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Sunday Funday Links from Dubarry

Australians? In speedos? Sign me up. It appears as though eventing down under is quite fun. Thank goodness for ESJ and his wonderful, in depth coverage of one of the best events in the world. Make sure to stay tuned as ESJ wraps up the event. Now ladies, I have a very important question- who would YOU like to see in a speedo at Rolex?

The Ocala HT [Live Scores]
Las Cruces HT [Live Scores]
Ram Tap Horse Trials [Live Scores]
Texas Rose Horse Park HT [Live Scores]
Adelaide [Live Scores]

From Robin… this makes for a good laugh:
Happy Sunday, Go eventing. 
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Saturday Morning Links from Tipperary


via Trailershut
Oh please… you actually thought you were going to get away not having to hear about The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn? You must be a fool. Kidding. Obviously this must be a huge weekend for the box office. After multiple failed attempts to get tickets, finally they were purchased. Dressed in wedding dresses, Ali, John and I headed to the theater fully expecting to meet our own Edwards. While Edward was not to be found, the on screen Edward dazzled us. Needless to say, TEAM EDWARD. So for those of you who have seen the movie, thoughts? Which team are you on and why? Oh, and I should mention that John had no clue what Breaking Dawn was or who Edward is. 
The Ocala HT [Live Scores]

Las Cruces HT [Live Scores]
Ram Tap Horse Trials [Live Scores]
Texas Rose Horse Park HT [Live Scores]
Adelaide [Live Scores]

Best of Blogs: Thundar Moon Farm
Go Eventing.


Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux


Because I love this girl, her positive attitude, and her pain in the butt way of making me want to run ridiculous races, I decided to use a picture of her. Here’s to giving your day a big thumbs up. 
One week from today, we get to celebrate thanks. Celebrate by stuffing our faces, watching football, and lying around just enjoying the company of each other. Well at least in my family. And then there comes Black Friday. Now, I love to shop, but I’m not about to get run over at the Walmart entrance just to buy my friends a Christmas gift. However, I do thoroughly enjoy watching people clip coupons, map routes, make schedules, do push ups and just generally prepare for Black Friday. How do you give thanks, EN? And how do you honor Black Friday?
Well the word is out- there is a record number of countries expressing interest in hosting the 2018 World Equestrian Games. Expressed interest has come from Morocco, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Russia, Sweden and the USA. [WEG 2018] The 2010 WEG drew 507,000 spectators with 40,000 on four separate peak days. And as always, it’s good to see these games getting some public recognition. [Canada
For some time now, the FEI has worked to create a more democratic organization. The FEI has now created a Constitutional Task Force made up of representatives entirely from National Federations. In effort to maintain complete transparency, all documents form the task force will be made available on the FEI website. For more on the task force, the representatives and documents, please go HERE.
Would you strip down for charity? These girls did! A group of students from Leeds University Equestrian Society got straight into their undies to raise money for charity. The girls were hoping to raise 1,000 GBP for the Otley and District Riding for the Disables charity. They did more than raise money. They have also become official mascots for soldiers over seas. How far would you go for charity? [Hot to trot
Don’t forget that big things are happening down under. Adelaide is coming to life with a record 35 entries. This is also the first time Adelaide has been part of the HSBC FEI Classics series.  Click here for more at Adelaide. [Adelaide record entries]  
What someone probably thought was a good way to traffic drugs, ended up a big fail. Please folks, keep your drugs out your saddle. Recently a saddle stuffed with 5 kilograms of cocaine was intercepted by police in Georgia. The two individuals with the saddle were arrested for drug trafficking. [Don’t do drugs
Morpurgo’s myth revealed: 
Where ever you are today, give people a big thumbs up- just because. Go eventing. 


Would You Rather?

It’s getting to be that time of year… The time where warm hats and scarfs are necessary and going out to do horse related activates means risking your frozen fingers being snapped off. Winter is a great time of year. A great time to ski, sit by the fire, or just enjoy a movie with a good cup of hot chocolate. There are just a few events left before the season is complete, but the weather seems to be pushing for the end to come now. So for those of you left still battling the weather at the horse trials…

Boyd Martin’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD


Well, finding out that Boyd is a lady has really eased a lot of my problems. I no longer have to have a mad crush on him. Nor do I have to be intimidated by is good looks. Although, I do feel a little bad for Silva. Hopefully this news isn’t coming as a huge shock. One person I can guarantee is more sad that me- Lainey Ashker. Oh well, we love you Boyd, leading lady rider and all.
Speaking of Lainey- I hear she taught a fantastic clinic in Hugo, MN for Croixide PC. With great Dressage and SJ advice, all you pony clubbers (and anyone else) should jump on the opportunity to ride with Ms. Ashker next time she is in your area. The crew in MN brings in great clinicians and I’m sure Lainey will be returning to MN soon. I believe Lainey shacked up with EN’s Ali, which makes me fear so Lainey just a small bit…
In case you missed the results from the weekend…
Pine Hill Fall H.T. (TX) [Ride Times PDF]
Poplar Place Farm November H.T. (GA) [Live Scores]
The Event at Kelly’s Ford (VA) [Website]
Four days till the start of the Adelaide CCI**** is South Australia. ESJ will be on hand to give us all the greatest covereage. For more information, check out the events site. You will even find our own, Boyd Martin, as a previous winner. [Adelaide
I always feel like winter is a good time of year to buy a horse. Heading into the remaining month(s) of the year, some people are more eager to get their sale horses moved. Eager=cheaper. So for those of you shopping/selling, maybe a performance horse auction is the way to go. Check out this auction at Luhmuhlen. A lot of top quality horses! [Top Eventers
Doug Payne has decided to keep his butt in the tack this time. Doug and Urlando hit up the jumper ring at Nona Garson’s farm, taking home a blue ribbon. Good boy, Doug. We like you on top of the horse. [DPEquestrian
Good news! Looks like Red Hills 2012 is a go. The site has posted info for their 2012 horse trial. The judges, officials, announcers, farriers, vets, ground jury members, etc., are all listed on the site. This is a great event with a great atmosphere. Mark your calendars. [Red Hills
The Royal Agriculture Winter Fair has announced that pending the FEI’s confirmation, it’s World Cup Grand Prix will be named Hickstead World Cup Grand Prix. It is wonderful to see all the ways in which Hickstead is being honored. This will surely be a highlight Grand Prix for so many people who loved and supported Hickstead. [RAWF]    
Does your horse have talent? Do you have it on film? If so, submit it. Horse and Country TV is looking for videos of talented horses. All you have to do is log in, upload, and submit. Make sure to check out the other videos too. I particularly like the one where the horse plays dead and the girl uses her “top” as a handy treat storage place. [Talent]
Horse and Hound’s Charlotte White attended the FEI General Assembly in Rio. She gives readers a look at some of the national federations issues/concerns. Some examples include- a review of the Olympic qualifications before Rio 2016, concern for all FEI horses to be micro chipped, and improvement of FEI structure. [Read more
For those of you who miss most of the good stuff on TV, here is a little piece of one soulful little girl. A young Beyonce? I sure think so. Wow, she is incredible at such a young age…

