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Thank you, EN, for allotting me one football post this season. I hope you laughed as much as I did.

Good morning Eventing Nation!

How’s life treating you these days? Counting the time until you’re off the clock and en route to the barn?  Have you heard the replacement refs are gone, and the real refs are back in the NFL? Only one giant embarrassing mistake and the NFL gets its act together. If only the USEF worked that way re: US eventing leadership/coaching… the last decade or so might have been less embarrassing. I call it like I see it folks! Which is better than a replacement ref. I’m an armchair ref.


Events This Weekend:

Middleburg HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

Colorado Horse Park HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Meadow Creek HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Jump Start HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Results]

University of New Hampshire HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Results]

Flora Lea HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Tryon HT: [Website] [Ride Times]

A Mark Todd Teddy is up for grabs! In an online auction, this Teddy Bear’s proceeds will support Starship Spring Clean. This Edwardian Teddy was made around 1994 in celebration of Todd’s 1988 Seoul Games. The Teddy wears Mark’s tie that he wore in those Games. The Teddy also has an xc map of the LA Games of 84 in his pocket. He’s in full riding gear, and has been updated with a photo of Todd holding him while he wears the London Bronze medal. It’s a great collector’s item, not a child’s toy. Letter of authenticity and autographs included. [Where Kiwis Buy and Sell]

Jim Hurst of The Blood Horse, passed away at 51 years old in August 2011. He left behind a wife and two young girls. He knew many professionals in the racing industry as he was in advertising sales. He was great with names and faces, and apparently never forgot anyone. Jim Cox, Hurst’s best friend says, “Jim touched so many people, and he is the thread that joins it all, all these farms, all these people.” They are holding a golfing event and online halter auction to help raise money for Hurst’s girls to go to college. The halter auction is 14 halters of the last 17 living Kentucky Derby winners. Mine That Bird, Zanyetta, War Emblem and many more halters are up for auction on Ebay. All the halters are authentic, and the original owners donated the halters as well as a monetary donation. [ESPN]

Ever wonder what to do with all your horse’s droppings? Compost them! Horsetalk has a great article on composting horse manure for gardening purposes etc. Evergreen Farm is where I kept my horse throughout college and they composted all the manure, shavings, and hay from doing stalls each day. There’s a small picture on the website, but the property is clearly well maintained. All thanks to the horses’ natural resources! What else are you supposed to do with an over supply of goods in a bear market?! [Horsetalk]

Lock your tack rooms! Theft is on the rise. Irish Show Jumper Paul Beecher has his facility raided while he was filming a documentary in the back of his property. The thieves took about €20,000 of tack including Jaguar, Prestige, and several other saddles as bits, bridles, and more. Of special importance is an Australian Stock saddle that Paul’s dad received in the 70s that’s over 150 years old. Prior to Beecher’s tack room being trifled with, €7,000 worth of tack was taken from another barn not far from Beecher. The tack is likely to be sold in Britain. Any information that leads to the recovery of the tack will be met with reward. [Irish Examiner]

Nine horse shows in Virginia, New York, Michigan, Missouri, and California, and Connecticut have been named to the USEF Heritage List. This is to recognize show that have been in existence at least 25 years and promote horsemanship, sportsmanship, and the sport beyond just horse show dates. This is the highest distinction for a horse show given by the USEF. [Congrats!!!]

Dinner in the Dirt is a VIP Charity event that will be hosting Austin Anderson & The Texas Trick Riders this year. The two charities this year are the Wounded Warrior Project and Kids Rein Therapeutic Riding for Children with Disabilities. Austin and his crew will be doing trick riding, roman riding, and jumping right in front of the dinner tables! Guests are literally part of the show as the tables are literally in the dirt. Right smack dab in the middle of the show ring. [Enjoy a fun night for a good cause]

George Morris is an Advisor to the Hunter/Jumper Working Groups. These Working Groups are going to help propel US Hunters and Jumpers into the future. Morris calls himself a traditionalist and when you stray too far from the foundation of the sport, it’s a “slippery slope.” A suggestion for the Jumpers is to align the current qualification to mimic that of the FEI so the US can compete abroad much more seamlessly. He is advising the Hunters to take a look at class descriptions, obstacle specifications, basically the whole sport, to figure out where they want to be in the future. [COTH]

Found on Facebook:

PRO shared Dom Schramm’s FB post update on Caitlin Silliman: “Caitlin – get well and hurry back soon. This duo is nothing but mischief unchecked!”

[From Dom] “It seems Caitlin Silliman is making a recovery and thankfully hasn’t had any complications. Knowing her, she will be back in the saddle in no time. Until she gets back, I am over at Boyd Martin helping out with the riding. Its Caitlin’s job to keep Boyd in line so hopefully the Schrammo/’Maestro’ Martin Dream Team doesn’t get into too much mischief. Hurry up and get better Caitlin Silliman.”

Also on FB:

If you were needing a little Hollywood pop culture reference in your eventing cereal this morning… Ashley Adams Eventing:I am not a fan of showing up at the barn in the morning only to find a horse naked that had a blanket on the night prior….then finding the very nice blanket looking like it was in the middle of a Kristen.Stewart/Rob Pattinson love triangle. Thanks a lot, cheese head.

BREAKING: Canadian Rebecca Howard has a new Rebecca Howard Equestrian Facebook Page that was recently created. Let’s show her some EN FB love. [Like RHE!]

Best of the Blogs: Can Jessica Pye catch a break? Shortly after their awesome CIC3* run at Richland, Jess had Bounder’s left front leg MRI’d (is that a verb?) because it just didn’t feel right, but he wasn’t really lame, but also not quite 100%. “What’s another couple grand right?” Bounder ended up needing a pin in his fetlock joint. He can still go out, just needs his bandages changed a couple times a day. [Now he’s Bionic Bounder]

I leave you with a  helmet cam of Andreas Ostholt in the CIC3*. It’s so kind of the horse to gallop in time to the music.

Go eventing.


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