Saturday Morning Links from Tipperary

As I sit here typing this, Ali is in route to VA. I am pretty excited about this. I am also ignoring John’s calls. Again, I am pretty excited about this. What is even more exciting than all of this? SNOW. The forecast has lots of snow in it. Which naturally means I will be disappointed with no snow. The ski pants I had over-nighted (so I can ski on trash can lids down the hill outside my door) will no longer be needed. But I remain optimistic. Optimistic that I will get to ski and that in the next few days, school will surely be cancelled. All visions of hope, visions which I am sure will be destroyed buy the weatherman’s constant ability to falsely predict weather. But just in case it does snow, and just in case Ali is reading this, be careful driving! And certainly, without a doubt, don’t drive and “EN.”
The weekends events:
Holly Hill (LA) — [Website]
Chattahoochee Hills (GA) — [Live ScoresRide Times]
The Virginia HT — [Website]
Briar Fox Fall HT (KS) — [Website]
ESDCTA New Jersey HT — [Times/Scores]


A good story for a Saturday morning:

Stay cool. Stay classy. And hit someone with a snow ball.Go Eventing. 

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