Have a great week. Go Eventing.
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Sunday Funday Links from Dubarry

Melissa Saale.jpg

Happy Sunday, folks! Well John has survived his speaking in Michigan. While I haven’t heard details, I am assuming he wasn’t booed off stage. Did anyone here listen to him? Go on… spill the truth. 
There has been a lot of holiday/down time/vacationing talk among all of us at EN. So what does everyone do for the holidays? What is your favorite part? Thanksgiving is a fine time for my family. Full of so much food… Full of my 86 year old grandmother screaming at football games. So what crazy things does your family do, EN? The holidays are too fun not to talk about. 
Pine Hill Fall H.T. (TX) [Ride Times PDF]
Poplar Place Farm November H.T. (GA) [Live Scores]
The Event at Kelly’s Ford (VA) [Website]

EN would like to extend their deepest sympathies to Catherine Haddad Staller who lost her mount Cadillac. Our thoughts are with Catherine and all of those who loved Cadillac.
Happy Sunday, Go eventing.

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Hickstead’s Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux



John likes to steal links. I feel like I should call the police. But I’m not. I want to find all the most ridiculous news possible, post it, and then make John feel uncomfortable. But I’m not going to do that either. Mention of John’s dating life could make for good entertainment. But then I realize it doesn’t exist. So that doesn’t work either. So, I guess I am just left to having to find links that aren’t painful for anyone. One day, I am going to sneak on to the site, and post 30 links on the day John has N&N. Then John can feel the pain. 

According to several social locations (Facebook and Twitter), migration to the great land of OZ has taken place. The final CCI**** (Adelaide) of the season is right around the corner. Lucky for us, ESJ will be on hand for the greatest coverage and tons of photos. And one of EN’s favorite announcers, Ed Holloway, will be on hand to scare the Australian public provide colorful commentary.
Steve Beshear does it again! [Kentucky

This week brought the tragic loss of Hickstead. The pain following such an awful loss will sting our hearts for a long time to come. This little stallion’s heart held a piece of Canada and a piece of every person that loved to watch him jump. He will be long remembered all over the world. There have already been so many beautiful tributes and I am sure there are many more to come. Horse and Country TV will air a tribute to Hickstead on Nov 15. I do no know yet whether this will be on the website for just Sky 208 but I will be sure to update you. [Hickstead] While in Canada, Eric Lamaze spoke to the press about the loss of Hickstead. In a very emotional conference, Eric talks about how he believes Hickstead fell in a way to make sure he did not hurt Lamaze. Lamaze also discusses his relationship with Hickstead saying “many people say that you become a bit like your horse, and your horse gets a bit like yourself when you have a very strong relationship with a horse. I think we had a personality a bit alike, we were two winners, we loved to win and we had the same energy, which turned into incredible things.” [Horsetalk, More from the press conference]

In honor of reaching 1,000 LIKES on Facebook, FLAIR will be hosting a drawing for 10 FLAIR strips. It happens TODAY- THURSDAY. Don’t miss out. All you have to do is enter an appropriate comment on the contest post to be entered. Then, tweet the link. Comment again, and get another entry. Share the link on FB and get yet another entry- just comment again. The winner will be picked by a random number generator.

Update: [Enter here]

The USEA has announced Point Two as the official air jacket of the USEA. Megan Gardiner from Point Two says:  Our passion for increasing safety in eventing underpins everything Point Two is working towards and we can think of no better partner to aid us in this than the USEA. By sponsoring the USEA we hope we can continue to help all eventers be as safe as possible both through use of our jackets and the continuation of USEA initiatives to increase and promote safety throughout the sport. [Point Two 

The horse drawn carriage debate continues in NYC. What are your opinions on this EN?

A couple of months ago, Lillian Heard headed to Ireland to further her education. Lillian has done a nice interview with Sidelines Magazine. Lillian discusses the importance of never regretting things you have done, foxhunting in Ireland, gives advise for upcoming riders and talks about the best way to move up the levels. [Lillian Heard]


Lauren Shannon 

Team Fredericks 

Wherever you might be, thanks for making Eventing Nation part of your day. Go Eventing. 


James Alliston’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD


What a weekend for James Alliston. A win in the CCI*, second in the CCI** and a big win in the CCI***. I’d say that is something to be excited about. I’d love to say I know James personally, but I don’t. However, I did spend time under his roof in England when grooming for Bonnie Mosser. So, I’ve never really gotten to know him, but, I did get to know his parents. If James is half as nice as his parents, then he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Oh, and my roommate once pulled Parker’s mane.

In very sad news, the equestrian world lost one of it’s finest athletes over the weekend. Hickstead, a horse who has captured the hearts of so many, sadly lost his life in Verona, Italy this past weekend. Hickstead has more accomplishments than many of us could ever dream. On behalf of everyone at EN, I would like to extend our deepest condolences to everyone in Hickstead’s life. A truly remarkable athlete who will never be forgotten.

