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It’s that time of year again! Snow in Minnesota… well, honestly, it probably snowed in June or July to be fair, but this was the first legit snow for the season. And, I’ll be hibernating for the rest of the winter. So, if the news and notes go downhill from here, send all your angry hate mail to the chinchillas. They need new teeth sharpening materials… The N&N title, and photo and intro actually have relevance to each other this time. It won’t happen again, I promise.

Events This Weekend:

Waredaca HT & T3D: [Website] [Ride Times] [3 Day Live Scores] [HT Live Scores]

Chattahoochee Hills HT: [Website] [Live Scores]

Heritage Park HT: [Website] [Status/Times/Live Scores]

Holly Hill Fall HT: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Depending on where you’ve been… working perhaps? Ha. Colleen and Shiraz performed their dressage test yesterday at Pau to a 62.2. Buck and Reggie go this morning at 8:48 am EST.  WFP, Andrew Nicholson (can we give a him a shorter nickname?) and Mary King (Mary K? I joke..) are the top three after the completion of the first day of dressage competition. [CCI4* Dressage Timetable] [Live Scores] [Uptown Eventing photos on FB – fabulous!]

This is worth a re-post from yesterday’s N&N: Pau will be available on Live Streaming!! Saturday and Sunday, on FEI TV. Both the CCI4* and the CIC2* will be featured. Woohoo! [Pau Live Streaming Info]

The Kiwis are coming at Pau. Andrew Nicholson on Mr. Cruis Control and Nereo. He’s planning on winning the event, just fyi. Other notable Kiwis competing this weekend as well: Jonathan Paget on Clifton Promise, Caroline Powell aboard Onwards and Upwards and Mark Todd on Major Milestone. You know, newbies. This is the first in the HSBC FEI Classic Series for the season, so everyone is out for early points. Sixty competitiors from 17 countries are represented. [Go Pau!]

French is not a language I know (Russian, Spanish, English, yes), but alas, of French I possess no knowledge. It’s cool to watch this Pau promo video anyway. From my critical thinking skills, the title is the “Rendezvous of Stars at Pau”, and they call out WFP, Andrew Nicholson, and Mary King in the video, so they’re probably talking about top 3? Then google translate tells me the bottom paragraph says how Pau is one of the top 6 competitions where the best in the world compete – without exception – and are trying to beat defending champ, WFP. Also, there are 12 French competing. Anyone wanna help a girl out in the comments, and tell me what’s really going on? [Youtube] [A French article for the fun of it]

For the first time ever, the last event of the season, Pine Top Thanksgiving Horse Trials will be holding an intermediate class. They also offer Beginner Novice to Preliminary levels. Pine Top is a terrific venue with fabulous footing, and would make a great last outing at any of the offered levels. [USEA]

And don’t forget exciting news that Clayton Fredericks (is it too soon to call him “our very own”?) is in the running to be the next coach for Team Canada. And, as confirmed by Sinead’s FB, she will in fact be joining him for the winter at his Ocala facility. [EN]

Copper Meadows is hosting an unrecognized one-day show this weekend on Sunday, October 28th, offering Intermediate level through Elementary (2′ and under). The day before the show, there is a “Look B4 You Leap” clinic, where you can ride the xc course which is a great option for young/inexperienced/nervous riders/horses to get comfortable with the cross-country before they go out alone on Sunday. Riders vie for prizes from Fleeceworks saddle pads to horse cookies to Copper Meadows hats and ribbons.  They enjoy putting these shows together and are happy to serve our local Eventing community, and anyone in the Southern California area is welcome to come out and participate! [More info] [Photos from previous shows]

Found on Facebook: Lara Anderson (Of Full Gallop Farm in Aiken) posts: “We have a Stephen Bradley clinic planned here at Full Gallop Nov 3rd & 4th, that is the same day as Jumping Branch and I know many of us are competing there. Please let me know if you would be interested in riding in the clinic if were were able to hold it during the week instead. Choice would be Nov 6th & 7th, Nov 7th & 8th, Nov 13th & 14th or Nov 14th &15th. Please let me know if you would attend if we changed it and which dates you could do. Great prep for Pine Top and the upcoming winter events! Let me know right away we are trying to make plans.” [email: [email protected]] [Website]

Best of the Blogs: I have told you all from time to time I am a DQ at heart. And I heart the Dressage Curmudgeon. She tells it like it is. Her latest blog is about (dressage) clinics, but EN, you’ve probably been to one, or an eventing one to a similar effect. [Sound familiar?] (Special Thank You to Amanda O’Neil for getting me hooked!)

The fourth video of this FLAIR® Master Class video series follows the Dynamic Duo of Dierks and Hill as they discuss their approach to effort No. 3 —  the Walnut Tables. Also addressed is  what time of day to walk the course — an important decision in cross-country preparation.


[Go eventing.]


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