here tonight to write the news and notes. He was just too busy watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show to be bothered. 
Give him a dry place to shoe, and a cup of something warm, and he will work away. Horse and Hound blogger talks have princess farriers, and down to earth farriers. He happens to be the second. You can follow Roland’s farrier adventures under his Twitter name, nagsandnails or right HERE on his blog. 

The smile says it all. In his latest article, William Micklem discusses the three Ss. Keeping it Sunny: Being sunny is a key requirement for coaches, because coaching is all about human interaction.” Keeping it safe has to be the first priority in any sporting situation, but keeping it sunny should be intertwined around safety. The two form the prerequisites for successful coaching.” Keeping it simple “is the holy grail of coaching, and simplicity is the most powerful word in training. It will accelerate progress with all levels of riders and in all activities. Therefore, I am always trying to refine and reduce and simplify, no matter if it is tack, a training exercise or a sentence.” [Micklem

European nations have called for a review of the Olympic qualifications before the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The main concern being that it is easier for some nations to qualify than others. [Olympic qualifications under review

The team behind Silver Lining Farm shares their secret to success and give advice to future OTTB owners. They share the importance of a veterinarian inspection, spending time with your new horse. There is talk about common foot problems with OTTBs. But most importantly, don’t push your new OTTB too fast and always be patient. For more advice, check out their blog HERE

A fire crew has saved Louis from a swimming pool. After pumping the water from the pool, and using hay bales for stairs, the rescue team was able to lead Louis out of the pool. See the pictures for yourself. [Rescue
And just in case you need some early help planning for those resolutions, here are some recommendations:
1. Do less laundry and use more deodorant.
2. Stop boring your boss with the same excuses you always use for missing work. Come up with a new one (a more adventurous one).
3. When someone sends you a funny joke through text, refuse to reply with LOL. 
4. Remember to replace the gas nozzle before driving away from the pump.
5. Start buying lottery tickets from a luckier store.  
Best of Blogs: Lillian Heard

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