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Poplar Place’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Happy Belated Birthday to Molly Rosin(Jan 17) photo via her lovely student Quinn Anderson

Good morning Eventing Nation!

Happy Friday to you! It’s been a long cold week in various parts of the country, and perfectly perfect in others. Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you’re able to spend some time in the stables. Poplar Place is hosting their first event of the year this weekend. We wish everyone good luck. The eventing season will be in full swing shortly as everyone arrives down south and get situated and back into game mode. Don’t forget to enjoy your weekend. As if you needed a reminder.

Events This Weekend:

Poplar Place January HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

Fabulous news for all the breeders out there! And it’s about time really. The Warmblood Studbook of Ireland is launching a studbook geared solely towards the breeding of successful event horses. It will take time, but hopefully the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland will create a studbook that is utilized like other racing and sporthorse studbooks. [Go event horse breeding]

Thoroughbreds have some great care-takers in their back pocket. Take2 is an organization created in 2012 to promote second careers for OTTBs in the hunter/jumper world. They kick off 2013 at HITS in Ocala and have added the fabulous Michigan venue of Horse Shows By the Bay for their first and fourth weeks of competition. So Michigan eventers, there’s some prize money up for grabs in some 3′ and 3’3″ classes.  [Go OTTBs]

More OTTB news: Boyd Martin, his wife Silva, Eric Dierks, and Callie Schott of John Madden Stables are teaming up with Kimberly Clark to launch the “Constant Star-OTTBs for Sport Contest” for Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc.. The sum of the contest: enter your horse, who must be an OTTB that’s raced at least once, and win 90 days of free board and training with Kimberly Clark. Boyd, Silva, Eric and Callie will review the entries in the effort of promoting the versatility and trainability of OTTBs. The contest will also show how TPR can help make these transitions for the horses. [Go go OTTBs!]

Possibly the Best Blog of All Time: Max Corcoran, who needs no introduction has posted her Keynote speech from the Area VIII Annual Meeting. She encompasses what a horseman is in her lovely writing. She nails perspective from within the horse world to outside the horse world to the daily grind.  [Definitely worth the read]

Hot on HN: “Five Indoor Riding Arenas That Will Blow Your Mind”. Enough said. Try not to drool on your keyboard. [Gorgeousness]

Found on Facebook: Ashley Adams Eventing – “”The Board” is all ready for our first event of the year! Longwood ht with the novice and prelim horses going on Sat and horses on Sunday! Rock on.TWH!”

Kim Severson Eventing:

Clinic Countdown: Check out your ride times for the Hawley Bennett clinic at Dragonfire Farm Jan 26-27. [I’m jealous!]

Eventing in Africa: Namibia to be exact. Check out the video. The music at the end should be eventing’s theme. I even dug up a press release for you.

Go eventing.

West Coast Eventing’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Good morning Eventing Nation!

I come to you from the Pacific Time Zone. I feel so far behind from east coast and even further from across the pond. But, I feel I can bond with my California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, et al eventers because we’re not behind, we’re awesome! I did it! I went south… South by Southwest. Look at me, fueling the east coast vs west coast competitiveness… But, everyone’s going south now anyhow. Here’s to warm weather!

No events this weekend so let’s move on to the News and Notes—–

Area V and the North Texas Eventing Association held their 2012 Banquet last Saturday. Dubbed, Country Nights and City Lights, there was a live band, lots of dancing, live and silent auctions, and many educational sessions. Congratulations to all the winners on their success and all the volunteers behind the scenes that make our eventing passions possible. [Go Area V]

British Eventing has made a press release on how to help you save money to prolong your eventing season. They recommend ride-sharing with a buddy to split costs and meet new people. In addition, BE members can save on car hires, groceries, theme parks and so much more by taking advantage of the BE Members’ Advantages’ Scheme. They also offer great rates on insurance through their affiliate. [Save money]

Jennie Brannigan has a brand new website. Keep up with her schedule and her team! [Brannigan Eventing]

International Dressage Rider, Heather Blitz, is looking for a new training base. She has been year-round in Wellington the last several years, but is looking for a place in the States or overseas to depart to when southern Florida starts heating up. [Help a girl out?]

Chris Stafford’s latest podcast is about Imagery. Dr. Inga Wolframm concludes this short series of The Big Five in Rider Psychology with some advice on how to use imagery as a tool to improving your riding performance as well as in other parts of life. Feel free to send in to your questions for the next show. [Stafford Radio]

Found on Facebook:

Kim Severson Eventing:  “KSE is immediately seeking a working student. An excellent opportunity for a super motivated, hungry young rider. In exchange for hard work, dedication to learning, and a good attitude, KSE will provide lessons and free board (when we are stabled in Charlottesville.) We leave for Aiken in less than 3 weeks. This position is available now. You must be 16+ with your own car and your own horse (1). There are options for competing your horse and riding other KSE horses depending on your level of skill. We are seeking a minimum of a 6 month commitment. This is a full time job. If you are interested in learning what it takes to be and to support an upper level rider, please contact Lisbeth Storandt at [email protected].

Laura Collett Eventing is looking towards Badminton, and so am I! “Hoping to see lots of you here – Henry and Steve will head to Badminton this year hopefully.”

Best of the Blogs: Silva Martin’s dressage horses have arrived in Aiken! The facility looks amazing, and Silva notes that all the construction from last year is finished, and it does look incredible. You feel like you’re there with all the photos. [Southern Charm]

Hot on HN: Help! I don’t know what color this horse is! I have a new found appreciation for the plainness of being able to call my big dumb gelding a bay. But these other horse owners have gorgeous horses resulting in a horse with no color name. [B-e-a-utiful]

Clinic Countdown: Leslie Law will be teaching a clinic in Area IV mid-March. Held at Finishing Touch Farm in Illinois March 15-16, this is not a clinic to be missed. [Area IV]

Denny Emerson is demonstrating the importance of a good quality canter for jumping at the first Day of the International Riders Symposium:

And Dr. Reiner Klimke shows you the right way vs wrong way on the flat in less than two minutes:

That’s all for now. Go eventing.

Ocala Horse Properties Winter HT’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

From HorseNation's FB page

Good morning Eventing Nation!

So it’s January 4. Have you kept your resolutions thus far? You can do it! Can you believe the first event of the year is already here? A super huge thank you to Equiventures for hosting the Ocala Winter Series. Hannah Burnett, The Carters, Buck, The Hollings, Lesley Grant-Law, and Joe Meyer, to name a few are polishing their boots, and dusting off their pinny holders today in preparation for the event.  It’s so very exciting that the event season is underway!

The First Event of the Year is this weekend:

Ocala Horse Properties Winter I HT [Website]  [Entry Status]  [Ride Times]

On to the News and Notes: (so happy to be able to write this again since we have shows to separate now!)

It’s the Nate and Joe show! We’re definitely missing Samantha Clark this week on the Eventing Radio Show, but Nate Chambers and Joe Meyer do a wonderful job trying to fill Samantha’s big shoes. They are chatting with Bruce Haskill of the Event Riders Association and Number One Eventer, Andrew Nicholson. Bruce helps to clarify the new eventing rules, and why the change. They want to “shift responsibility” to the riders for qualifications rather than just checking all the boxes. He quotes Mark Phillips, “Just because you’re qualified, doesn’t mean you’re capable.” Bruce did a good job at explaining WHY the rule change. Then Andrew Nicholson chats about his exciting Christmas foray, and the horses’ winter plans. He also touches a bit on how his business has evolved over the years. [Eventing Radio Show]

The Historical High Scores of the USEA have been calculated and updated! Windsome Adante is still the top horse with 1355 points. The changes for this year? Courageous Comet has moved into 3rd place and  Ballynoe Castle RM to 8th. Newcomers to the list, Arthur debuted in 20th place, while Manoir de Carneville debuted in 32nd. Congratulations to all these fabulous horses, as well as the rest of the USEA Top 50 of all time. [Congratulations]

There is a very cool year end wrap up video from Michael and Trish Ryan of Donegan Ryan Eventing. The terrific event they where they competed in Italy looks like absolutely fantastic going. They had a great event at Tattersalls followed by the Olympics. I love the honesty of his response to his Olympic ride. Very refreshing. They wrapped up a wonderful year at Boekelo. Good luck in 2013! [Go Donegan Ryan Eventing]

The 2013 George Morris Horsemanship Clinics in Wellington are underway. Day 1 for the 12 participants started very early as they had to be impeccably turned out and ready at 8 am without the help of grooms or assistants. Flat work was the game of the day with emphasis on perfect positions as always can be expected from George. Also expected, his fabulous zingers, “You’re very beautiful, my dear, I hope you have a brain.” Ironically, tactfulness was the main point of the flat work backed by gong forward. This will carry to their gymnastics session later in the series. The day finished with a demonstration by Anne Kursinski of her flat work which included haunches-in, leg-yielding, and the poor man’s canter pirouettes that would not have impressed Robert Dover. [COTH]

HBO’s series “Luck” was canceled last March after three horses died on set. HBO and Stewart Productions are being sued by Barbara Casey, a former American Humane Association employee, for allegedly mistreating the horses and covering up the abuse. HBO and the American Humane Association are also being sued by Casey for wrongful termination, although she was not technically employed by HBO, according to HBO. [LA Times]

Hot on HN: There’s no denying that Wylie’s horse is talented. It’s unfortunate for Wylie, but fortunately for us, she documented it. And I thought my horse was hard on blankets. Mostly, I love Wylie’s sense of humor and the videos chronicling how we’ve all felt. [HN]

Best of the Blogs: Andrea Leatherman has written a new blog entry to start off 2013. It is a must read, because We Are Lucky. We’ve all felt like this one time or another, and it’s all about keeping it in perspective. Andrea shows us all why not only is she a terrific horseman, she’s a terrific person as well. [Go Andrea]

Honorable Mention: Kyle Carter is awesome. Enough said. Just read the introduction to his latest blog. This is his Real Road to the Olympics. You know, the road where you don’t buy a made horse. We’re being introduced to his first homebred Finn, who is owned by his daughter Riley. He’s scored 22 and 23.5 at preliminary as just a six year old. [Go Five Ring]

Found on Facebook: There’s lots going on Facebook these days from people heading south, to arriving south, New Year’s resolutions, contemplations, etc etc. I’ll bring you some of the most note-worthy of the last day.

Tamarack Hill Farm: (an excerpt) ““Not Good Enough”—-That’s an American reality about most of our dressage, compared to much of Europe, which is steeped in a dressage culture. Some years ago, when my friend Volker Bromman was heading back to Germany to ride with Klaus Balkenhal, Volker phrased it in these words: “I need to get reinfected with the dressage virus.”

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event: “We hope 2013 is off to a great start for you! Watch for trivia, Throwback Thursday fun and more starting next week!”