Congrats to EN’s, Abbie for her third place finish at Rubicon. Boyd took the blue in the OP on Crackerjack with an impressive 23.9. There were a ton of competitors at Rubicon. Many of those competitors had multiple horses. For many this was the last event before a little down time from competition. However, for those who aren’t preparing to stuff ourselves with turkey and other glorious foods for weeks on end, the break doesn’t happen in regards to the day to day riding. 
Lauren Kieffer took the win at the T3D at Rocking Horse. I love the T3D. It is such a good way for horses and riders to gain valuable knowledge.  Lauren was busy this weekend with several other great finishes among many divisions. Rocking Horse runs a fantastic event. The footing is great all year round which allows for many horses to run across the ground at all of their many horse trials. 
The Carter’s had a very successful weekend at Rocking Horse. Congratulations to all of their students are their great weekends. Check out the Carter’s blog for tons of pictures. [Carter Eventing
Galway — [Scores]
Rocking Horse — [Scores]
Rubicon — [Scores]
River Glen — [Website]
Bettina Hoy has helped so many riders around the world. Her dressage work is nothing less than impressive. Known for greatly helping Michael Pollard in his flat work, she has also helped other such as Allison Springer, Boyd Martin, Will Coleman and many more. While blogging about her fall season, Bettina talks about helping the American’s at Burghley. [Bettina Hoy
Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride a horse? Well here ya go. Disney is going to show you how. Watch this short clip and all your wildest riding dreams shall probably come true. [How to ride
Another year, another win. Waylon Roberts has done it again- he has won the Indoor Eventing at the Royal. Coming second- Michelle Mueller. Third goes to none other than Mark Todd. The Royal hosted sold out stands and wild crowds. This competition is becoming wildly popular and is growing in attendance each year. Congratulations to Waylon and all the other competitors at the Royal. [Indoor Eventing
A new study is suggesting that hyperflexion of the horses neck may not actually cause stress. Using thermography, researchers studied a horses neck in different positions while on the lunge line. Based on the results, there is thought the “rollkur” may not actually cause stress. Read more HERE

Best of Blogs: Red Hawke Eventing
Best of Blogs (2): Holly Hudspeth Eventing
Hug your horses. Go Eventing.
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Sunday Funday Links from Dubarry

Happy Sunday folks! Today brings the final day at Galway Downs. With James Alliston leading the CCI***, and Nate Chambers following close behind, it should be an exciting finish. James has been on a roll this year and I personally hope to see him win this division. I would also like to send sympathy to Tamie Smith, Big D$$ and his owner Leigh. Everyone here at EN wishes them a speedy return to competition. 
Heading north, Waylon Roberts has won the indoor eventing for the 4th year running! This competition seems to be becoming more popular each year. Hopefully it will continue to grow each year and become even more of a highlight of the fall season.
Galway — [Times/Live Scores]
Rocking Horse — [Live Scores]
Rubicon — [Live Scores]
River Glen — [Website]

For those of you who find Daylight Savings confusing like me…
It should be noted, the our own, Ali, solved a rubix cube. She is officially the coolest person on EN (well, for now). 
Happy Sunday, Go eventing.

Enation_100x600_Oct11_V1 copy.jpg

Saturday Morning Links from Tipperary

Good morning EN! It’s a busy Saturday out there. With Galway Downs well under way, and the indoor eventing at the Royal, there is a lot of excitement to track. Cross country will be taking place in California today. Lucky for us, Samantha will be there to give us all the latest updates. Where ever it is you find yourself today, I hope you enjoy it. The holidays are just around the corner. Hopefully that is going to bring some fun and relaxing times for you all. Or if it is anything like my holidays, fun and competitive times. For those of you who have never played spoons, I suggest breaking it out at the dinner table. 
Galway — [Times/Live Scores]
Rocking Horse — [Live Scores]
Rubicon — [Live Scores]
River Glen — [Website]

Sinead Halpin sent this to me. I found it quiet awesome and hopefully you do too…

Go Eventing.


Organized Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher

Mom's Camera 820.JPG

Jump decorations at Fair Hill. Photo credit: Mi Madre, Kathy.

With the three day this weekend and only a few events left, the season is wrapping up. While this might be time for a break from the intense daily grind, it certainly isn’t a break from the planning. With the new year just around the corner, it is time to begin finalizing plans for those of you who head south. In fact, Facebook suggests that some people have already migrated south. For those who stay at their home base for the winter, enjoy the relaxing time! And those who are like me (balancing traveling back and forth to the south with school) just turn your brain off and avoid. One way or another things work out, right?

So for those who plan ahead, make sure you check out the 2012 provisional competition schedule HERE
The Burgie Three Day Event has run it’s final three day event in 2011. Due to low entries the event can simply not afford to keep going despite dedicated sponsors. This past year saw only 25 entries in one international division due to suspected high fuel costs. The low entries caused all of the reserve funds to be used. Fortunately, Balcarres Castle Fife will host the CCI classes from Burgie. This event will occur on the same dates. [Burgie cancelled
Keeping on the theme of planning… 2012 Rolex Kentucky tickets are now on sale! Hurry up and order to ensure the best seats possible. [Rolex tickets
The GMHA Cross Country upgrade project has some exciting new developments. Thanks to businesses and individuals who want to see the event continue as a premiere event, exciting new developments are taking place. A new water complex will be reveled in the future. The ditch complex will be rebuilt. In addition several individually sponsored fenced will be designed. There is still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available. [GMHA upgrade
Electrolytes and Ulcers: Is there a link? [Find out
The International Eventing Forum will take place on Febuary 6, 2012. This is welcome to all. However you will have to travel to the UK… 
Many of you probably remember this talented grey from the WEG. But did you catch a glimpse of his shoes? This is a seriously facinating blog entry. Well worth the read. I’ve never seen some of these types of shoes. Does anyone have experience with any of them? Like the one that is dome shapped for lateral work? [The Hoof Blog
I’ve mentioned her a few times, but this is some big news. Silva Martin’s student, Ashlea, is headed to Germany! After a last minute call, Ashlea has been asked to represent Australia in Germany at the FEI Young Riders World Cup Final. Best of luck Ashlea! [Germany bound
Best of Blogs: Eventing in College 101
And now for the talent Spanish grey…
Go eventing.600x100_HQ_GinJuice.gif

Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD


How many of you know how to cook? Where did you learn to cook? Have you ever had a big fire in the kitchen? Well ladies and gentleman, I have created my first kitchen fire- via bacon grease. This was a moment I was not prepared for. In fact, I didn’t even realize the oven was on fire. If it weren’t for EN’s own, Ali, this could have been a lot worse. OK, well I would have realized eventually. So what did I do in this moment of panic? Called the first number I could think of that could tell me what to do- my mom. A few seconds later, and a big mess of baking soda, the kitchen was saved. The best part? The bacon wasn’t burnt and it was still edible! Let this be a lesson to you all, watch bacon grease. And always, always use a pan with sides. 
Holly Hill (LA) — [Website]
Chattahoochee Hills (GA) — [Live ScoresRide Times]
The Virginia HT — [Website]
Briar Fox Fall HT (KS) — [Website]
ESDCTA New Jersey HT — [Times/Scores]

Despite the snow in Virginia, the HT went on. In the OI, Philip Dutton took the win. The SJ at VAHT proved to be a tough one. The coliseum is always a tough place to jump. This weekend was no different. The rails were flying. In the OI there were only two clean rounds, several four faulters and many twenty faulters. In the IR, Arden Wildasen took the win with eight faults in the SJ and a clean XC. Looking through the prelim sections, the rails didn’t stay in the cups much easier. Clean rounds were few and far between. So for those who did jump clean, you should be pretty excited! [scores

Heading a bit further south, and to a bit warmer weather, Georgia hosted a lovely event. This weekend saw the second to last CCI** of the season at Chattahoochee Hills. Buck Davidson lead on The Apprentice from start to finish. With only one rail in the SJ and a double clean XC, this is proving to be a real horse of the future. Following six points behind, in second, was Leslie Law and Zenith ISF. Bringing out the top three was Jennie Brannigan and No Objection (finishing on their dressage score). In the CIC*, Arianna Almeida took the win. Mary Bess Sigman followed taking second and third. 

Ear bonnets. A thing of style. Now, competing with an ear bonnet is just something you seem to “do.” But gone are the days of the plain and simple bonnets. Now these ear hats have to have style. A sense of individuality. What better place to look for style than the jumper world. [Washington International

Donna Smith has won the CIC*** at the Woodhill Sands HT in NZ. Smith led from start to finish. This win has pushed Smith into the Bell Tea Super League series. [A win for Smith]

Horse Tip Daily from ECOGOLD: Pro grooms on toilet seats

Check out these tips for saving your $$$ in the winter months:

  • First, check the Money Matters category on HJU!
  • Then, start looking for coupons and discounts wherever you can.
  • Sign up for email alerts
  • Be alert to bargains at your local store.
  • Don’t forget your local Clipper Magazine, and mail coupon collections for non-horse related retail outlets.
  • Network with friends.
  • Keep an eye on Free Shipping Offers
  • Follow and check in regularly online (and in person) with your favorite tack shops and see what they are up to.
  • Repair your current blankets
  • Sounds crazy, but you should always check non-horsey places for bargains
Go HERE for more details!

Check out Heath Ryan in the Grand Prix Freestyle:

Have a great start to the week. We will be bringing you all the coverage from Galway Downs Three Day Event this week. So stayed glued to your seat. Go Eventing.

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Team USA’s Sunday Links from Dubarry

EN payne.jpg

EN’s Ali Smallpage, Jaclyn Burke, Doug Payne and myself.
A little blurry, but yes, this is the one and only Doug Payne. Wearing a highly sought after EN HAT. We found Doug (and girlfriend Jess Hampf), who is in town for a wedding, at a bar in downtown Charlottesville. I would like to say it was the EN hat I spotted that led to me to Doug. But, in fact, it was the other way around. Anyway, it was a fun Halloween night out (that none of us were dressed for). The only person missing (because he went home early) was our Dearest John.
For those of you who have spent hours shoveling snow to get to ESDCTA’s horse trials today, you should stop! Due to NJ being in a state of emergency, from all of the snow, the horse trial for today (SUNDAY) has been cancelled. 
Holly Hill (LA) — [Website]

Chattahoochee Hills (GA) — [Live ScoresRide Times]

The Virginia HT — [Website]

Briar Fox Fall HT (KS) — [Website]

ESDCTA New Jersey HT — [Times/Scores]

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Stay warm! Winter is officially on the way! Go eventing. 
Enation_100x600_Oct11_V1 copy.jpg

Saturday Morning Links from Tipperary

As I sit here typing this, Ali is in route to VA. I am pretty excited about this. I am also ignoring John’s calls. Again, I am pretty excited about this. What is even more exciting than all of this? SNOW. The forecast has lots of snow in it. Which naturally means I will be disappointed with no snow. The ski pants I had over-nighted (so I can ski on trash can lids down the hill outside my door) will no longer be needed. But I remain optimistic. Optimistic that I will get to ski and that in the next few days, school will surely be cancelled. All visions of hope, visions which I am sure will be destroyed buy the weatherman’s constant ability to falsely predict weather. But just in case it does snow, and just in case Ali is reading this, be careful driving! And certainly, without a doubt, don’t drive and “EN.”
The weekends events:
Holly Hill (LA) — [Website]
Chattahoochee Hills (GA) — [Live ScoresRide Times]
The Virginia HT — [Website]
Briar Fox Fall HT (KS) — [Website]
ESDCTA New Jersey HT — [Times/Scores]


A good story for a Saturday morning:

Stay cool. Stay classy. And hit someone with a snow ball.Go Eventing. 


