Christmas Wish List, Done! The SmartPak Winter Apparel You Need

Images via SmartPak.

My family is so on top of Christmas shopping that they already have a group text going strong with wish-lists for each individual family member, immediate and extended, with specific sizes, colors and shopping links. Me, I’m always the weirdo who’s comes in hot on Dec. 24 like “What if all of you go in together on a seven-vial of Adequan? Ooh, and some needles and syringes would make a great accompanying stocking stuffer.”

They only took the bait once, and to be honest I think it was a deeply disappointing experience for them. These people, your loving and generous family, they want to see you out in the world actively utilizing and appreciating their gifts (“Why thank you for the compliment on this argyle sweater, it was a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law!”), not injecting their gift into an animal who may well still come up lame at exactly the wrong moment (“Thanks so much for the $300+ dollars worth of Adequan but my horse decided to pop an abscess/impale himself on a fence/other assorted act of self-destruction the day before dressage anyway.”)

Winter riding gear is the perfect solution. Instead of leaving your family to their own devices, AKA another argyle sweater, steer them toward a winter riding gear wish list at SmartPak! It has real-world applications that they can see AND you’ll genuinely appreciate. And today only, you can get 25% off Piper & Hadley Outerwear with code 12Deal9. 

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