Kim Severson Eventing:  “Tick, tick, tick… here comes the 2013 Spring season!!! Starting to get ready to head South to Aiken in a few weeks but still getting organized at our new farm here in Charlottesville. Happy New Year!!”

Event Riders Association: “ERA members, we need your votes! On the ERA website under ERA Awards 2012 on the left, please vote on the options, we hope you’ll like the choices of category and the photos to help you decide! Also, you can submit your choice of the Most Rider-Friendly Event of 2012. Please vote!

“What are you doing?” What are you doing if you’re not following EventionTv’s guide to getting in shape? Following Kate’s program? You’re doing both? So you are keeping your New Year’s Resolutions. Over-achiever you.. Step into Schrammo’s Gym:

 That’s all EN! Go Eventing.

Winter Driving Friday News from FLAIR

Wishing I was headed south with you all

Good morning eventing Nation!

It’s that time of year when everyone is making their last and final winter plans. In another couple weeks the first events of the year start and everyone is over 2012 and on to 2013. It’s a hopeful time of year, and it could be your year! We know with horses there are Plan A-ZZZ, and here’s hoping to stick to Plan A, now that we’ve all tested out luck and survived the zombie apocalypse!

Longines if the Official Timekeeping Partner of the FEI. The Swiss watchmaker inked a historic, long-term sponsorship deal with the FEI. Longines is now the Official Top Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch of the FEI. They are going to take over title sponsorship of several events including the new season of the FEI World Jumping Cup. [Go Longines]

Many of us through the years have helped with a disabled riding group, and have seen the benefits it has for adults and kids alike. Now there is research to back this up. Sarah Rainford from Reaseheath College in Cheshire, wrote a paper on the benefits of therapeutic riding. She actually drew some conclusions that different gaits help better with certain disabilities. She won The Eqvalan Duo Equine Thesis of the Year Award for her research for 2012. [Go Sarah]

We’ve had a bit of a change in High Performance Eventing with changing over to DOC. We’re not the only ones. Laureen K Johnson has been named the High-Performance Director of Para-Equestrian and Vaulting as well as the Assistant Director of Driving. She is going to be BUSY! “I love the artistry and elegance of dressage and driving,” she said. Her challenges for the future include fund-raising and find top-quality horses. [Go Laureen]

Best of the Blogs: Lauren Sprieser is at it again. This time her Year in Review is Christmas themed and musical! What’s not to love? I’m still in the holiday spirit, and so is Lauren! She’s grateful too. [COTH blog]

BoB Eventing Ed.: Kristin Carpenter is knee deep in mud.. She’s making her final preparations for Aiken in a few weeks and finding motivation. She’s moving back up to Advanced this year, and we wish her luck! [Check out a week in the life of Kristin]

Hot on HN: Do you love the look of riding with a top hat, but want to be safe and protect your noggin even if there’s nothing in it? There is a solution for you! [Check it out]

Top of the Tweets: @DPEquestrian: “All of the horses arrived here in Aiken safe and sound…now finally off to bed!” [Go Doug]

Found on FB: That’s nice of USEF EHP to support the community! [Info for below schooling show]

Need help drifting? Not drifting into the shoulder of the road from the help of black ice and 40 mph winds, but the riding kind. Schramm Equestrian and Evention TV are here to help! Boyd Martin guest stars.

The latest from FLAIR:

That’s all EN! Go Eventing.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Fair point



Boy do I have big news for you Eventing Nation!

The big news you say? You really want to know? Well the world is ending today. Actually, it probably really is ending because there’s not much news today. Well, not a lot of evneting news, but just a few tidbits of terrific news! Quality over quantity folks. It’s Jimmie Holotik Schramm’s birthday! Happy 26th lovely lady! You may remember Jimmie from those awesome Evention videos.

Want some even bigger news?!

USEF Eventing High Performance Training Lists are coming out soon!!! Let’s take a look at the action on Facebook and Twitter already…

On Twitter:

On FB:

Kristi Nunnick – “Im so excited rosie and i have been put on the training list for the usea

Meg Kep – “Global Talent – Combinations that currently possess the ability to win anywhere in the world…. So long as the world doesn’t end. Go tate and sinead!

Jennie Brannigan – “Excited to have been named to the US world class training list on Cambalda…. He might have to loose a couple pounds 🙂 me too…..

The official teaser

We will keep you updated as the lists are announced officially. Go HP Eventing.

Bruce Griffin of Griffin Sport Horses receives USEF Honor. He has been named the 2012 Recipient of the USEF “Equestrian of Honor” Norm K. Dunn Trophy for excellence in halter and is a finalist for USEF Equestrian of the Year. This year he handled YEH East Coast Overall Champion, De Luetje MF among others. [Go Bruce!]

Best of the Blogs: Jessica Pye and Bounder’s luck is turning around! I love this side of the story. We’ve all been there with lame or accident prone horses, and I wish Jessica the best of luck in Florida with Gold Chip, in her MBA program, and everything else she’s worked so hard for! [Pye Equestrian]

Honorable Mention: Boyd showing love for one of his owners. Amy Lindgren was out to watch her horses go. She’s got some of Boyd’s homebred and a champion eventer turned hunt horse. [Boyd’s blog]

Found on Facebook: From Lucinda Greene’s FB page – “Here is to an action packed 2013 eventing season #DontLetTheApocalypseGetInTheWay (or #TheWeather!)”


Also from Lucinda Greene’s FB page… Loving this video!

Go eventing.


EOTY’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

If only the 16 inches of snow we got in MN turned into this kind of ice. Photo via Smartpak FB page

Good morning Eventing Nation!

I am sorry that this post comes to you so early in the morning instead of very late in the evening. I feel like I’m in three day mode. The world ends in just one short week. Or was that last May? Not for eventers though I’m sure. We’ve already got our competition schedules, gallop sets and farrier appointments figured out through the next Games. So clearly, we’ve got more than a week. Besides, in the news down there is information on schooling shows to prep you for the 2013 season. And I don’t talk type for my health.

Yesterday Kate brought you the Horse of the Year Nominations in the Thursday Reader. Today, I bring you the Nominees for the 2012 USEF Equestrian of the Year. Here are your eight USEF Equestrians of Honor, only one of whom will move on to become 2012 EOTY:

Rich Fellers, Show Jumping

Jonathan Wentz, Para-Equestrian (recently deceased)

Gilbert “Gib” Marcucci, Hackney

Jennifer Alfano, Hunter

Matt Siemon, Arabian

Joe Reser, Arabian

Bruce Griffin, Friesian

Wendy Potts, Arabian / National Show Horse

Unfortunately, unlike the Horse of the Year Award, you have to be a USEF member to vote for Equestrian of the Year. Just click here and enter your USEF number to vote. [USEF announcement]

The dates for the Chronicle of the Horse Adult Team Challenges have been announced! The Central ATC will be July 20-21 at Cobblestone Farm HT in Michigan. Yes, this Cobblestone Farm. The Western ATC is a month later in Santa Ynez, CA at the Shepherd Ranch HT August 23-25. And the last 2013 ATC to be held is the Eastern ATC at WindyRidge HT October 5-6 in North Carolina. [COTH]

Found on Facebook:  Paradise Farm in Aiken, SC has their show schedule up! “Sanctioned Horse Trials: Feb 15 (one day), Feb 16-17 (two day), May 25-26, Oct 19-20, all will have temp. onsite stabling. Schooling Competitions: Jan 23 Combined Tests Starter-Adv., Dressage tests, Clear round Jumping., Cross Country schooling day. Feb. 20 Jumping Derby (Half XC, half Show Jumping) and Clear round Show Jumping.” There are also clinics and other riding opportunities. [Paradise Farm FB page] [Paradise Farm website]

If you’re in the Ocala area and are looking for a good schooling show before the year is up, Horse Shows in the Park has a Jumper Pre-Circuit Show December 29-30 at Longwood. They’ve also got their 2013 calendar up for their Canterbury/Gainesville, Longwood/Ocala, and Tampa area shows. [Horse Shows in the Park]

Want to sit with Bruce Davidson, Hannah Sue Burnett, Leslie and Lesley Law, Max Corcoran, Andrea Leatherman, Daniel Stewart and more?! Go to the Sunshine Region Pony Club’s Fist Annual Winter Gala in Ocala, FL! The Gala will take place on December 29th, 2012 at BG Farms of Ocala from 6:30-9:30 PM. Appetizers and mingling will start at 6:30 PM followed by a gourmet dinner and silent auction.  Dress is cocktail attire. The goal of the Winter Gala is to help the Sunshine Region Pony Clubs raise money in the pursuit of providing exceptional educational and leadership experiences for its members. Take advantage of the special corporate rate of $600 for a table of eight with an international rider as host. There are over 30 international riders hosting! With over 50% of the seats already filled and the corporate rate ending on December 18th, now is the time to purchase tickets!  Check the website for tickets and host rider biographies! [SRPC]

In case you were looking for a ball on the other side of the pond, don’t forget about the Event Riders Association Ball. This year’s theme is “Naughty but Nice”. Tickets can be reserved now at [email protected]. Ticket price: £95 each or £850 for a table of 10. Welcoming drink, 3 course meal. Live band and DJ. [ERA FB]

Best of the Blogs: Drangonfire Farm in California is hosting a Hawley Benett-Awad clinic! The clinic is being held January 26-27, 2013. Get in while you can! [Drangonfire Farm]

In video number eight of the FLAIR Master Class Series featuring Erick Dierks and Ralph Hill, we focus on Effort No 7 — The Trakehner.  Its position makes it an effort that needs to be ridden thoughtfully.

Go eventing.

DOC’s News and Notes from FLAIR Nasal Strips

photo via the lovely Samantha Clark

Good morning Eventing Nation!

This weekend is all about the USEA Convention in Colorado. The Broadmoor Estate looks absolutely picturesque. A super thank you for all the hard work Area IX put in to make this year’s convention spectacular, and as always, a huge thank you to the many tireless USEA volunteers that make our governing body run. For those of us unable to attend, which according to my Facebook is only Kate Samuels and myself, we’ve got John giving us the low down. This N&N is dedicated to DOC because he’s, well doing his job. Not only is he doing it, but he’s doing it so that we can all see what’s going on, where he’s coming from, what he expects, and what we think about it. For the first time ever in a long time I am actually excited about where eventing is headed. Can you believe all it took was a couple of seminars? It is so refreshing that in all reality all DOC had to do to impress us was very minimal, but he’s being the awesome DOC and taking this to the highest level we can go ad actually making a program with a vision. So DOC, this one’s for you.

