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John likes to steal links. I feel like I should call the police. But I’m not. I want to find all the most ridiculous news possible, post it, and then make John feel uncomfortable. But I’m not going to do that either. Mention of John’s dating life could make for good entertainment. But then I realize it doesn’t exist. So that doesn’t work either. So, I guess I am just left to having to find links that aren’t painful for anyone. One day, I am going to sneak on to the site, and post 30 links on the day John has N&N. Then John can feel the pain. 

According to several social locations (Facebook and Twitter), migration to the great land of OZ has taken place. The final CCI**** (Adelaide) of the season is right around the corner. Lucky for us, ESJ will be on hand for the greatest coverage and tons of photos. And one of EN’s favorite announcers, Ed Holloway, will be on hand to scare the Australian public provide colorful commentary.
Steve Beshear does it again! [Kentucky

This week brought the tragic loss of Hickstead. The pain following such an awful loss will sting our hearts for a long time to come. This little stallion’s heart held a piece of Canada and a piece of every person that loved to watch him jump. He will be long remembered all over the world. There have already been so many beautiful tributes and I am sure there are many more to come. Horse and Country TV will air a tribute to Hickstead on Nov 15. I do no know yet whether this will be on the website for just Sky 208 but I will be sure to update you. [Hickstead] While in Canada, Eric Lamaze spoke to the press about the loss of Hickstead. In a very emotional conference, Eric talks about how he believes Hickstead fell in a way to make sure he did not hurt Lamaze. Lamaze also discusses his relationship with Hickstead saying “many people say that you become a bit like your horse, and your horse gets a bit like yourself when you have a very strong relationship with a horse. I think we had a personality a bit alike, we were two winners, we loved to win and we had the same energy, which turned into incredible things.” [Horsetalk, More from the press conference]

In honor of reaching 1,000 LIKES on Facebook, FLAIR will be hosting a drawing for 10 FLAIR strips. It happens TODAY- THURSDAY. Don’t miss out. All you have to do is enter an appropriate comment on the contest post to be entered. Then, tweet the link. Comment again, and get another entry. Share the link on FB and get yet another entry- just comment again. The winner will be picked by a random number generator.

Update: [Enter here]

The USEA has announced Point Two as the official air jacket of the USEA. Megan Gardiner from Point Two says:  Our passion for increasing safety in eventing underpins everything Point Two is working towards and we can think of no better partner to aid us in this than the USEA. By sponsoring the USEA we hope we can continue to help all eventers be as safe as possible both through use of our jackets and the continuation of USEA initiatives to increase and promote safety throughout the sport. [Point Two 

The horse drawn carriage debate continues in NYC. What are your opinions on this EN?

A couple of months ago, Lillian Heard headed to Ireland to further her education. Lillian has done a nice interview with Sidelines Magazine. Lillian discusses the importance of never regretting things you have done, foxhunting in Ireland, gives advise for upcoming riders and talks about the best way to move up the levels. [Lillian Heard]


Lauren Shannon 

Team Fredericks 

Wherever you might be, thanks for making Eventing Nation part of your day. Go Eventing. 


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