Mexico’s Thursday News and Notes from Devoucoux

By now, John is basking in the glory of beautifully cooked Mexican food, fine margaritas, and a language that requires him to smile and nod. In fact, I am sure John is smiling and nodding his way right into being the brunt of the joke. Knowing John, this situation has landed him straight up in Mexican jail. Kidding. Sort of. 
Anywho… Thursday marks the first horse inspection at the Pan Ams. The competition is here. Get ready!
There are two three days happening this week/weekend. Waredaca in Maryland and Hagyard Midsouth in Kentucky. Both events are offering the training three day. Good luck to all competitors competing this weekend!
For all of you helmet cam lovers, Team Wallace has given 5 reasons why helmet cams are a good idea:
     1. The obvious – they’re fun!
     2. The audio
     3. They look cool
     4. Course walking
     5. Instant replay
Helmet cams are becoming more and more popular. These cams could be a great way to enhance your education. Great for analyzing your ride, finding mistakes, or simply just reliving a glorious moment, helmet cams are the way forward! [Benefits to helmet cams

Eventing Safety’s John has blogged about frangible and reverse pins. This time he talks about fixing fences and avoiding delays on course. Then John catches up with Lucinda green to discuss the effects of too much brush [ESJ]:

Caitlin Siliman has given an update on Hoku. Hoku is doing very well. She is enjoying night time turnout and gaining more weight than she has ever had. The burns are slowly healing. Hopefully we will see Hoku and Caitlin back out and about next season. Until then, look for Caitlin around with a few youngsters of Boyd’s. When things are tough, a strong support system is necessary. Caitlin and the crew at TPF have just that. No one can change what happened that awful day. But, the entire community is behind everyone at TPF in helping them with the recovery. [Hoku update

Happy Thursday folks! Stay tuned for more coverage from the Pan Ams! Go Eventing.


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