Today’s Schedule:

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM USEA Convention Registration
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Rebecca Farm
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM USEA Trade Fair Vendors
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Horsemanship University
1. Training Solutions from Top Trainers
2. Management Solutions from Top Grooms and Barn Managers
3. Selecting the Best Event Horse for You
8:00 AM – 11:30 AM USEA Board of Governors Meeting
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM SpeedCheck Presentation
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM Introduction to ICP Workshops
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MIM Pin Installation/Demonstration (USEF)
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM USEA National Year-End Awards Luncheon
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Organizers Open Forum
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Course Designers/Builders Seminar
2:15 PM – 4:00 PM Professional Riders Organization Annual Meeting
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Young Event Horse Program: What You Need To Know
2:30 PM – 5:30 PM Area Treasurers/Chairs Working Session (Committee Members Only)
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Recent Innovations in Equestrian Safety Presented by Charles Owen
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM The Care and Coaching of our Future Olympians: Meet the New USEF Head Coach
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Competition Calendar/Rules Committee (Committee Members Only)
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Eventing Licensed Officials (Committee Members Only)
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Covering Ground: Preserving our Barns, Training Grounds, and Competition Venues
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Affiliate Meeting
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Area IX Year End Awards
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM USEA Endowment Trust (Committee Members Only)
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM USEF Eventing High Performance (Committee Members Only)
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Nutrena Nutrition Seminar Presented by Nutrena
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Professional Riders Organization Year End Awards
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM Young Riders Coordinators Training and Committee Meeting (Committee Members Only)

News & Notes:

The USEA has a recap of the first day of seminars. Covering Ground: Preserving our Barns, Training Grounds, and Competition Venues, Joint Health Facts: What You May Not Know?, and Eventing Calendar Planning for 2014 and Beyond were not covered by John here on EN, but are worth the quick read, especially about land conservation and what we can do now. [USEA]

If you really want to feel like you’re at the Convention, check out these lovely photographs of the Broadmoor. Leslie Threlkeld of the USEA (and SHN!) has photos of the scenery outdoors as well as inside the meeting rooms and hallways. Every photo depicts the intricate and luxurious decorum that is the Broadmoor. [USEA]

The recipient of the new Essex Grant will be announced today at the USEA Annual Convention. This grant is for the 25 and under crowd looking to transition to the senior ranks of eventing. This grant will help offset the cost of training, competing, and coaching fees. Named for the renowned Essex Horse Trials, the enthusiasm of the Young Riders was enough to get the Board behind this grant. [Go Essex]

Need even more Convention coverage? Chris Stafford has podcasts running all day. Check out the podcasts from day one with interviews with Jo Whitehouse, Tim Holekamp, Marilyn Payne, Jon Holling and Jonathan Elliot. [Listen in]

Boyd and Silva Martin have been named judges for the Constant Star OTTB for Sport challenge. Similar to John Madden Sale’s Challenge, this contest is looking for the next rising star. Boyd and Silva join Eric Dierks, Callie Schott, and Kimberly Clark on the judges panel. The wining horse receives three months of free training. [Go OTTBs]

Next year, there is a $70,000 bonus for the rider that can beat New Zealand’s record puissance. Allan Goodall currently holds the record at 2.13 meters. The winner of the puissance wins $5,000, but if you also clear 2.21 m (the required 0.8m more for the challenge) you will walk away with the additional $70k bonus. [Jump higher]

Hot on HN: 10 Signs Santa Forgot Your Stable [Your pony’s on the naught list]

Best of the Blogs/Found on Facebook: This isn’t technically a blog, but I stole it from Chris Lies’ Facebook page. She was integral in my Young Rider’s experience, and just an all around wonderful woman. A Father’s Explanation of Why He Had Horses for His Children.

This is guaranteed to make you smile. I’m a sucker for all things short, fat and hairy. Especially when they’re going nuts.

Go eventing.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Horse Picture Frames

“Tis the season to have absolutely no idea what to get any of your friends or family, for the umpteenth year in a row. Every once in a while you find the perfect present, but especially for horsey friends, the pressure is on. Obviously you’ll be purchasing something horse-related, but does it have to be pink and have a fat pony on it? We here at Eventing Nation say NAY! That’s why this holiday season each one of our impressive staff writers is picking one unique, amazing, thoughtful and clever horsey gift to help you along during this time of stress. Happy holidays!”

Perfect for the three phases

Maybe I’m in the minority here when it comes to horse decorations and shrines, but I don’t have any. I’m too busy buying items for my horse or for competition that “normal” items like pictures and picture frames slip my mind. I think buying some professional pictures or printing out ones you take yourself and putting them in a frame is a really great way to commemorate a year. So have your grandparents or friends and family members that know nothing about horses get you a cute or funny frame!

For the abstract 

For that wild ride

The Classic Horseshoe Frame

Dark Wood/Leather Style

No matter how hard your horse loving person in your life might be to shop for, there is sure to be a frame for any age, any style, any horseman. If you’re running out of ideas or want something a bit more kid friendly, Google Image “horse picture frames” and I’m sure you’ll find what you need. Frames are an easy go-to that will never fail you. Happy Frame Hunting!

Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

30 Thankful Days of No-Stirrup November come to an end today

Good morning Eventing Nation!

Can you believe it’s the last day of November already? Seriously, where has 2012 gone? The year was essentially a lead up to the London Games with every big three day and all the events canceled overseas due to rain followed by the fall big three days for all those just shy of making their Olympic Squads. What an extremely fast-paced year! As you look back on your own 2012, was it everything you’d hoped for and more? Or a bit more like my life, things you didn’t know you hoped for?

There aren’t any events this weekend, but the USEA Convention will shortly be underway. Are you heading to Colorado Springs for all or part of the Convention? Here are the general specs  for a great time in Colorado Springs when you’re not at the Convention. [hotels, attraction, etc]   [programs]

This week’s Eventing Radio Show is sure to please! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!  EN favorite, Colleen Rutledge, co-hosts. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if after tackling Badminton in the spring that she head to Adelaide in the fall?! We all think so! Keeping in the Aussie swing of things, our own Eventing Safety John is a guest as well as the energetic Boyd Martin. Check out another fabulous Eventing Radio Show! [Go ERS]

Australia might be missing WFP and Mary King right about now, but check out these luck Pony Clubbers that got to train with both these silver medalist at WFP’s yard. This is all thanks to their hard work for winning the Pony Club Championships, but also to HSBC. It is wonderful to invest in our sport through the HSBC FEI Classic Series as well as the up and coming generation. [check out the video]

William Fox Pitt did almost everything at Adelaide. He jumped with a microphone in hand, wrestled the mic back from Paul Tapner and tried to blend into the crowd… He really worked his HSBC duties, and the fans that bid on a lunch with him were very satisfied. They asked him questions other than regarding horses (gasp!) and found out he’s very fond of his more than 50 chickens on the farm. [go WFP]

The Swedish Equestrian Federation celebrated its 100th anniversary. They are not the oldest national federation, but their contributions to horse sport have been immense. The SEF was founded in 1912, the same year that equestrian sports were introduced to the Olympic Games. The Games that year were held in Stockholm. Stockholm is also one of only three cities to host the Games twice (London &LA). [go Sweden]

Puhinui International Three Day Event is shaping up for next week. The entries have closed, and although mono bronze-medal riders are competing, Clarke Johnstone and Donna Smith, among a slew of others are out and about to claim the double points as well as the victories up for grabs. UK rider Nick Gauntlett might be making an appearance during his honeymoon … [Puhinui]

Hexham Horse Trials has a new venue and name for 2013. Held at the Belsay Castle, Northumberland, the event will henceforth be known as Belsay Horse Trials. They have wonderful plans for course designing and building that will continue on in years to come. [Go Belsay]

Check out the latest FLAIR Video: The Tobacco Stripping Bench: This FLAIR® Master Class video featuring Eric Dierks and Ralph Hill focuses on 2012 Rolex Kentucky XC effort No. 6 — The Tobacco Stripping Bench.   The run up to this seemingly straightforward bench asks the competitor serious questions, as does the terrain leading to the effort.

Go eventing.

Black Friday’s News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Is that you, Eventing Nation?

Good morning Eventing Nation!

Are you in a food coma from Thanksgiving dinner or exhausted from your Black Friday shopping marathon? Either way, I know you’re reading this in a prone position. That is, unless of course, you’re in Australia! Adelaide CCI2* and 4* are underway. Our supremely talented ESJ has got you covered. It’s perfect weather there, and snowing in Minnesota (60 degrees to 20 in a matter of hours), so I’ve booked my flight down under.  Shane Rose and CP Qualified are leading with a 39.8 in the CCI2*. At around 1:00 am EST, Shane is also leading the CCI4* on APH Moritz with a 45.8. [CCI4* Scores] [Full CCI2* Scores] [ESJ’s Day 1 covereage] [More Day 1 pictures]

Back in the States, there are some eventers that aren’t too weighed down from turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, etc to go out and event one last time this 2012 season. Good on ya!

Event This Weekend:

Pine Top Thanksgiving HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

The New Zealand One-Day Championships take place this weekend. The Advanced to Preliminary Championships are run as CICs under FEI rules, etc while the Pre-Novice is run under ESNZ rules. Due to the large number of entries this year, the Dressage and Show jumping are held on Saturday while the Cross Country will be held on Sunday. So I guess that’s two days. This is the first time the One-Day Championships have been held at Fiber Fresh National Equestrian Centre at Aratiatia, Taupo. [Go NZ!]

British Dressage rider and Team Gold and Individual Silver medalist at the London Games, Laura Bechtolsheimer, is joining 15 other British Olympians for a TV show. Named Superstars, it’s a reboot of a show from the 70s and 80s. The athletes ranging from triathletes to swimmers to boxers will compete in multitude of competitions of the track and field variety with some swimming and cycling thrown in as well. [Run Laura Run]

Molly Rosin has a lot to be thankful for. Just read her blog. She’s in a beautiful place in the country, she’s got a great team of friends and family and she got married! Not to mention the four legged friends! This entry is a great insight into Molly’s life. [Havarah Equestrian]

Horse & Hound is going to increase its point-to-point coverage. They’re going to add weekly results in addition to reports, photos, and features. They’ve even brought on a new columnist, Darren Edwards. The new coverage starts on Sunday! [Go pointing]

Best of the Blogs: Jessica Pye has brought Bounder home for Thanksgiving! Finally after three months, he’s been given the go-ahead to start trotting. Considering this is the second time she’s almost lost Bounder, she’s very thankful this Thanksgiving. [Go Bounder]

Found on Facebook: This one comes from our very own Kate Samuels, “I suddenly remember what I wonder every year: how is it that we only remember to make stuffing once a year, and not all the time?!!” I concur.

Stuart Tinney talks about he and Pluto Mio’s chances this weekend as well at the tough cross country course and his competition.

Go eventing.



