Monday News and Notes from Success Equestrian

Greetings sports fans! It was a weekend where Ocala residents got to feel smug about their superior weather (but then remembered that they live in Ocala), Olympic tickets were booked, a pony motored around an advanced track, Michael Pollard won a few advanced sections, and Kentucky pretty much locked up the overall #1 NCAA seed thanks to Calipari’s coaching ability bankroll. Well before John gets wound up about telling the truth about his team, let’s have a look at those links.

[Pine Top Full Results]

For quick highlights you may have missed this weekend…


1.  Michael Pollard — Icarus III (30.3)
2.  Michael Pollard — Shoensgreen Hanni (34.6)
3.  Selena O’Hanlon– Columbo (35.0)

1. Michael Pollard — Jude’s Law (26.8)
2. Becky Holder — Can’t Fire Me (33.4)
3. Heather Morris– Slate River (35.7)

1. Boyd Martin — Remington XXV 29.2
2. Will Coleman — Zipp  31.0
3. Becky Holder — Frodo of the Shire 36.8

1. Jessica Schultz — Lock N’ Load  40.0
2. Lizzie Snow — Coal Creek  44.0
3. Donna Miller — Artceltic Art  44.8

1. Erin Nolan — Balmoral Avenue  32.3
2. Hallie Coon — Namaste’  36.5
3. Andi Lawrence — Armani IV  43.1

1. Phillip Dutton — Fun Maker  27.0
2. Alison Wilaby — Memphis II  29.6
3. Will Faudree — Riesling De Buissy  30.4

Prelim Rider
1. Chelsey Sawtell — Maiden France  47.2
2. Megan Harris — Sparrow’s Owen  51.3
3. Sarah Finkel — Deep Sea  54.9

Montelibretti CCI*** results:
1. Karin Donckers — Chamizard
2. Andrew Hoy  — Rutherford
3. Vittoria Panizzon — Borough Pennyz

Claire “wrong trousers” Lomas is doing some fundraising and you know that she will put that $20 that you were going to spend on a bedazzled browband to better use. [Claire


If you are the one person that checks EN every day looking for a video on how to gun train your dog then today is your day my friend.  Joking aside the video features a cute puppy and for an extra special bonus there is a picture of horses galloping with a giraffe at the bottom of the page. [Gun Train

As many of you have heard, Megan Moore lost her beloved horse, The Grasshopper, on the cross country at Pine Top. Loosing a horse is the worst thing that can happen to us as riders. Megan shares a lovely tribute about Hopper. Be sure to have your kleenex ready. [Hopper

At the racehorse training project everyone was a “winner”. But Eric Dierks was the actual winner. This was a great idea that turned into an internet sensation. Read the whole story from our friends at the Chronicle. [Eric]

Silva Martin is out and about and having a great season. With scores in the 70% range, she is one to want to beat. Check out her (and Boyd’s) blog for the latest scores and updates. Gotta just love those Martins. [Silva

As some one who is obsessed with women having equal rights, I find this to be a good article. So go on, arm yourself with some knowledge–an article about the need for equal opportunities for women in sport written by a young Saudi woman. [YES

Catch up with British Favorite- Laura B. 

Ireland look good for London 2012 

Keeping up with Georgie Spence 

Don’t forget Philip partnering with MDA

I’m not good at farewells, so, uh, that’ll do pig. Go Eventing


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