34-13’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Family, friends, food and FOOTBALL. Yes, the title of this post is the score of the South Carolina vs. Clemson football game. Saturday football following Thanksgiving is my favorite. Most teams are playing their rival. This only means one thing, there is potential for me to sleep in my grandma’s drive way. You see, my entire family has Clemson running through their veins (well not 100% my mom). Naturally this leads to me endlessly trash talking that the Tigers (more like kitties) will go down. Too much trash talking, and a win from Carolina, and I could end up locked out of the house. But not this past Saturday. Lucky for me, I was so late getting home, everyone was in bed. All I have to say to all you poor Clemson fans is- I am darn proud to be a mother lovin’ Gamecock fan!
Yes football has nothing to do with eventing. Except for the fact it provides a different form of insanity during the off season. I know many of you are huge football fans. Which teams do you support? And to all you Clemson and Missouri fans, just stay out.
For those of you too stuffed to continue on to more work, maybe you should consider another holiday. Possibly a trip on an African safari? Mark Todd thought this would be a fun way to relax and re-energize from the season. Maybe it would work for you too. [Mark rides in the wild
Friday probably found many of you hitting the stores for some Black Friday deals. But why not do your shopping from the comfort of your chair? Online shopping- a way to beat the crowds, avoid getting dressed, and not risk getting run over. What better to do your Black Friday shopping than through than ECOGOLD. Through Monday, ECOGOLD is offering Black Friday deals. Just use internet coupon code BLACKSTUFF15 and you shall receive… [Shop NOW
Meet the Santa Ponies. These special friends, who dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus, will be traveling around visiting kids in hospitals and hospice from now until Christmas. Known as “The Santa Ponies”, they will also work with sheriff’s officers reaching out to children in a high crime neighborhoods and visit children spending the holidays in homeless shelters. The Santa Ponies are members of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, an all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. They will be joined by other tiny therapy horses (only 19 – 24 inches tall) dressed as elves and nutcracker horses. The team of 26 therapy horses visit over 10,000 adults and children each year. [Santa Ponies

Just in case anyone is looking for a good read over the winter, I highly suggest jumping into The Hunger Games trilogy. These three books are easy, brainless, and highly addictive. You won’t be able to put them down. Warning: you may lose focus on all other aspects of your life. And if your mom is anything like mine, you will get suspended from reading while family is present. Try it! The movie trailer is out… so to learn a little more go HERE.

After a really successful fall season, and an impressive trip around Burghley, Colleen Rutledge and Shiraz will be Badminton bound. Colleen has done nothing less that impress all of us in 2011. I can only hope this will continue into 2012. So many people, including myself, are cheering for Colleen. Badminton here they come. [Badminton bound

I like the ganster music…

Go Hokies. Go Gamecocks. Go Eventing.
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