Yves Sauvignon Clinic Recap

Yves with the Training/Prelim group at the University of Minnesota Equine Center

Yves Sauvignon has been a very prominent eventing trainer on the West Coast for the last 30 years. A native of France, he was admitted to Le Haras du Pin in Normandy at 16. Before settling in Santa Rosa, Calif., he was teaching all over France. He started Oakridge Training Stables, which is now based at the Santa Rosa Equestrian Center. He focuses on the success of his students and furthering their education, and that’s where his focus remains, rather than on personal competition goals.

His best teachers? His students and horses. So how’d he get to Minnesota with such a big base in California? Carrie Finno — a Minnesota native turned California transplant, who eventually returned home — had trained with Yves while she lived out west. She was absolutely sure that if she should could get Yves out in Minnesota just once as a clinician, us crotchety ol’ Minnesotans — so solidly set in our ways — would have our eyes opened to some terrific training and want to have Yves back again. Needless to say, she was right! Carrie says of Yves’s teaching style: “He is a very kind and patient trainer, but doesn’t miss a thing!” The clinic was held at the University of Minnesota Equine Center in the delightfully heated Barenscheer Arena.

There are lots of videos thanks to Carrie, Sue G., Ann, Kirsten and Ashley!

The Training/Prelim Group Day 2:

From the get-go on Day One, the courses were the name of the game. Su, G., riding her wonderful TB, Hodie, was surprised at the lack of “traditional” gymnastics on Day One, switching instead right on to course work. That continued on Day Two with an emphasis on straightness, power, holding lines, and correcting leads — even if finished with the exercise — to finish nicely and smoothly. You need the proper balance, direction, and appropriate speed to set yourself up to do it correctly. Whenever a horse would split over the canter poles, he kept emphasizing this is part of the training process, even though it might not feel as good at the time. Forward and moving off the leg was also a big part of his comments to the riders. He was a truly fun guy; he said on several occasions that if the riders didn’t understand or rode the incorrect line, “I probably said it in French and didn’t realize it.” Although I was only able to attend Sunday, as I was out of town the other day, the clinic participants that I spoke with really relayed to me how much better their horses were going on Day Two because of the work the previous day. The horses, as well as humans, had really taken their first lesson with Yves to heart.

Participant Kirsten and her mount Opie:

Participant Sara Beth spoke very highly of Yves, telling me, “Yves has a very fun, positive teaching style, and he doesn’t miss a beat. He made exercises that required a good deal of mental discipline from the rider and kept horse and rider thinking forward. The first day was more course work, with lots of bending lines and related distances. From the first few jumps around, he was able to address weak areas in our position and help us make corrections. The second day included a lot of grids and canter poles, so we could play with our horses’ adjustability. The clinic was a great experience for my horse and I; I hope to work with Yves again in the future!”

Participant Sue and her horse Hodie:

The “brush jump” soon became known as “Hodie’s brush” — the name given by Yves, as Hodie wasn’t too sure of it.

Ann and her mare Gretta:

The entire BN group:

My favorite horse of the day:

The "Jumping Machine"!

Go eventing.

Rapid Fire with Lainey Ashker

Hello Eventing Nation! Rapid Fire is a series I have long wanted to start on Eventing Nation, but I never had the gumption to actually see it through. Well, on a whim as I was taking Lainey to the airport on Sunday, she indulged me. I promise that next time I try to do a Rapid Fire interview, I’ll channel my best Barbara Walters and not giggle like a school girl and tell Lainey how “fabulous”, “wonderful”, and “excellent” her answers are. If you like this interview, maybe we can get our other EN writers in other parts of the country to interview their favorite riders. Let us know your favorites, or any questions you suggest in the comments! Thank you again Lainey so much for being a professional and taking the time to sit down with us, and thank you for watching.


Go eventing.

Breaking Dawn Part Two’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

Eventing has some good looking men

Good morning Eventing Nation!

According to my Facebook, my friends are at the movie theater. Yesterday during the walk breaks of my lessons, the girls were still discussing the merits of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. Although, not all of my friends are at the movies. There are a small number wishing for this movie to be released just so the hoopla is over with and the world can finally move on. I put this to you Eventing Nation:  Is there a Team Edward vs. Team Jacob equivalent in the eventing world? Boyd Martin vs. Will Coleman anyone? Who are your favorites?

Events this Weekend:

Ram Tap HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Las Cruces HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Scores]

River Glen Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Ocala Horse Properties HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

Shane Rose chats about his chances at defending his title at the Exhibition Eventing Grand Final at Equitana Sydney, and apparently he feels that being undefeated won’t help his chances tonight. In the interview he notes that the format there is different than eventing as we know it, but it’s great to get the public involved. “They’re not the same game, but they involve the same elements.” This way he  says we can bring the sport to the public audience instead of the public to our sport. [Go Shane!]

Mary King hits up Equitana Melbourne. She was so ecstatic when she learned London won the bid for the 2012 Games. Even though she’s been to six Olympic Games, London was still one of the best. She feels “very lucky” that she can share her horse occupation with daughter Emily and is very proud of her successes. The pride in her voice is evident, and Emily clearly comes from good stock. She won’t be staying for Adelaide, and noted that until the quarantine regulations are sorted out, there won’t be much chance of her competing as little handling of the horses for three weeks leading up to a four star isn’t the best preparation. As for next year, her eyes are on the European Championships, but she’s not sure about Kentucky. PLEASEEEEE come to Kentucky!  [Listen in]

No plans for the Fourth of July next year? Get your Barbury Castle Horse Trials tickets! They’ve gone on sale online or via telephone. Save money by booking in advance. Should be a fabulous time! [Barbury]

Want to get your Eventing Social fix sooner than that? How about in two days time? Tickets for the Scottish BE Ball are still available. It’s held at the Dunblane Hydro on November 17. Callanesh, a contemporary and Celtic band will be playing at eh Awards Ceremony. [Sounds wonderful!]

Horses are expensive and no one likes to waste money. However cutting corners in certain aspects of your horse’s care can be a waste of time and money, and cost more in the long run. Merial has launched a new website, to help owners understand what FDA approval entails, generic drugs, illegally manufactured drugs and nutritional supplements. Granted, a lot of this information is linked to Ulcerguard and Gastroguard (Merial products), but the labeling information of FDA approved, etc is good to review. [USEA]

Awards season is rapidly approaching! The Equestrian Social Media Awards are starting to take nominations December 10. Mark your calendars and start nominating your favorites in a variety of categories. The ESMAs have introduced two new categories this year: Creative Equestrians and FEI Solidarity ESMA. The Creative Equestrians is self-explanatory  open to horse show organizers, photographers, marketing professionals, designers, etc. The FEI Solidarity ESMA is “open to equestrian development projects that are at the heart of grass roots development of equestrian sport and welfare projects.” [Learn more]

Eric Lamaze has two beautiful new ladies in his life. Mares Rosana du Park and Big Smile have joined his team. They were purchased from Gilbert De Roock of Belgium by Artisan Farm. Rosana du Park is a 2005 Selle Francais while Big Smile is a 2006 Westphalian. These two new additions have arrived in Wellington where Lamaze will start his 2013 season at WEF. [Horsetalk]

Hot on HN: Shania Twain enters Vegas in style… with a 40 horse entourage. If I told it like it was, girl needs some cross country lessons to get up those “steps”. [HN]

Best of the Blogs: Equitana is in full swing, Adelaide is coming up, and our Best Blogger today comes from Australia as well! Kate Chadderton has reflected on her season. She’s consumed 953 Redbulls, and talked on her iPhone for over 12 days while traveling 75,000 kilometers competing in 79 divisions on 12 horses. [Go Kate!]

Smartpak has lots of blogs to help with all your horsey queries especially now that we’ve hit the winter months.

No Shave November? If you weren’t in Pony Club, you should check out the different types of clip jobs to embarrass keep your horse happier and healthier in the winter months. Not sure if you should clip? Are you riding in the winter? Is your horse outside 24/7? Smartpak can help give you some guidance. [To clip or not to clip?]

Our own very fabulous Kate has already done a blanketing tips 1 and 2, Smartpak has blanketing fit tips of what to look for and what to avoid in blanket fit. They also have a couple brand recommendations based on the build of your horse. [Blanketing Uncovered]

After you’ve got your horse’s clipping and blanketing regimen all squared away, don’t forget to take a bit of extra time warming up and cooling out in these winter months. [5 Winter Riding Tips]

Their ColiCare program sounds like a no-brainer. Have your horse routinely seen by a vet (who doesn’t do that?) and fee Smart Digest Ultra to support digestive health for a $7500 colic coverage? Signing up is free and easy. [More information on signs of colic and the program] And check out the video:

Go eventing.

Laine Ashker Clinic Recap

Bailey, Lainey and Sky photo via Bailey

Howdy Eventing Nation!

Croixside Pony Club held a Laine Ashker Clinic at Carriage House Farm in Hugo, MN last weekend November 9-11. Remember Laine is one tough mudder when she’s not at The Fork or winning the PRO Bareback Challenge at Fair Hill. Friday focused on dressage, Saturday cross country, and show jumping on Sunday. While usually you do gymnastics and show jumping work before cross country work in a clinic format, the uncharacteristic 60-degree weather on Saturday meant terrific footing (read: not frozen) and just screamed cross country day. There were only a few additions to the clinic as the clinic was nearly filled with repeat customers Clubbers! I have to thank all the wonderful Pony Clubbers and their parents for giving me a plethora of videos and photos to use in this recap. There is surely enough content here to pass away an entire workday.

Fridays dressage lessons were semi privates with Laine hopping on a few horses to emphasize what she wanted out of the horse and the position of the rider. We do have a lot of top riders coming in for clinics, and several of the Pony Clubbers let me know that Laine is their favorite dressage instructor. “Every horse and rider looked like they could ride down the centerline at Rolex by the end of the lesson,”  according to one horse-savvy Pony Club parent. The “push” of the hind end, the straightness, and organization were the main topics of the day. [Ashley & Trevor – BN] [Laine on Biz – N Playlist of 5 videos] [Kristine on Biz – N 2 video playlist] [Kristine on Tiara – T]

Laine on Ann's BN horse Ketch photo via Ann


Saturday had most Minnesotans turning on the air conditioner in the 60-degree temperatures while the Croixsiders were enjoying their romps around the Carriage House Farm xc course with the guidance of Miss Ashker. Banks, Ditches, Skinnies, Bounces, Benches, Shark’s Teeth, Roll Tops were some of the menu items for the day. “Forward and balance” was the mantra for the day. Laine wanted to instill a good leg (both in position and effectiveness) on these kids to teach them to be great cross country riders. Take a gander at some of these videos to get a taste of the exercises as well as Laine’s instruction: Emily Kelly (also an HN contributor) posted a 33 video playlist of some of the riders: [Check it out!] [Kristine & Biz – N 2 video playlist] [Kristine & Tiara – T 3 video playlist]


Thursday Reader from Devoucoux

Good morning Eventing Nation!