Wednesday News and Notes from Horse Quencher


My sweet boy, Finley, posing at Jeff and Emily Beshear’s, Brickland Farm
As horse people, we naturally love animals. Most of us are, in fact, addicted to animals. We take in horses that we shouldn’t, we collect dogs off the streets, and we have thirty cats to take care of mouse problems and keep our feet warm at night. However, next to the horses, it is the dogs that really make me happy. I love walking down the aisle at an event and thinking,”Oh, Becky is here because there is Scrappy.” Many times I feel that the dogs that belong to us horse people are just as well known as the horses. Dogs bring good humor when we desperately need (or sometimes don’t need it) it and they provide a good place to bury our tears after a bad day. 
For those of you that know me, you know I love to talk about my dog. I love him more than life itself. Eventually, I am going to do an all dog post. But for now, EN readers, tell me about your dog and how he/she makes your day just that much better! 
Denny Emerson has written a great article on finding and making time to ride. So many of us have lives outside of the horses. Day jobs, families, and other obligations can make it hard to get out there and fit the riding in. Denny discusses this. He first says that it is important to find the right horse. We must have a horse that is suitable to what our plans and goals are. Secondly, we must find the time to ride and make it happen. Denny talks about “hard core riders,” “medium core riders,” and “three-quarter core riders.” No matter where you fit in, there is a way to continue riding. [Finding and Making the Time
Get your guard donkey! In Nambia, donkey’s are being used to guard livestock from the cheetahs. By putting one donkey per herd of cattle, farmers have found their cattle to be fully protected. The donkey’s are fierce enough to scare the cheetahs off. However, more than one donkey and the cattle get ignored. Who knew donkey’s were so fierce yet so social? [Get your donkey
I don’t know where to begin; the last week has been the most amazing experience. I could not have dreamt it up to be any better. It is one thing to ride for your country but it is an entirely different thing to win a gold medal with a team for which you have so much respect.” These are the words of Shannon Lilley after he first US team experience. Without a doubt, this was probably one of the greatest weeks of Shannon’s life. In her final blog entry, Shannon recaps her week in Mexico. From good dressage scores to clean jumping rounds, this was a fantastic week for all. A week that was made all that much better by a great team bond. [Road to the Pan Ams

Kitty King had a fantastic weekend at the Le Lion young horse championships in France. Horse and Hound gives a nice recap of the top riders. King says that her mare, Zidante, is “very trainable, has nice paces and does an accurate test, staying forward without getting tense. She loves jumping and didn’t find the cross-country here at all tricky — she was looking for all the fences with her ears pricked.” [King wins

During my days at Buck Davidson’s, I learned about an awesome product called Horse Quencher. Now, a few years later, Horse Quencher seems to be hugely popular in so many barns. This year at the Pan Ams, Buck, along with Hawley Bennett were competing. Both riders are huge believers and supports of Horse Quencher. Neither of these riders could have had that kind of success in Mexico (or in general) without happy, hydrated horses. Hydrated horses means better performance! So EN readers, if you haven’t tried Horse Quencher, you are missing out. Get on it. EN loves Horse Quencher and you should too. For more information, please check out and “Like” their Facebook page, HERE.
Pau CCI**** flashback…
Happy Wednesday. Go Eventing. 


Jessica Phoenix’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Thumbnail image for DSCN6466.JPG

I liked it so much, I just had to use this picture again. Ladies and Gentleman, your top three riders from the Pan American Games.
Since most EN readers check the site around 466 times per day, I am assuming most of you know by now that America won team gold at the Pan Am Games. For those of you who had no clue, America won team gold at the Pan Am Games!! How cool is that. Not only did they win team gold, but, all five riders finished on their dressage score. That is a seriously impressive feat. 
Congratulations to America and Canada. Those medals were well earned. Major congratulations to Jessica Phoenix on her individual gold. For more on the Pan Ams, check recent EN posts. There is tons there thanks to our good friend, John.
Your weekend scores…
Haygard Midsouth Three Day and Team Challenge (KY): [Website

Waredaca HT (MD): 
[Website] [Live Scores]

Ram Tap (CA): [Website] [Live Scores]

Paradise Farm HT (SC):
 [Website] [Live Scores]

I am going to preface these notes with, sorry for any mistakes and the potential shortness. I am feeling quiet under the weather which can lead to my mind failing me. 

Le Lion took place his past weekend in France. Thank you to Jackie Green for supplying us with great coverage. I have always heard wonderful things about Le Lion. Rumor has it, if you want to see the best young event horses in the world, head to this even in France.

In dressage, the GAIG took place this weekend. This championship is a big one on many dressage riders calendars. No surprise that Silva Martin attended. With some top notch rides, Silva and her team came home with quiet a few great ribbons- several even happen to be blue. The season is over the dressage horses. I am sure they will be looking forward to a little less competing before heading south for the winter. [GAIG

Ireland is working hard to secure positions for the London Olympics. With Geoff Curran’s 4th place finish in Italy, there was a good morale boost in camp Ireland. While it still may be difficult to secure 5 spots, it is looking for for a few individual spots. The qualifying competitions in Italy are now over but it is likely that there will be one or two more qualifying competitions in Europe before the March 1 qualification cut off date. [Hopes for Ireland
Prepare for America’s Favorite Equestrian.America’s Favorite Equestrians will be selected based on the athletes with the highest number of votes recorded in each of the eight disciplines. The announcement will be made at the America’s Favorite Equestrian Victory Celebration on Friday, November 4, 2011 at 9:30 pm., a the Alltech National Horse Show in Lexington, KY. For eventing, Tiana Coundray, Boyd Martin, and Kim Severson are up for nomination. [AFE]

In case you missed the results again, TEAM USA

I am pretty excited to say that Lainey Ashker, Kerry Blackmer and myself completed the 2011 Virginia Tough Mudder. I think all three of us can agree that this was mentally and physically one of the hardest things we have ever done. 10 miles of mountains, ice cold water, and military obstacles lead to a lot of bumps, bruises, scratches, riped pants, shirts and smiles. This was the best “team building” execercise I have ever done. No one could do this without the help of others. Team work is what it’s all about… just like eventing. I will post more later. But for those of you unfamiliar with Tough Mudder, here is a little video…

