Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Yes… it’s a tattoo. Get it Liz! We be lovin’ it.

Well it’s Monday again. I don’t know what Monday brings for all of you, but for me it brings the start of final exams. Finals are always a trying time for me. Usually I find my mind wandering to the latest equine shopping deals, or the upcoming years competition calendar. Mind you, not matter how long I give myself to prepare for these exams, horses always find a way to creep in and ruin the studying. So for those of you who are soon (or immediately) to be faced with final exams, what do you get distracted by? And once distracted, how do you regain your focus?

Professional management- Tip #4. Write down three ways you can help your team. Then get their feedback. Also, what are three ways you can help by helping others? It’s all about team effort. Without a successful team, there will be no chance of success- no matter what kind of program you have. [Tip #4
Dr. Allen Sills will be performing ImPACT testing at the USEA Convention this weekend. The ImPACT test is a computerized evaluation that provides a baseline that can help determine when an athlete has recovered to pre-injury status. ImPACT Testing will enable riders who have suffered from concussions to return to competing more quickly as described in the USEF Rule EV113. The cost of the test is $35. Time slots are limited so please email [email protected] if you would like to reserve a spot for testing. [ImPACT
Winter time brings time for improvement. What better way to improve than doing some indoor jumpers. Team CEO has done just that. Megan’s students tore it up bringing home lots of blue ribbons. Hope to see many more of you out there practicing you skillzz in the jumper ring over the winter. [Team CEO]  
And just in case you wanted to see the worlds largest bug…. DO IT
Lauren Kieffer has had a nice wrap to the season. With several nice up and coming starts, Lauren has her hands busy heading into 2012. But none of this would have happened without the wonderful owners, supporters and sponsors that Lauren has. To read more on Lauren’s team, check out her BLOG.
Grey Brook Eventing shares the good (selling saddles fast), the bad (saying good bye) and the ugly (boy problems). To find out more, follow Kate’s blog HERE
Down in Texas fire has caused mass destruction. This destruction has left hay scarce. A local news station reported a nice story about hay being delivered to destroyed areas. [Hay, hay
As we all know by now, Obama has released the ban on horse slaughter. This issue has been on the front of many peoples minds, there is no denying that is is here to stay. But before you can jump to conclusions, it is important to understand the details of the ban lift. A few nights ago, Annie talked a bit about this issue. But in THIS article, you will find clear reasons that hopefully allow you to feel a little more comfortable with Obama’s choice. No one wants to see or hear of a horse slaughtered. But perhaps legalizing horse slaughter will allow many horses to suffer less. One can hope. 
On to finish studying for finals! Please forgive any mistakes.
Gucci Masters
What ever you find yourself doing today, I hope you enjoy it. Go Eventing.
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