If you need me this weekend, I’ll be at the airport or a clinic. Sounds like I’m fleeing the looney bin. I’m flying out to PA to see my wonderful pony for a few days. Then when I get back to MN, I’ll be hitting up the Lainey Ashker clinic, the Lisa Ferguson clinic, and the Yves Sauvignon clinic! It’s a busy weekend for eventing education here in Minnesota! I’ll report back as much coverage of the clinics as I am able. Any requests?

Events This Weekend:

Poplar Place November HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

CDCTA HT: [Website] [Entry Status]

Texas Rose HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News and Notes:

Don’t forget to vote in our FLAIR Pumpkin Carving Contest! The winner will receive 5 FLAIR Nasal Strips, a FLAIR baseball cap, and a $50 VISA gift card. Voting ends Friday 11/9/12 at 9am EST.  [You’re not finished voting yet!]

After a very successful first year, the Jockey Club is continuing the Thoroughbred Incentive Program for 2013. TIP offers sponsorships for Thoroughbred-only classes and high-point TB awards at different shows to encourage retraining of OTTBs. Show Organizers wishing to offer TIP classes or awards for 2013 (March-December 2013 shows) should apply now. The deadline for application is December 15, 2012. [Go OTTBs]

The Animal Health Trust in the UK is about to embark on a national survey into the soundness of UK horses from schooling to elite horse. There have been 30 horses offered up for the study over the last two years, and a majority of these horses showed asymmetry in the movement. “I am amazed by the number of horses that are presented to me day after day that clearly have been wrong for a while but people have not noticed,” says Dr. Sue Dyson, specialist in orthopedics for the ATH.  [Sound or not sound? That is the question..]

Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch has updated us with all things SRB Eventing by recapping the end of her season. She had some great finishes on all her horses the last two weeks at Waredaca. Trubie went from OTTB to Training level in 10 months while Seahawk won the Jockey Club award for highest placed TB. Some are taking vacation before starting back their training for next season while others are for sale and hitting up dressage and sj schooling shows. She is always appreciative of her supporters and sponsors and takes the time to recognize them. [SRB Eventing]

Kate brought us a wonderful points recap and update for year end standings of the USEA and BE Leaderboards (post below), but Ballylaffin Bracken tops the 2012 PRO Tour Series HAYGAIN Horse Leaderboard. Ballylaffin Bracken edged out Buck Davidson’s ride, The Apprentice by just one point for the title. The PRO Awards Reception will be held at the USEA Annual Convention. [Go BB!]

Found on Facebook: “After a lovely evening at the cactus, a fight with red ants, and some nerve wracking Sinead [Halpin] and I are officially level 3 ICP.” – Jennie Brannigan. Congrats ladies!

Best of the Blogs: Invest in the Journey, not the Destination. Boy can I relate! Heidi Wardle has been at Windchase with Phyllis Dawson for five years. She goes back in time to November 7, 2007 and recounts her journey to her place in life now. No five or ten year plan, just a “now” plan, and she’s looking forward to the next five years. [Go Heidi]

This week’s Evention episode is all about conditioning. It’s a great overview of how to apply the different types of conditioning to BN-P levels. Check. It. Ouuttt:


Go eventing.

The Coasts’ Friday News from FLAIR

Well good morning Eventing Nation!

Are you a bit slower moving today after your fabulous instructor instituted ‘No-Stirrup November’ yesterday? They forgot?! Well, I hope nobody reminds them…

Anyway, this weekend is a battle of the coasts as the west coast has Galway Downs Three Day (N-P, T3D-CCI3*), but the east coast has two Three Days: Rocking Horse (BN-I, N3D & T3D) and Virginia Three Day (BN-I, CCI1*). West Coast might have bigger levels, but East Coast has more three days. Or, are you more of a middle ground southern person? Pine Hill for you! So who wins in the battle of left vs right coast? Eventers everywhere!

Events this Weekend:

Virginia CCI* and HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Results]

Galway Downs International 3-day and HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Rocking Horse Classic 3-day and HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

Pine Hill Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]


The FEI is proposing a rule change at the next General Assembly. They are voting to abolish the Associate Membership. This means that anyone with a registered FEI membership can nominate and vote on a candidate in the FEI Dressage Committee. Some worry this turns into a popularity contest, and the views of the whole will not be expressed by the popular candidate. This rule change has not been properly discussed by the stakeholders and National Federations, but goes to vote at next week’s General Assembly.  [Eurodressage]

Horse Sport Ireland is looking for new Senior Show Jumping and Eventing Managers. The current managers’ contract are up December 31, 2012. “In the interest of transparency and fairness, the board is of the view that an open recruitment competition should be held for these important positions,” says Joe Walsh, Chairman of Horse Sport Ireland. If you’re bummed you didn’t get the Canadian coaching position, try Ireland. They’ll be advertising soon. [Irish Examiner]

It’s a Girl! Congratulations to WFP and wife, Alice Plunkket on their newest addition to their family. The brand new baby girl has not yet been named (or at least announced), but was born at a healthy 9lbs, 1 oz on October 31! She joins older brothers Oliver, 6 and Thomas, 5. [Congratulations!]

Lots of advertising for the 2013 International Eventing Forum. We’ve reported about this upcoming event several times, but it’s worth a little reminder if you still don’t have plans February 4, 2013 and are going to be in the vicinity of Hartpury College. Mark Todd is headlining with his “Journey to the Top” speech and demonstration. There’s a dressage talk on “How Both Ends Meet”, and DO’C and ME-S talk XC in “Course Designer vs Coach”. [H&H – get your tickets]

Clayton Fredericks talks a bit about his appointment as Eventing Coach for Team Canada. No word on whether anything will be lost in translation. Is there a Canadian equivalent for “crikey”? (Insert Dudley Do-Right and Crocodile Dundee joke here.) We’ll find out as Clayton winds down on his upper level riding and gets his new Ocala base into full swing this winter. [H&H]

Hot on HN: Superstorm Sandy is past us, but the damage is not. HN has posted some notes regarding the cleanup and a barn in Long Island that has taken in (too many) horses. [Post-Sandy Message Board]

Found on Facebook: (And EN posted about) The Dubarry of Ireland Galway Downs Best Dressed Award. Like your favorite of the Top 5 to cast your vote. [Exercise your right: Vote! Vote! Vote!]

Best of the Blogs: Jessica Pye is in a qualifications conundrum. Her accident prone horse has left her with terrific rides and great qualification scores, but over a span of time too long to be counted for next year’s events. [Any rules gurus out there?]

In the fourth video of this FLAIR® Master Class Eventing video series, Dierks and Hill discuss their approach to 2012 RK3DE effort No. 4 —  the Suspended Rails. Time of day also figures strongly into the successful approach to this straightforward effort.

[Go eventing.]

Chilli Morning’s Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

It’s that time of year again! Snow in Minnesota… well, honestly, it probably snowed in June or July to be fair, but this was the first legit snow for the season. And, I’ll be hibernating for the rest of the winter. So, if the news and notes go downhill from here, send all your angry hate mail to the chinchillas. They need new teeth sharpening materials… The N&N title, and photo and intro actually have relevance to each other this time. It won’t happen again, I promise.

Events This Weekend:

Waredaca HT & T3D: [Website] [Ride Times] [3 Day Live Scores] [HT Live Scores]

Chattahoochee Hills HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

Heritage Park HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Holly Hill Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Depending on where you’ve been… working perhaps? Ha. Colleen and Shiraz performed their dressage test yesterday at Pau to a 62.2. Buck and Reggie go this morning at 8:48 am EST.  WFP, Andrew Nicholson (can we give a him a shorter nickname?) and Mary King (Mary K? I joke..) are the top three after the completion of the first day of dressage competition. [CCI4* Dressage Timetable] [Live Scores] [Uptown Eventing photos on FB – fabulous!]

This is worth a re-post from yesterday’s N&N: Pau will be available on Live Streaming!! Saturday and Sunday, on FEI TV. Both the CCI4* and the CIC2* will be featured. Woohoo! [Pau Live Streaming Info]

The Kiwis are coming at Pau. Andrew Nicholson on Mr. Cruis Control and Nereo. He’s planning on winning the event, just fyi. Other notable Kiwis competing this weekend as well: Jonathan Paget on Clifton Promise, Caroline Powell aboard Onwards and Upwards and Mark Todd on Major Milestone. You know, newbies. This is the first in the HSBC FEI Classic Series for the season, so everyone is out for early points. Sixty competitiors from 17 countries are represented. [Go Pau!]

French is not a language I know (Russian, Spanish, English, yes), but alas, of French I possess no knowledge. It’s cool to watch this Pau promo video anyway. From my critical thinking skills, the title is the “Rendezvous of Stars at Pau”, and they call out WFP, Andrew Nicholson, and Mary King in the video, so they’re probably talking about top 3? Then google translate tells me the bottom paragraph says how Pau is one of the top 6 competitions where the best in the world compete – without exception – and are trying to beat defending champ, WFP. Also, there are 12 French competing. Anyone wanna help a girl out in the comments, and tell me what’s really going on? [Youtube] [A French article for the fun of it]

For the first time ever, the last event of the season, Pine Top Thanksgiving Horse Trials will be holding an intermediate class. They also offer Beginner Novice to Preliminary levels. Pine Top is a terrific venue with fabulous footing, and would make a great last outing at any of the offered levels. [USEA]

And don’t forget exciting news that Clayton Fredericks (is it too soon to call him “our very own”?) is in the running to be the next coach for Team Canada. And, as confirmed by Sinead’s FB, she will in fact be joining him for the winter at his Ocala facility. [EN]

Copper Meadows is hosting an unrecognized one-day show this weekend on Sunday, October 28th, offering Intermediate level through Elementary (2′ and under). The day before the show, there is a “Look B4 You Leap” clinic, where you can ride the xc course which is a great option for young/inexperienced/nervous riders/horses to get comfortable with the cross-country before they go out alone on Sunday. Riders vie for prizes from Fleeceworks saddle pads to horse cookies to Copper Meadows hats and ribbons.  They enjoy putting these shows together and are happy to serve our local Eventing community, and anyone in the Southern California area is welcome to come out and participate! [More info] [Photos from previous shows]

Found on Facebook: Lara Anderson (Of Full Gallop Farm in Aiken) posts: “We have a Stephen Bradley clinic planned here at Full Gallop Nov 3rd & 4th, that is the same day as Jumping Branch and I know many of us are competing there. Please let me know if you would be interested in riding in the clinic if were were able to hold it during the week instead. Choice would be Nov 6th & 7th, Nov 7th & 8th, Nov 13th & 14th or Nov 14th &15th. Please let me know if you would attend if we changed it and which dates you could do. Great prep for Pine Top and the upcoming winter events! Let me know right away we are trying to make plans.” [email: [email protected]] [Website]

Best of the Blogs: I have told you all from time to time I am a DQ at heart. And I heart the Dressage Curmudgeon. She tells it like it is. Her latest blog is about (dressage) clinics, but EN, you’ve probably been to one, or an eventing one to a similar effect. [Sound familiar?] (Special Thank You to Amanda O’Neil for getting me hooked!)

