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Good morning, Eventing Nation! Well it has been a wet, wet weekend for most of those out competing this weekend. Both Southern Pines and Poplar have wrapped up and riders are now looking forward to their next competitions leading up to spring three-days. For many riders, The Fork will play host to those looking for a final run before Rolex. Rolex is around the corner which means there is a lot of excitement headed your way!

And if you thought you were going to get away with out me mentioning basketball, you were foolish. Go on and complain. But for those few of you who are as obsessed as me, all I have to say is- KANSAS.
And now for what you are here for…
Southern Pines [Live Scores]
Poplar Place [Live Scores]

Southern Pines saw a lot of falls this weekend but luckily no horses or riders were seriously hurt. Sinead Halpin had a great weekend with Tate for a win in the OI-A. Sarah Dunkerton and her lovely gelding, Matapeake won the IR. Sarah is a lovely rider and it will be exciting to see where the future takes her. Michael Pollard and Clark Montgomery both saw good good weekends with wins. Luckily for you guys, EN has done great coverage of the events this weekend. Be sure to look around and find more pictures, videos, and updates.

Samantha Clark was down in Poplar this weekend. I love how great Samantha covers and event. Leslie Law took the blue in the A-A with Hawley Bennett topping out in A-B. Alex Perkiel won the CIC** and Caroline Martin had a nice weekend to take second and third. 

For photos from Poplar, check out Samantha’s! [Poplar Photos

Margie Engle and Reed Kessler tied for the win at the US Olympic selection trials. When Engle came to Kessler suggesting that they not jump another round to save their horses, Kessler agreed. We should also note that Kessler is a rookie and only 17 years old. [US SJ]

Zara is looking pretty good with her niece in tow. Maybe kids are in the future for the royal? Regardless, it will nice to watch Zara in her Olympic pursuit. [Zara’s niece]

Help Henny get to Badminton. You can buy carrots, apples, entry fees, shoes and so on. Fundraising is really important for all riders, check out this link to support Peter and Henny in the British adventure. [Run Henny Run

Clair just keeps walking and walking!! Check out this video and remember to follow along in Clair’s journey to raise money for spinal research. [Claire

We are getting closer and closer to April. Which means we are getting closer and closer to Rolex. With my tickets tucked safely into my drawer, I am as excited as ever to head to Lexington and watch a top notch crowd compete. With it being an Olympic year, pressures are high and competition should be exciting. Entries are being added daily so be sure to check out the entry list and pick your favorites. [Rolex

I love a good fox in the snow. And thank goodness I have Horse Nation to help me see more foxes in the snow. For all the excitement you could want, be sure to stop by Horse Nation daily. [HN]

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Winner winner chicken dinner…

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