Stay tuned throughout the day for fantastic Midsouth reports from Samantha.  Hope everyone has a fantastic start to the week. Go Eventing.
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Sunday Links from Dubarry

Thumbnail image for DSCN6374.JPG
Well!! As many of you have probably noticed, the American’s are looking quiet good down in Mexico. Gold medal position isn’t a bad place to be. Headed a little further north, Canada’s Jessica Phoenix is sitting in the individual gold position. Following her closely is Michael Pollard and Hannah Sue Burnett. Show Jumping should be exciting with the top three seperated by less than 2 points. 
Of course, there are several other three days going on around the country. More coverage will follow. You can find the live scores below. And as always, Samantha will be along with great competition coverage from the Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event. 
John text me tonight so I am assuming the prison released him. I wouldn’t have wanted to hold him captive either…
Some scores…
Haygard Midsouth Three Day and Team Challenge (KY): [Website] [Times]

Waredaca HT (MD): 
[Website] [T3D Times] [HT Times] [Live Scores]

Ram Tap (CA): [Website] [Live Scores]

Paradise Farm HT (SC):
 [Website] [Live Scores]

And some links…

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Go eventing. 
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Mexico’s Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux

By now, John is basking in the glory of beautifully cooked Mexican food, fine margaritas, and a language that requires him to smile and nod. In fact, I am sure John is smiling and nodding his way right into being the brunt of the joke. Knowing John, this situation has landed him straight up in Mexican jail. Kidding. Sort of. 
Anywho… Thursday marks the first horse inspection at the Pan Ams. The competition is here. Get ready!
There are two three days happening this week/weekend. Waredaca in Maryland and Hagyard Midsouth in Kentucky. Both events are offering the training three day. Good luck to all competitors competing this weekend!
For all of you helmet cam lovers, Team Wallace has given 5 reasons why helmet cams are a good idea:
     1. The obvious – they’re fun!
     2. The audio
     3. They look cool
     4. Course walking
     5. Instant replay
Helmet cams are becoming more and more popular. These cams could be a great way to enhance your education. Great for analyzing your ride, finding mistakes, or simply just reliving a glorious moment, helmet cams are the way forward! [Benefits to helmet cams

Eventing Safety’s John has blogged about frangible and reverse pins. This time he talks about fixing fences and avoiding delays on course. Then John catches up with Lucinda green to discuss the effects of too much brush [ESJ]:

Caitlin Siliman has given an update on Hoku. Hoku is doing very well. She is enjoying night time turnout and gaining more weight than she has ever had. The burns are slowly healing. Hopefully we will see Hoku and Caitlin back out and about next season. Until then, look for Caitlin around with a few youngsters of Boyd’s. When things are tough, a strong support system is necessary. Caitlin and the crew at TPF have just that. No one can change what happened that awful day. But, the entire community is behind everyone at TPF in helping them with the recovery. [Hoku update

Happy Thursday folks! Stay tuned for more coverage from the Pan Ams! Go Eventing.


Tuesday News and Notes from Pennfield

photo (3).JPG
Hawley Bennett and her trusty mount watching David teaching in Mexico
Hola! Como esta(s)? And that is about all I’ve got. Not only do I hardly know any Spanish (despite 6 years of it in school), I don’t know how to add the correct punctuation. So for that reasoning, I will stick to English. As John mentioned, he is in route to Atlanta. From there he will be headed straight to Mexico. Personally, I hope John comes back with gifts for all. Maybe a sombrero and Mexico’s finest tequila. Wishful thinking. Either way, I am sure the chinchillas will enjoy Mexico. After all, they are dust bath lovers. 
Nancy Jaffer has done a wonderful postcard for Fair Hill. Nancy discusses the stories behind these horse and rider combinations. In addition, there is wonderful voice overs you can listen to. Each of the riders in the top 3 have a story of the struggles to get where they are this fall. Nancy does a lovely job illustrating these stories as well as giving us words directly from the riders. [Postcard 2011FHI]
Doug Payne blogged about his time at FHI. From getting up early Wednesday to make it there on time, to riding in the pouring rain. Doug had two horses in the CCI***. Running Order and High Society. Although his relationship with High Society is a young one, together they proved to be a great combination. Setting out second on the XC, High Society, or “Trevor” as he is known, was at a great advantage. He got to gallop on the better ground of the the 3*. Not only is this better for the horses legs, it is better for the stamina. The more torn up the ground, the harder it is on the horses. Be sure to check out Doug’s blog for pictures, video, and far more details about his FHI experience. [DPEquestrian
Well the US has done it! The US Dressage team won their fourth consecutive team gold medal at the Pan Ams on Sunday. Monday, in the first half of the individual competition, US riders swept the medal position and head into the next round Wednesday in great position. [USA]
German newspapers have reported that Rath will not be aiming Totilas towards the upcoming FEI World Cup series. All of Rath’s efforts will be focused on London. Not wanting Totilas to peak to early, Rath will give him an easier winter before spring competitions. [London bound]
Tina Cook’s father, Josh Gifford, is in intensive care after developing septicemia. Gifford, who is in critical care, is making progress each day and now breathing on his own. Eventing Nation would like to extend their thoughts and prayers to the Gifford family during this hard time. [Josh Gifford
This week in Kentucky is the Hagyard Midsouth Three Day Event. A personal favorite of mine! This year, they are expecting record entries in Kentucky (600 entries). With fantastic weather, the track is looking good for all the horses and riders. As always, stay tuned to EN for more coverage. Lucky for us, Samantha Clark will be on site. [Misdsouth
Best of Blogs: Ivy League Equestrian 

Best of Blogs, take 2: Pau 2011, Sunday’s Action
Kyle Carter is headed to Guadalajara

After Amber Kimball began feeding her mount Pennfield, she noticed a change. A horse who was once a bit high strung was suddenly changed. He was sane. He was FOCUSED. When Pennfield hear Amber’s story, they decided to launch a new ad campaign- a contest to find the “word” of each Pennfield fan. Amber’s word was FOCUSED. What’s yours?…..