The fourth video of this FLAIR® Master Class video series follows the Dynamic Duo of Dierks and Hill as they discuss their approach to effort No. 3 —  the Walnut Tables. Also addressed is  what time of day to walk the course — an important decision in cross-country preparation.


[Go eventing.]

Cooley Cross Border’s Friday News from FLAIR

Another personal favorite horse of mine, Catalina, with rider Candace Kircher. Photo via our amazing Jenni Autry

Good morning Eventing Nation!

Happy Friday to you! We’re on to Day Two of dressage at Fair Hill. The windy weather yesterday left the horses a bit tense, and no one in the CCI2* could break in to the 30s yet. Susan Beebee and Wolf lead on a 40.8 while my personal favorite, Danielle Dichting and The Graduate are not far behind in second with a 41.4 (which would have been 40.3 without their error. Of course I did the math.) Kim Severson and Cooley Cross Border lead the East Coast YEH 5 Year Old Championships heading in to the jumping phase tomorrow. Katie Murphy and Esccord RGS lead the YEH 4 Year Old Championships. The 5 year olds start the jumping course at 8:30 am and the 4 year olds start at 1:00 pm. The CCI3* dressage starts and the CCI2* dressage resumes at 9:00 am. Super thank you to Jenni Autry for all of our great Fair Hill coverage.

All things Fair Hill:

[Website] [Ride Times] [Overall Schedule] [Live Scores]


Other Events This Weekend:

Hagyard Midsouth Three-day Event & Team Challenge: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Ram Tap Horse Trials: [Website] [Status/Times/Results]

Paradise Farm HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

The Event at Kelly’s Ford: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Results]


The USEA has a wonderful first day coverage video of Fair Hill. Frankie Thieriot is lovely as always as she interviews the top placed riders after their dressage. Everyone’s excited about the fabulous weather at Fair Hill, and what a terrific event they always put on. Clayton Fredericks is looking forward to a warm and sunny Ocala winter, just for the record. And with the most adorable introduction, how can you not love this recap?! [Go USEA video recap] [CCI2*written recap] [YEH written recap] [And COTH has a recap]

And for your dressage viewing pleasure: The USEA photo galleries. [CCI2* photo gallery] [4 year old photo gallery] [5 year old photo gallery]

We love Fair Hill! Check out their latest blog entries: They’ve got pictures of the last bit of prep work done into the dark on Wednesday night. My favorite is the corn box (how much better than sand?!) and the awesome VIP tent. [Catching up on Wednesday] And Shannon Brinkman sent them a smorgasbord of photos from the jogs and day one of dressage. [More Fair Hill photos!]

The Fair Hill CCI2* and CCI3* Championships are not the only national CCI Championships being held this weekend. The CCI1* Championships are being held at the Hagyard Midsouth Kentucky Three Day in Lexington (KY, duh). Our very own Samantha will be there bringing us the best coverage. Selena Pape is hoping to defend her  2011 USEF National Amateur One-Star Champion title. [USEF release]

Jackie Green had quite the adventure getting to Le Lion D’Angers. They’re hosting 6 and 7 year old Championships. Apparently, it hasn’t stopped raining in France. Ferry changes, gale force winds, and a couple of illegal turns and wrong lanes, they made their destination. And I’m terrified of the penultimate xc jump. [Blondes on Tour]

Brian O’Connor has sent us an update on how Karen’s surgery went yesterday:Karen  is in ICU recovering from a length (5+ hr) procedure to put in a rod next to her vertebrae (T1-T10), a bit longer that what they thought, but stronger and better.  She is in good spirits, from what Max (the superstar) says, she may be up and about later in the weekend. Great news this evening: loud cheers went up when the news was announced at the FHI welcome party. Lots of love and support from all the EN family. Dressage continues tomorrow. Hopefully without the 25 mph winds! Try the crab bisque…awesome food from FH!! Brian”

This is from Max's FB page regarding Karen's surgery courtesy of John

This week’s Eventing Radio Show has Michael Wynne of Uptown Eventing and Frances Stead of Clifton Eventing. Michael chats with John about sourcing horses, and how they’re always looking and always traveling to all the top events as well. “You don’t see anything at the garden at home.” Samantha chats with Frances about how she started Clifton Eventing. Frances has had 10 horse/rider combinations represent New Zealand, and 9 of the 10 were untested youngsters. Clearly, Frances has a terrific eye (with a leaning towards NZ TBs).   [Eventing Radio Show]

If you don’t have plans for February 3, 2013, head on over to Hartpury College. They’re having a forum called “Journey to the Top”, starring Mark Todd, Mike Etherington-Smith, and David O’Connor. Hurry and get your early bird discounted rate on your tickets. Mark is doing a show jumping demo, ME-S and DO’C are talking XC from a builder and rider perspective. [Horse&Country]

Best of the Blogs: Boyd’s off to a good start with his first of two CCI2* rides. He’s siting in 8th on Master Frisky. Crackerjack does the dirty D today at 1:40 pm. [Boyd’s blog]

Honorable Mention: Chris Talley has been subbing in for Ryan Wood after he injured his back. Chris rode some of the Woodstock horses at Radnor HT last weekend, and scored a 19 in dressage on Woodstock’s Bennett! [Go Woodstock Eventing]

Relatable Best of the Blogs: Confessions of a AA Event Rider is writing a blog that she’s hoping to look back at next year and laugh. She’s batting .500 for completions of events this year, and if this were baseball, she’d be in the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, not great in the eventing world. Fortunately, however, Suzanne has a terrific spirit and sense of humor. [Just read her blog]

In the third video of this FLAIR Master Class Eventing video series, Eric Dierks and Ralph hill approach the solid Rock Walls — the first  question of the 2012 Rolex Kentucky 4* Three-Day Event cross-country course:

[Go eventing.]


Clark Montgomery’s Friday News from FLAIR

Lainey Ashker practicing for the PRO bareback competition at Fair Hill photo via the wonderful Shelia Wolff

A couple US riders left to go today for Day 2 of dressage at Boekelo. We’ll keep you updated with the latest coverage of results. Besides, by the time you read this, the rider’s will have likely already completed dressage across the pond. Jennie and Cambalda, Clark on Universe (not part of team competition), and Jon and Downtown Harrison. If you’re not up by 9 am, (Thirsty Thursday anyone?) this intro is irrelevant, as you’ll already know the scores.. [Boekelo Times & Results]


Events This Weekend:

Maryland HT at Loch Moy: [Website] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Greenwood Farm HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Radnor Hunt HT: [Website] [Entries/Ride Times]

Pine Top October HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Grass Ridge HT: [Website] [Entries/Times/Live Scores]

Course Brook Farm HT: [Website] [Entries] [Live Scores]

Middle Tennessee PC HT: [Website] [Entries]

Ethel Walker School HT: [Website]


NEWS & (lots of) NOTES:

**Clark Montgomery is the highest placed American rider after Day 1 of dressage at Boekelo. He and Loughan Glen scored a 46.2 and currently sit in 11th place. Phillip Dutton also rode Atlas to a respectable 54.8 yesterday. Montgomery on the cross country course: “It’s not a walk in the park by any stretch.” [USEventing]

**There are great photos of Boekelo on Uptown Eventing’s Facebook page. Kate and My pick for fave photo of the day: This guy. Who said dressage wasn’t exciting? Clearly, they missed this classic dressage move. After all, this is eventing dressage folks. We like to be entertained, not bored to death sleep. And this just makes me lol. Yeah, we saw what you did there. Many thanks to Uptown Eventing as always for capturing those special moments.

**The tents are coming! Fair Hill is starting to take formation. The event is on a state park just like Red Hills. So everything is brought in. The tents for vendors, caterers, horses. The generators for electricity. Water trucks for humans and horses. And gravel. Because, after all, this IS Fair Hill we’re talking about. [Check it out]

**Announcing the winners of our Success Equestrian contest! The contest: describe a successful situation with you and your horse in 160 characters or less. Congratulations to:Cassidy Sitton Reese and eventersmom! Winning situations:

Finally, 8yrs and 1million sandbox-playdates later – my Intermediate horse did a test w/o spooking off the letters.  By Cassidy (Sitton) Reese

BOOM! SUCCESS!Horse +my rider parted ways.Thundering Thoroughobred rapid running towards the highway!Blairing vocals I wailed HOE!Onadime By eventersmom @eventersmom

**Brian O’Connor has kindly given EN an update on how Karen is doing. From Brian:  “We are glad to report that Karen is doing remarkably well, and we are glad to report that she is home (WED), just four days after her fall.  The body does amazing things when it needs to heal itself. Karen walked today with assistance from the PT staff, and after an initial shaky start, went on to walk again in the late afternoon!  Great news from Virginia and she will spend the next few weeks being calm, horizontal, and collected! The  whole family and OCET staff has been super in getting the house ready for her new requirements: Joanne, Sue, Sally, and all the gang. Also, The Broussard’s wonderful mare Veronica is fine as well…a bit sore but now out grazing and enjoying life!   So they are both on R+R….and great news about Karen’s full recovery in the coming weeks…..go to the OCET Facebook page for more details and comments.

**In a sad bit of news, Jules Stiller’s Chapel Amble was put down yesterday. From her FB page:

I am devastated to report that we lost my stunning mare Chapel Amble today. She was an unbelievably sweet horse and an exceptional talent with whom I completed my first four star and my first Burghley. She also gave Nick Gauntlett a fantastic double clear at Badminton. After some good form early this year, including a 3rd in the 3 star at Ballindenisk, she wasn’t quite herself. In July she retired sound and very happy to a field full of grass here at Headley. I had been hoping to get her in foal in the spring, but sadly it was not to be. She will be greatly missed by me and all of the girls here, as well as Kyrle and the whole Arscott family, and of course Nick, who I know all loved her dearly. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to know and ride such a lovely horse and only wish that she could have stayed with us a bit longer. Godspeed my lovely Amble, may you rest in peace.

EN sends our thoughts and prayers to all Chapel Amble’s connections. Photographer extraordinaire, Nico Morgan, has made a photo tribute to Chapel Amble.

