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Lainey Ashker practicing for the PRO bareback competition at Fair Hill photo via the wonderful Shelia Wolff

A couple US riders left to go today for Day 2 of dressage at Boekelo. We’ll keep you updated with the latest coverage of results. Besides, by the time you read this, the rider’s will have likely already completed dressage across the pond. Jennie and Cambalda, Clark on Universe (not part of team competition), and Jon and Downtown Harrison. If you’re not up by 9 am, (Thirsty Thursday anyone?) this intro is irrelevant, as you’ll already know the scores.. [Boekelo Times & Results]


Events This Weekend:

Maryland HT at Loch Moy: [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Greenwood Farm HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Radnor Hunt HT: [Website] [Entries/Ride Times]

Pine Top October HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Grass Ridge HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Course Brook Farm HT: [Website] [Entries] [Live Scores]

Middle Tennessee PC HT: [Website] [Entries]

Ethel Walker School HT: [Website]


NEWS & (lots of) NOTES:

**Clark Montgomery is the highest placed American rider after Day 1 of dressage at Boekelo. He and Loughan Glen scored a 46.2 and currently sit in 11th place. Phillip Dutton also rode Atlas to a respectable 54.8 yesterday. Montgomery on the cross country course: “It’s not a walk in the park by any stretch.” [USEventing]

**There are great photos of Boekelo on Uptown Eventing’s Facebook page. Kate and My pick for fave photo of the day: This guy. Who said dressage wasn’t exciting? Clearly, they missed this classic dressage move. After all, this is eventing dressage folks. We like to be entertained, not bored to death sleep. And this just makes me lol. Yeah, we saw what you did there. Many thanks to Uptown Eventing as always for capturing those special moments.

**The tents are coming! Fair Hill is starting to take formation. The event is on a state park just like Red Hills. So everything is brought in. The tents for vendors, caterers, horses. The generators for electricity. Water trucks for humans and horses. And gravel. Because, after all, this IS Fair Hill we’re talking about. [Check it out]

**Announcing the winners of our Success Equestrian contest! The contest: describe a successful situation with you and your horse in 160 characters or less. Congratulations to:Cassidy Sitton Reese and eventersmom! Winning situations:

Finally, 8yrs and 1million sandbox-playdates later – my Intermediate horse did a test w/o spooking off the letters.  By Cassidy (Sitton) Reese

BOOM! SUCCESS!Horse +my rider parted ways.Thundering Thoroughobred rapid running towards the highway!Blairing vocals I wailed HOE!Onadime By eventersmom @eventersmom

**Brian O’Connor has kindly given EN an update on how Karen is doing. From Brian:  “We are glad to report that Karen is doing remarkably well, and we are glad to report that she is home (WED), just four days after her fall.  The body does amazing things when it needs to heal itself. Karen walked today with assistance from the PT staff, and after an initial shaky start, went on to walk again in the late afternoon!  Great news from Virginia and she will spend the next few weeks being calm, horizontal, and collected! The  whole family and OCET staff has been super in getting the house ready for her new requirements: Joanne, Sue, Sally, and all the gang. Also, The Broussard’s wonderful mare Veronica is fine as well…a bit sore but now out grazing and enjoying life!   So they are both on R+R….and great news about Karen’s full recovery in the coming weeks…..go to the OCET Facebook page for more details and comments.

**In a sad bit of news, Jules Stiller’s Chapel Amble was put down yesterday. From her FB page:

I am devastated to report that we lost my stunning mare Chapel Amble today. She was an unbelievably sweet horse and an exceptional talent with whom I completed my first four star and my first Burghley. She also gave Nick Gauntlett a fantastic double clear at Badminton. After some good form early this year, including a 3rd in the 3 star at Ballindenisk, she wasn’t quite herself. In July she retired sound and very happy to a field full of grass here at Headley. I had been hoping to get her in foal in the spring, but sadly it was not to be. She will be greatly missed by me and all of the girls here, as well as Kyrle and the whole Arscott family, and of course Nick, who I know all loved her dearly. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know and ride such a lovely horse and only wish that she could have stayed with us a bit longer. Godspeed my lovely Amble, may you rest in peace.

EN sends our thoughts and prayers to all Chapel Amble’s connections. Photographer extraordinaire, Nico Morgan, has made a photo tribute to Chapel Amble.

**On this week’s Eventing Radio Show, Samantha chats with William Micklem. He encourages riders to be competent in all riding disciplines, not just one. He calls out WFP and Mark Todd as riders who are great at more than one discipline. Their jump schools complement their dressage training and vice versa. They continue on the conversation of finding young horses and producing talent from last week’s episode. Alex Brown and Steuart Pittman talk about the Retired Racehorse Project and will be at Fair Hill. Hannah Sue Burnett also joins in. [Go ERS]

**PRO is holding a bareback show jumping competition at Fair Hill. No, it’s NOT a puissance. It’s a 3’3″ (training level) show jump course designed by Sally Ike and based on time with an optional 3’6″(preliminary level) joker fence at the end. Presented by Zurich Insurance, BW Furlong & Associates and Furlong’s Health Horse, there’s a $2,000 purse for the winner. PRO is making a change from their traditional Shetland pony races. This year, Laine Ashker, Doug Payne, Danny Warrington, and Dom Schramm will be competing in this new show jumping challenge. [Go PRO and Fair Hill]

**Cavalor, a wonderful EN partner and maker of exceptional feeds and supplements is having a sale! Get their Gastro 8 paste tubes over 30% off. [Go Cavalor]

**HOT on HN: Why horses are NOTHING like potato chips.  [For starters, they travel home from the store in your choice of transportation, no truck and trailer purchase required.]

**Found on Facebook: Watch three years of Woodstock Eventing on Youtube! Thanks to a Woodstock eventing supporter, there’s a playlist to help get you through the rest of your Friday. [Watch]

**Best of the Blogs: Jennie is blogging from Boekelo! She wants everyone to know how much the support means to everyone over in the Netherlands even though they’re busy riding and competing. And she assures us, Michael Jung is all he’s cracked up to be. Which is “beyond inspiring”. [Go Jennie and Cambalda and Team USA!]

**And, Buzzterbrown’s 2010 Fair Hill xc for your viewing pleasure:

**Go eventing.


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