Stuart Tinney’s Tuesday News and Notes from Pennfield

Why thank you, I am sure that check is written out to me. 

Congratulations to Stuart Tinney on his win at Adelaide! This wraps up the final major event of the year. Now it’s on to merry thoughts of holidays, good food, and present shopping! But with the end of this year comes the beginning of the next. And the next happens to be a big one. With several top riders (their support teams and admires too) having all eyes focused on the Olympics, the new year is approaching quickly. Horse and Country TV has done a series following eight riders on their journey to Greenwich. For more information and a trailer for the first episode click HERE
Referring back to the holidays… when considering celebrating the holidays, turn to the Virginia Horse Center. The VHC is offering special rental rates and wonderful holiday catering. Consider VHC for all your holiday celebrating needs. [Celebrate with VHC]
And just because we can’t get enough— Starting December 2, Smartpak will host the 12 Deals of Christmas. All you have to do is sign up. [Go here for awesome deals
Isabell Werth has retired Satchmo from international competition. Isabell spoke of the retirement: “I remembered a moment eleven years ago when I said goodbye to Gigolo in the same place, 11 years of successes, failure, ups and downs and with the birth of [my son] little Frederik. Over those 11 years Satchie has been my daily challenge. I don’t just owe him a lot, I have also learned a lot from him.” Although Satchmo is still completely fit and healthy, with seven grand prix horses Isabell said she sees no need for 17-year-old Hanoverian to continue to compete in 2012. [Satchmo retires
I know this is a night John has always dreamed of.  A party at Jules Stiller’s place? Count John in. Jules is known for throwing fantastic parties. Oh yea, it’s also the Event Riders Association 2012 Annual Fundraising Ball. [Get tickets
Vote for Canada’s Athete of the Year. You might even find a familiar name… [Vote now
This is the time of the year for reflection on the previous season. It is also the time to catch up on all the important things that are hard to do during competition season. Rebecca Howard has got this down. After a busy season, Rebecca had a nice holiday back in Canada. Enjoying time with family, and celebrating her grandmother’s birthday, Rebecca had a wonderful trip home. [Follow Rebecca’s lead]  
British Eventing has come up with a new app to help you learn your dressage tests. Maybe the USEA will follow this idea. Could be very helpful! [Dressage test app
In sad news, two horse have been euthanized after sustaining injuries at the Colonial Cup in Camden, SC. EN would like to send our thoughts and sympathy to all those connected with these two horses. [Colonial Cup]  
Katherine Erickson has done a fantastic blog on 5 years of record keeping. Starting in the fall of 2006, Katherine began a daily riding log. She has documented every ride since then. Because of her awesome recording skills, Katherine is able to look at her stats. She knows how many hours she has spent in the saddle, how many hours she has ridden her own horse, and which months were her most popular. [Record Keeping
Best of Blogs: Time: The One Thing You Can’t Buy

Best of Blogs- take two: Lauren Sprieser Clinic day 2
Soon to be joining the USA:

Go eventing.

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