**On this week’s Eventing Radio Show, Samantha chats with William Micklem. He encourages riders to be competent in all riding disciplines, not just one. He calls out WFP and Mark Todd as riders who are great at more than one discipline. Their jump schools complement their dressage training and vice versa. They continue on the conversation of finding young horses and producing talent from last week’s episode. Alex Brown and Steuart Pittman talk about the Retired Racehorse Project and will be at Fair Hill. Hannah Sue Burnett also joins in. [Go ERS]

**PRO is holding a bareback show jumping competition at Fair Hill. No, it’s NOT a puissance. It’s a 3’3″ (training level) show jump course designed by Sally Ike and based on time with an optional 3’6″(preliminary level) joker fence at the end. Presented by Zurich Insurance, BW Furlong & Associates and Furlong’s Health Horse, there’s a $2,000 purse for the winner. PRO is making a change from their traditional Shetland pony races. This year, Laine Ashker, Doug Payne, Danny Warrington, and Dom Schramm will be competing in this new show jumping challenge. [Go PRO and Fair Hill]

**Cavalor, a wonderful EN partner and maker of exceptional feeds and supplements is having a sale! Get their Gastro 8 paste tubes over 30% off. [Go Cavalor]

**HOT on HN: Why horses are NOTHING like potato chips.  [For starters, they travel home from the store in your choice of transportation, no truck and trailer purchase required.]

**Found on Facebook: Watch three years of Woodstock Eventing on Youtube! Thanks to a Woodstock eventing supporter, there’s a playlist to help get you through the rest of your Friday. [Watch]

**Best of the Blogs: Jennie is blogging from Boekelo! She wants everyone to know how much the support means to everyone over in the Netherlands even though they’re busy riding and competing. And she assures us, Michael Jung is all he’s cracked up to be. Which is “beyond inspiring”. [Go Jennie and Cambalda and Team USA!]

**And, Buzzterbrown’s 2010 Fair Hill xc for your viewing pleasure:

**Go eventing.

Autumn’s Friday News and Notes from FLAIR

If you're going to Roebke's Run this weekend, don't forget the costume contest!

Rise and shine Eventing Nation! It’s FRIDAY! I now understand why they call it “Fall”. I raked leaves for the first time in my life with the purpose of maintaining a pristine lawn, not creating a pile to jump in. I now understand why my great-grandmother disliked deciduous trees. NO time to enjoy the fruits of my labor with the 3128907 mph wind that’s been gusting over these ridiculously flat plains of Minnesota. Don’t worry. It’ll be snowing this weekend at Roebke’s Run HT. Lows in 20s. Hmm.. come to think of it, would be nice if your dressage score matched the weather.  Good luck to all this weekend!

Events This Weekend:

Morven Park Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Woodside International HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

WindRidge Farm Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status]

Roebke’s Run HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

ESDCTA New Jersey HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

Kent School Fall HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

The Ethel Walker School Horse Trial that was set for October 14 has been canceled citing lack of entries. All those entered will receive full refunds. [USEA]

Fair Hill Entries are up! I am super stoked that Clayton Fredericks is stateside. Am I the only one freaking out that his name will be popping up on our entry lists much more often?! He’s riding Walterstown Don in the CCI3* and Pigrela Des Cabanes in the CCI2*. (A shout out to Danielle Dichting and The Graduate in the CCI2*. I absolutely love that horse.) There is going to be tough competition in the CCI3* with lots of talented horse flesh in Anthony Patch, Mandiba, Coal Creek, Schoensgreen Hanni, MLM’s horses, Trading Aces… I could go on, but you can read the entry list for yourself. FHI has the xc course set. The decorations and last minute painting in is progress. The galloping lanes and tents will be going up this week. Two weeks until dressage! [FHI blog] [Entry list]

Becky Holder and Courageous Comet finish their year as the Adequan Gold Cup Series Champions! They amassed 625 points with a win at the AECs, 2nd at Richland CIC3*, and third at the Fork Advanced division. “I am super, super flattered and excited that Courageous Comet won the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series. It is so exciting for our sport that Adequan has been such a good sponsor for us and has brought such great attention to our sport through the years,” said Becky. Becky and Comet also won the Adequan Gold Cup Series in 2007. This year Becky is also reserve champion aboard Can’t Fire Me. Not a bad year in the office. [USEA]

Don’t forget about the Worth the Trust Scholarship program. The deadline for applications is coming up quickly on October 19. There are two scholarships available. For the Amateur Young Adult crowd (16-25 years old) there is a $3,000 scholarship to further your training through clinics, a working student opportunity, learning to officiate, and many other options as approved by the committee. For the Adult Amateur (26+) crowd, there’s a $2,000 scholarship for you for the same purpose. You must be a member of your local eventing association and volunteer at least six hours nationally or locally to a charitable organization or horse trials, etc. [USEA]

This week on the Eventing Radio Show, Samantha discusses getting your next event horse. Where do you go to buy, what do you look for, what do you not look for, do you breed your own, and so much more. If you’re in the market for a new event horse, or will be, this is a MUST listen. Carol Gee chats about the Fernhill horses, and how pleased she is that it’s become a household name. The biggest misconception is that the Fernhill horses are sourced, not bred by Carol. Also, Kitty King is a guest on this show which is always a treat, and this time she chats about young horses. She knows a thing or two since she’s been kicking bum in all the Young Horse divisions in the UK. [Eventing Radio Show]

Not a bad rig if you can get it. Take a tour of the Fredericks’ new lorry! Amenities galore in this lorry: satellite TV, internet access, fridge and freezer, counter space, etc, etc. What I loved most was the helmet rack above the door. Spacious and luxurious. A great way to celebrate (or not, depending on your ride) after a day at the horse show. The virtual tour is quite nice as there are audio and video extras where you can hear and watch about the features! [Take a tour]

If you’re going to Roebke’s Run this weekend, and even in you’re not, here are last year’s costume contestants. A great way to brain storm ideas for Halloween this year. It’s only a few weeks away. What are you going to be this year? Are you going to torture dress up your horse? Do you have a go-to costume? I’ve been a Tootsie Roll and Eeyore  and Pooh with my equine friends. [RR website] [EN’s recap&photos]

Best of the Blogs: Elisa Wallace of Team Wallace has taken part in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge.  The event will be judged at Clemson University in South Carolina. Two weeks until the Elisa and Fledge show off their skills. We’ll be following this story if for no other reason because the photo is amazingly cute and sweet. [Team Wallace]

James Alliston and Jumbo’s Jake won the CIC3* at Woodeside last year. Here’s their xc ride:

Here’s last year’s Advanced course at Morven Park. Get excited for this weekend!


Go eventing.

Friday News From FLAIR

Thank you, EN, for allotting me one football post this season. I hope you laughed as much as I did.

Good morning Eventing Nation!

How’s life treating you these days? Counting the time until you’re off the clock and en route to the barn?  Have you heard the replacement refs are gone, and the real refs are back in the NFL? Only one giant embarrassing mistake and the NFL gets its act together. If only the USEF worked that way re: US eventing leadership/coaching… the last decade or so might have been less embarrassing. I call it like I see it folks! Which is better than a replacement ref. I’m an armchair ref.


Events This Weekend:

Middleburg HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

Colorado Horse Park HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Meadow Creek HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Jump Start HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Results]

University of New Hampshire HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Results]

Flora Lea HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Tryon HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

A Mark Todd Teddy is up for grabs! In an online auction, this Teddy Bear’s proceeds will support Starship Spring Clean. This Edwardian Teddy was made around 1994 in celebration of Todd’s 1988 Seoul Games. The Teddy wears Mark’s tie that he wore in those Games. The Teddy also has an xc map of the LA Games of 84 in his pocket. He’s in full riding gear, and has been updated with a photo of Todd holding him while he wears the London Bronze medal. It’s a great collector’s item, not a child’s toy. Letter of authenticity and autographs included. [Where Kiwis Buy and Sell]

Jim Hurst of The Blood Horse, passed away at 51 years old in August 2011. He left behind a wife and two young girls. He knew many professionals in the racing industry as he was in advertising sales. He was great with names and faces, and apparently never forgot anyone. Jim Cox, Hurst’s best friend says, “Jim touched so many people, and he is the thread that joins it all, all these farms, all these people.” They are holding a golfing event and online halter auction to help raise money for Hurst’s girls to go to college. The halter auction is 14 halters of the last 17 living Kentucky Derby winners. Mine That Bird, Zanyetta, War Emblem and many more halters are up for auction on Ebay. All the halters are authentic, and the original owners donated the halters as well as a monetary donation. [ESPN]

Ever wonder what to do with all your horse’s droppings? Compost them! Horsetalk has a great article on composting horse manure for gardening purposes etc. Evergreen Farm is where I kept my horse throughout college and they composted all the manure, shavings, and hay from doing stalls each day. There’s a small picture on the website, but the property is clearly well maintained. All thanks to the horses’ natural resources! What else are you supposed to do with an over supply of goods in a bear market?! [Horsetalk]

Lock your tack rooms! Theft is on the rise. Irish Show Jumper Paul Beecher has his facility raided while he was filming a documentary in the back of his property. The thieves took about €20,000 of tack including Jaguar, Prestige, and several other saddles as bits, bridles, and more. Of special importance is an Australian Stock saddle that Paul’s dad received in the 70s that’s over 150 years old. Prior to Beecher’s tack room being trifled with, €7,000 worth of tack was taken from another barn not far from Beecher. The tack is likely to be sold in Britain. Any information that leads to the recovery of the tack will be met with reward. [Irish Examiner]

Nine horse shows in Virginia, New York, Michigan, Missouri, and California, and Connecticut have been named to the USEF Heritage List. This is to recognize show that have been in existence at least 25 years and promote horsemanship, sportsmanship, and the sport beyond just horse show dates. This is the highest distinction for a horse show given by the USEF. [Congrats!!!]

Dinner in the Dirt is a VIP Charity event that will be hosting Austin Anderson & The Texas Trick Riders this year. The two charities this year are the Wounded Warrior Project and Kids Rein Therapeutic Riding for Children with Disabilities. Austin and his crew will be doing trick riding, roman riding, and jumping right in front of the dinner tables! Guests are literally part of the show as the tables are literally in the dirt. Right smack dab in the middle of the show ring. [Enjoy a fun night for a good cause]

George Morris is an Advisor to the Hunter/Jumper Working Groups. These Working Groups are going to help propel US Hunters and Jumpers into the future. Morris calls himself a traditionalist and when you stray too far from the foundation of the sport, it’s a “slippery slope.” A suggestion for the Jumpers is to align the current qualification to mimic that of the FEI so the US can compete abroad much more seamlessly. He is advising the Hunters to take a look at class descriptions, obstacle specifications, basically the whole sport, to figure out where they want to be in the future. [COTH]

Found on Facebook:

PRO shared Dom Schramm’s FB post update on Caitlin Silliman: “Caitlin – get well and hurry back soon. This duo is nothing but mischief unchecked!”

