Christmas Day Video from Tredstep Ireland: That Moment You Realize You Got a Pony for Christmas

On Christmas morning in 2010, five-year-old Annie Klepper scurried through the snow to the barn to see if Santa had left any treats for the horses. In front of a stall with a big red bow, she found a basket of goodies — some treats, a pink brush, a coloring book — and was delighted at these unexpected presents! But what she really didn’t expect was to receive what many little girls wish for for Christmas – a pony! Watch her reaction when she realizes she’s gotten the biggest gift of all:

Perhaps even more delightful, is knowing that ponies were no passing phase for young Annie. Now twelve years old, Annie is actively riding and competing in dressage and, in fact, you may have heard of her: the little Annie in this video is the namesake of Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel, a company that the young designer and entrepreneur runs with her mother, Shannon.

Now that’s a pretty adorable feel-good Christmas anecdote, huh?