The contest, to run through early 2012, will gather entries at both and on Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies’ Facebook page. Respondents are invited to sum up their own personal Pennfield difference in one word, and then write their story. The best entries will win a year’s worth of feed (one ton) for one horse, plus a professional photo shoot and the chance to be featured in a 2012 ad for Pennfield.


Boyd Martin’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Emily B.JPG

Emily Beshear and Here’s To You. Photo thanks to my sweet mother (who I wasn’t aware had photography skillzz)
What a weekend for eventing! Without a doubt, this is a weekend to leave everyone feeling inspired. Boyd Martin’s win on Ying Yang Yo was just incredible. I am sure Boyd feels just as excited to have “Thomas” back out there as we are to see him back out there. Jumping across the pond to the land of wine and cheese, there was more excitement. My boyfriend idol, William Fox-Pitt, took the big blue (and a hefty chunk of moo-la) at the Pau CCI****. And then there is Mary King. King took the HSBC FEI Classics title and an even bigger chunk of $$ ($150,000 to be exact). Some good wins, some good come backs, and a safe weekend make for a lot of happy folks. 
Fair Hill [Final Scores]

Sol Int. at Meadowcreek Park Fall HT [Scores]
Briarwood PC Annual Event [Final Scores]

Grass Ridge HT [Scores]

Missouri Wine Country Sporthorse Show [Scores]

Cobblestone Fall Event Derby [Scores]

Fresh Aire Events Derby and CT [Scores

CDCTA [Website]

I know John has given a fantastic recap of FHI. But I just want to say again how awesome of a weekend it was. The top 3 riders in the CCI*** couldn’t be more deserving of their places. Looking beyond the top three gives the US something to be really excited about. There is a growing depth in this country’s string of horses which makes London look even more exciting. 
I know I am biased, but in my unbiased opinion, Emily Beshear was one of the absolute best ones out there Saturday. Quincy has grown into a real top level horse this season and Emily just keeps getting better and better. With two top 10 CCI*** finishes this year, I can’t wait to see what happens in the spring. 
Another thing that made FHI a great event was the tailgating. We tailgate at all sorts of sporting events and I am really excited to see tailgating making it’s way into the event scene. I was told that more people tailgated than expected and they are hoping for double or more next year. Our group had a prime spot right in front of the duck pond water. This made for a fantastic day of action accompanied with great food and drinks. [Boyd’s recap, Shetland pony race pictures]
As I mentioned in the intro, WFP took the win at Pau. But what I didn’t mention was he finished 3rd as well. There are few humans who can ride a horse. Even fewer can get to a 4*. And of those who do, there are even fewer who will ever see a win. WFP has won nearly a gazillion 4*s. His consistent top finishes make him, in my opinion, the best in the world. However, WFP started the show jumping in less than stellar fashion when Macchiato had 8 down. However, his luck got better and the jumping improved for him. Mary King, winner of the HSBC FEI Classic Title, finished fourth. The pressure was on for Mary to jump a clear round. Had she finished anything less than 8th place, the HSBC title would have been handed over to WFP. Overnight leader, Chris Burton, unfortunately had 3 rails down to finish 8th. [PAU
The US and Canadian riders, grooms and horses should be settled into their accommodations in Mexico by now. John will be in route to Mexico to provide us with great coverage. After a little issue with the chinchillas’ travel visa, the rest will hopefully be smooth sailing. As mentioned earlier on EN, Jon Holling did not travel to Mexico. With a slight veterinary issue, Jon withdrew from the team. Lynn Symansky has taken his spot with her lovely mount, Donner. [Update on team
Edward Gal donated a beautiful signed picture of him and Totilas for a fundraising effort. The picture, which was sold on Trade Me, was donated to raise money for Kiwi para-equestrians, Rachel Stock. The money raised will help send Stock to Germany to train for 3 months leading up to the Olympics. The picture was sold for $3500. [Fundraising]

Pan Ams: The US dressage team won a 4th straight Pan Am team gold Sunday

Good News: Parker is home

Becky holder.JPG
Becky Holder and Can’t Fire Me. Photo thanks to my mom.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Sit tight, there is some awesome Pan American Games coverage coming your way! Go Eventing.
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Chris Burton’s Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux


Chris Burton and Wendy Schaffer preparing for fence #1 at Pau

Just a few hours before writing this post, I met John in a parking lot. On a dark, chilly and rainy night, John pulled up in his monster mobile. With tinted windows, John rolled up next to my car, got out, went to the back of his gansta mobile, popped it open and started digging. I quickly joined him. No folks, this is no secret “deal” going down in this empty lot. In fact, it was super, top secret EN gear that he was digging through. Get excited folks. The gear is good. 
This is a big week in eventing. Two major three days are going on- Fair Hill International and Pau (In France). John is now in route to Fair Hill. Judging by the gear in the back of his car, he is planning to sleep in it. Warning! This means John will be un-showered and smelly. Give him a 10 foot radius and everyone should be safe. 
The CIC** dressage, CCI**** First Horse Inspection, and CCI**** Dressage all get underway at Pau today. The CCI**** Dressage will wrap up Friday with all XC running Saturday. Now, I read the schedule in french, so please excuse me if I read wrong.

Dressage is underway today at FHI. Both the CCI** and CCI*** dressage will run over today and Friday. No times are yet available on the FHI website.

Other Events happening this weekend:
Briarwood’s Pony Club Annual One Day [Live Scores
Meadow Creek Park Fall HT [Live Scores

Grass Ridge HT [Live Scores
Missouri Wine Country Sporthorse Show [Live Scores
Cobble Stone Fall Event Derby [Live Scores
Fresh Aire Events Harvest Derby Playday and Combine Test [Live Scores

-Over a 100 horses presented to the ground jury at Fair Hill, Wednesday. Three horses were held for re-inspection. One horse did not pass the trot up. You can also learn more about the Land Rover Eventing grants by clicking HERE.