[From Dom] “It seems Caitlin Silliman is making a recovery and thankfully hasn’t had any complications. Knowing her, she will be back in the saddle in no time. Until she gets back, I am over at Boyd Martin helping out with the riding. Its Caitlin’s job to keep Boyd in line so hopefully the Schrammo/’Maestro’ Martin Dream Team doesn’t get into too much mischief. Hurry up and get better Caitlin Silliman.”

Also on FB:

If you were needing a little Hollywood pop culture reference in your eventing cereal this morning… Ashley Adams Eventing:I am not a fan of showing up at the barn in the morning only to find a horse naked that had a blanket on the night prior….then finding the very nice blanket looking like it was in the middle of a Kristen.Stewart/Rob Pattinson love triangle. Thanks a lot, cheese head.

BREAKING: Canadian Rebecca Howard has a new Rebecca Howard Equestrian Facebook Page that was recently created. Let’s show her some EN FB love. [Like RHE!]

Best of the Blogs: Can Jessica Pye catch a break? Shortly after their awesome CIC3* run at Richland, Jess had Bounder’s left front leg MRI’d (is that a verb?) because it just didn’t feel right, but he wasn’t really lame, but also not quite 100%. “What’s another couple grand right?” Bounder ended up needing a pin in his fetlock joint. He can still go out, just needs his bandages changed a couple times a day. [Now he’s Bionic Bounder]

I leave you with a  helmet cam of Andreas Ostholt in the CIC3*. It’s so kind of the horse to gallop in time to the music.

Go eventing.

Embarrassing Moment’s Thursday News from Devoucoux

Not that embarrassing

Good morning Eventing Nation!

I can hardly believe I’m about to own this, but I have to update my most embarrassing moment that ESJ wrote on all the EN people last year. (Bear with me, there’s a bit of a lead up.) Now, a quick update on my life: I’ve got 20 horses and riders at two different barns in training Monday through Friday. I reserve the weekends to be a normal 24 year old, although truth be told, if someone requests a weekend lesson, I’ll interrupt my memorizing reading 50 Shades of Grey to head out to the barn and teach or ride. Everyone’s surprised by how organized I’ve been especially for a horse person, and truth be told, I’m amazed I haven’t double booked or missed a lesson. Cue the embarrassing moment. And, mind you, I was well raised by my mother, so it’s hard to embarrass me nowadays. Wednesdays, I have a standing lesson at 5 pm with Laura. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it for family obligations, but told me to put a training ride on Ellie instead. No big deal for me, as I love her mare. So I go to Ellie’s stall to tack her up. She’s not there. I vaguely remember Laura telling me that she was hoping to get Ellie more turnout, so I head outside, and there’s only one horse not out with the geldings. A nice brown horse in a flymask and sheet. Perfect, she’s near the gate. I halter her up, and walk back to the barn and down the aisle. Carrie is new to our barn, and it’s a full service facility, and she’s a nice lady who will be going training level at Otter Creek this weekend. I put Ellie into the cross ties, and Carrie looks up from putting her boots on and exclaims, “Why thank you Ali! Are you going to groom and tack him up for me too?” Wait. What? Take a second, harder look at the horse under the flymask. NOT Ellie.  Not even a mare. Everyone had a great laugh at my expense, myself included, until we realized Ellie was still missing.  Turns out, she switched stalls, and I’ll probably never live this moment down.

I’ll be at Otter Creek this weekend which event will you be attending?

Events This Weekend:

Twin Rivers Fall HT [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]
Poplar Place Farm Sept HT [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]
Otter Creek Fall HT [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]
Plantation Field HT [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]
Northwest Equestrian Fall Gala HT [Website]
Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall HT [Website]
Reserve your tailgating spot for Fair Hill CCI2* and CCI3* October 18-21! Tailgating is available for cross country day. They’ve opened a new tailgating area this year by the start and finish overlooking the water complex. It should be a great time. Bring a 10’x10′ tent if you wish and your kids and dogs as long as they’re leashed. The dogs leashed! They’ll have stewards and stewardesses all day. Included is one vehicle and six day passes. If you don’t use the general admission tickets on Saturday, they’re still good on Sunday. [Go Fair Hill]
And so it begins. Showjumper Jessica Springsteen has acquired the ride of British Olympic gold medal winning horse, Vindicat W. Vinnie was purchased by the family’s Stone Hill Farm.  Peter Charles, who piloted him around to help Britain with the gold in London says regarding the London performance, “I will never forget how that felt and how unbelievably proud he made me and my team feel.” The sale comes so that Peter can invest in young horses for Rio. On Vinnie’s new partnership with Jessica, Peter wishes, “ Jessica the best of luck with him and I am sure he will make her proud, too.” [Horse and Hound] [Horsetalk]
Icky has a hard life. Well, had a hard life. Icky, aka Ichabod Crane, is Lauren Spreiser’s latest barn cat. Icky came to them after Lauren’s best friend Sara found her under her car as a neglected kitten. Icky had a collar on that was so small she literally grew into it. Sara nursed the kitten back to health, and Lauren, having only two barn cats on 125 acres, figured Icky could stay on the farm.  Now Icky finds the best laps seats in the house when clinics are happening, gets rides on the hay cart, and jumps into the rafters when she’s not off killing the vermin on the farm. [And there’s a video of Icky’s new life]
Don’t Drink and Drive Ride. A man in Kentucky was arrested and taken to jail after riding his horse while intoxicated over twice the legal limit. He was trail riding while drinking beers with several others when he stopped to eat crackers on the side of the road because he is severely diabetic. The police rolled up and asked Danny Reynolds to dismount his horse. When he was staggering to walk, they arrested him. The deputy also found rolling papers and a bag of marijuana in his pocket and a jar of moonshine in his saddle bag. Reynolds wants this to be a lesson for other horsemen to pay attention. According to Kentucky Law, non-motorized vehicles include horses, bicycles, and skateboards. Reynolds will likely lose his license for riding his horse drunk. [WKYT]
Best of the Blogs: Team Wallace is gearing up for Poplar Place this weekend. Elisa Wallace is riding four horses, one at each level BN-P. Meanwhile, Rick Wallace from Team Wallace South, is entered in the CIC2*. Their students will be there as well. Good luck to all! [Team Wallace]
Honorable Mention: Heidi Wardle is assistant trainer for Phyllis Dawson at Windchase Farm in Virginia. She updates her blog from earlier in the summer. She’s living the dream. The one where you get to muck out stalls, ride horses, lose power. You know, the horse life. Sounds like everything is back underway after a little break in August. [Life at Windchase]
What do Channing Tatum, James Franco, and Brad Pitt have to do with eventing? They’re all studs! Hahaha… In their second episode, Evention gives us the stud talk. As much as I like Dom walking us through everything you need to know about studs and traction, I like Jimmie’s “stud” selection better. Check it out. And don’t forget to like Evention on Facebook.
 Go eventing.

Friday News from FLAIR

From Fergus the Horse FB page (click to check it out)


Good morning Eventing Nation!

It’s Friday!!! Are you preparing to head out to an event this weekend? Or a schooling show? or Pony Club event? Or just a fun trail ride or switching horses at the barn? Whatever you do this weekend, hopefully somehow it’s horse related. That’s why you’re here right, no? No? News and Notes? “Events This Weekend” list? Awesome video at the bottom of the post? That’s why you’re here? Well, you came to the right place.


Seneca Valley HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Feather Creek HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

GMHA September HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Flying Cross Farm HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

Coconino Fall HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Meadows of Moorpark HT: [Website]

Dunnabeck HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Windy Wyoming HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

Twin Rivers HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Not ready to event this weekend? Well, Flora Lea Horse Trials is accepting post entries for their fall competition on Sept 29-30.  Competitors who had entered the September 2011 horse trials (which was cancelled due to heavy rain and bad footing) are still eligible to receive $75 credit towards their entry for any 2012 Flora Lea competition. We are proud to continue to offer new fences at all levels in XC, providing an educational experience for horses and riders with the goal being at all levels to provide a galloping course. [Flora Lea Website]

Lucy Griffiths, Sam Griffiths wife, wrote a piece about her London experience for her old school’s magazine, and Griffiths Eventing posted an excerpt in their blog. Lucy talks about what it’s like being the wife of an Olympian and the call they got at 5 am the day before competition starts telling them they were 99% sure that Sam and Happy were going to be needed in London, but they’d call back and confirm at 7 am. WHO DOES THAT?! What exactly are you supposed to do for those two hours? The Griffiths drank tea. How very English of them. When in Rome.. [Griffiths Eventing]

Sarah from Smartpak has updated part 2 of her Paralympic blog series. It truly amazes me what horses and the human spirit can achieve, and it’s put center stage for the world to see at the Paralympics. Sarah highlights the different Grades to the Paralympics with each grade designating the type of disability with the list including spinal issues to amputations to illness, there is nothing these horseman cannot overcome. For Rebecca Hart, just riding down centerline on the Prime Meridian, in two hemispheres at once, was a huge highlight. Check out the blog for more stories. [Smartpak blog]

Jan Byyny has updated her blog! And wow-o-wow has she been busy! She has had a fantastic summer so far. Her Surefire event was a huge success with “the best courses we’ve had yet for all levels.” She then went on to NAJYRC to coach her one star team, who she is very proud of. Then it was off to England for the Olympics to watch as much as she could while celebrating her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Back home to compete at Richland then back to England at the request of Allison Springer to attend Burghley. Back home now, she’s taking three horses to Plantation CIC3*. [Go Jan!]

The conversation about what to do with racehorses after their track career has ended should never end. After Michael Beychok won $1M in the National Handicapping Championship, he vowed to make sure the horse that made it all possible lived out the rest of her good life. The filly, Glorious Dancer, went on to run three more races coming in first, second, and third. The trainer told Beychok the horse was sore, and Beycock did the right thing by putting her out to pasture to recuperate in his home state of Louisiana. “I think we take for granted what these horses do for us,” Beychok said. He hopes his story will help others to donate to a retirement home for horses or the various organizations that work to rehome OTTBs. [ESPN]

Our wonderful friends over at Kentucky Performance Products are hosting a contest! For those of you using the products, email [email protected] with information about your horse, which products you use, and why your horse loves ’em! Pretty easy way to win a bucket of KPP goodies! The winner will be announced in a few weeks on October 3.

And a trim! Schramm Equestrian has launched Evention, a weekly how-to tv show covering a multitude of horse related topics. This first episode is about bathing and trimming a horse for show or presentation in general. Join husband and wife duo Dom and Jimmie Schramm. (and don’t forget to like Evention on Facebook!) It’s legit good. Check it out!


Go eventing.