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Oh please… you actually thought you were going to get away not having to hear about The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn? You must be a fool. Kidding. Obviously this must be a huge weekend for the box office. After multiple failed attempts to get tickets, finally they were purchased. Dressed in wedding dresses, Ali, John and I headed to the theater fully expecting to meet our own Edwards. While Edward was not to be found, the on screen Edward dazzled us. Needless to say, TEAM EDWARD. So for those of you who have seen the movie, thoughts? Which team are you on and why? Oh, and I should mention that John had no clue what Breaking Dawn was or who Edward is. 
The Ocala HT [Live Scores]

Las Cruces HT [Live Scores]
Ram Tap Horse Trials [Live Scores]
Texas Rose Horse Park HT [Live Scores]
Adelaide [Live Scores]

Best of Blogs: Thundar Moon Farm
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