Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

Thank goodness! Friday is here. You are now two days into December and two days closer to all the holiday festivities. Just in case holiday shopping has started to make your heart beat a little faster, don’t stress! You can do it all online these days. And for all your horse loving enthusiasts, it should be easy. Check out all of your EN favorites for great holiday ideas. You will be sure to find great deals without ever leaving your couch. Now that is my kind of shopping.
Speaking of holiday gifts, Boyd and Silva Martin have just the gift idea for you. Check out their training videos. What better way to improve your riding this winter than to get great tips for two of the world’s best riders. Or maybe just treat yourself to these videos. Lucky for you, both series two videos are on sale this month only for $9.95. Snuggle up and get educated this winter. [Training videos
Just in case you take your dog hunting with you, be careful he doesn’t shoot you. [OOPS
FLAIR has launched its newest Master Class Series of videos. The first video in this 8 part series is with Eric Dierks. Eric discusses the roll of galloping fences in the first part of cross country. Check out more right HERE
What a lovely holiday display. And even better- a familiar rider is included. [Three Days, Three Ways
Meg Kep has given a blog for thought. After a few quick notes Meg discuss the importance of understanding laws, government, how things come into place, and the cold hard facts. Annie did a wonderful job last night talking about legalizing horse slaughter. I am sure we will be hearing from many people on their views and opinions of the change in horse slaughter laws. So here is one of the first to publicly express her opinion… Take it away MEG.
A British charity is saying horse abandonment has tripled. “In 2009, 160 horses were reported to its welfare team as being abandoned, and in 2010 that figure was 241. The figure so far for 2011, as November 15, is 392, with the projected total expecting to be around 460.” Horse abandonment is a huge problem world wide. Abandonment is often the result of people who lack knowledge of the animals and often find them to be too expensive to continue to own. There is no easy fix to abandonment. But we can all help by helping to educated inexperienced people and, as always, donate to a charity. [Abuse

Badminton is not far now. With May only 5 (6) months away, preparations for Badminton 2012 are well under way. The Willis brothers are busy, busy, busy. There has been major changes to the sunken road (cut out a step to allow more flexibility). All physical changes are changed and completed before Christmas. This will allow the ground to repair before May. Volunteers are being summoned, contractors agreements have been finalized, new sponsors are arriving, and the box office system has been tested to the max. Get ready, the spring season is almost upon us! [Badminton

In case you missed it. Eventing Radio Episode 170 with guests Philip D., Boyd M., and cool girl, Sinead.

Happy December. Go eventing.
Love this little boy… very creative!

Happy December. Go Eventing. 


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