-Mary King and William Fox-Pitt are preparing for a showdown in France. These are the only two riders eligible to win the HSBC FEI Classics top spot at Pau. With only 13 points separating these two riders, the pressure is on. With $150,000 on the line, the nerves are sure to be running high. For the first time ever at Pau, riders are allowed to ride three horses. Mary is riding two, William is riding three. Be sure to follow the results to find out who goes home the winner. [The Showdown
-Speaking of Pau, stay tuned to EN for the best coverage through great links and inside facts. We will be sure to keep you up to date on all the cheese that is being consumed in France and possibly even about a big horse show that is happening there. 
-Lauren Shannon has been keeping busy. Lauren still has a few events left to wrap up the season. Practicing the rein back is proving to be very important now! Lauren has also gotten out for a little hunting in between all the teaching. Also, her former 4* mount is looking to be in foal. Could another 4* horse be on the way? Along with her great finished at Burghley, Lauren has gotten some great opportunities. Recently, she joined one of EN’s favorite commentators, Ed Holloway, for Sky Sports coverage of Osberton HT. She also did some time on The Eventing Radio Show. This is one busy girl. [Lauren Shannon]
-The USEA  will be holding a “r” cross country course design seminar. At this seminar you will learn about design, flow, footing and more. The seminar is for anyone interested in becoming “r” licensed Eventing Cross-Country Designers or those who want to design cross country courses at recognized events through the training level. Come get inside the mind of the designers Feb 17-19 at Rocking Horse Farm HT. [Course Design
-Best of Blogs: Havarah Equestrian 

Welcome Clayton:

Grab you coffee, your tea, your coke, or whatever your drink of choice is. Lock in, and get ready! There is great coverage headed your way. Where ever you are, thanks for making Eventing Nation part of your day.


Boyd Martin’s Monday News and Notes from ECOGOLD

Photo thanks to Boyd himself
Well, I suppose everyone in Holland or heading back from Holland, probably has a good story. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stories to share. With epic parties and endless beer tents, I am sure eventually the truth/story teller, Facebook, will allow all of us to know what really went on. As far as the riding, that Boyd Martin, man oh man is he consistent. Boyd is one of the best and most consistent riders in America and we should all be super excited to have him. I know Tamie and Michael will be disappointed with their weekends. But weekends like this are necessary to learn what must be worked on so improvement can be made. Without a doubt, the knowledge they have gained in invaluable. 
Now for a little score review….
Woodside International HT [Times and Results]
Radnor Hunt HT [Results]
Maryland HT at Loch Moy Farm [Results]
Middle Tennessee Pony Club HT [Website]
Fall HT at the Ark [Results]
Pine Top October HT [Times and Results]
Course Brook Farm Fall HT [Website]
Roebke’s Run HT [Results]
Kent School Fall HT [Website]
And some random notes…
It was a good weekend for James Alliston at Woodside. Alliston and Jumbo’s Jake won the CIC*** from start to finish. Jolie Wentworth finished second. Maris Burns took top honors in the CIC** and Wentworth also took the top two places in the *CIC*. [Woodside
At the Ark, Holly Hudspeth and crew were out enjoying the weekend. Holly and Stewie are back in action with a second place finish in the Open Prelim. Holly was thrilled with Stewie’s relaxed attitude all weekend. Maybe this relaxation is from his yummy Cavalor feed? Holly’s younger horse, Freddie, came away with a blue ribbon in the Novice. Students, Maxine and Lexy, had a nice goes in the Junior Training and Novice divisions, bringing home a second place ribbons. [Hudspeth Eventing]
Boyd gives us a final wrap up from Holland. Complete with pictures [Boyd
Pine Top Fall HT ran this weekend with 12 divisions. Olivia Dillon took top honors in the OP. In the OT the blue went to Marty Whitehouse. Tearing it up in the OBN division was Susan Thomas. The weather in Georgia this time of year is fantastic and should have made for good eventing. 
A bit further up the coast, in Maryland, Philip Dutton took top honors in the OI and OI-C.. As usual, Sally Cousins had several well placed horses in the same division. Nina Ligon and her new mount, Butts Leon, also took home top honors in the OI-B. Training level was the level of choice for most riders this weekend. With sections A-E, there were a good many training horses to watch. It is fantastic to see all of these events having so many entries. Entries for events mean they can keep running. Events that keep running mean there are more fun weekends for us!   
Huge shout out to my favorite Brit, Justine Dutton, winning the PT on her mount, My Mexico.  
We know you like Facebook, so go on, LIKE Omega Alpha- Equine on Facebook
In case you miss the action in Holland, or just want to see it again, you can now replay it HERE

Valerie V. of Blue Clover Eventing give a Morven and Maryland recap. [Love the nice weather]
Kristin Schmolze is Ocala bound. After a two day stop over in Aiken, Ocala is the next and final stop. As an alternate, Krisitin is packed and ready to go if she should be called up to the plate. Like Kristin says, an alternate is a difficult position. You are not expecting to go, but you must be ready to go. Luckily, she has brought her other mount to help her pass the time. [Kristin Schmolze Eventing]
And reasons  you should never mess with a dog:

Happy Monday, folks. Fair Hill is here. So get ready for some great action and keep your fingers crossed for great weather! Go Eventing.

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Sunday Morning Links

Good morning EN! I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far. The chinchillas have been busy enjoying the last bit of warm weather before packing their bags, putting on their leashes and heading to Fair Hill. Today is the final day of Boekelo in Holland. With Boyd left to raise the American flag, the pressure is on! And just as a side note, it was John who sat at home this weekend, not me!
[Live Boekelo ScoresTeam Results]

Woodside International HT [Times and Results]
Radnor Hunt HT [Results]
Maryland HT at Loch Moy Farm [Results]
Middle Tennessee Pony Club HT [Website]
Fall HT at the Ark [Results]
Pine Top October HT [Times and Results]
Course Brook Farm Fall HT [Website]
Roebke’s Run HT [Results]
Kent School Fall HT [Website]

Daily talk…

Happy Sunday! Go Eventing.