Rapid Fire with Lainey Ashker

Hello Eventing Nation! Rapid Fire is a series I have long wanted to start on Eventing Nation, but I never had the gumption to actually see it through. Well, on a whim as I was taking Lainey to the airport on Sunday, she indulged me. I promise that next time I try to do a Rapid Fire interview, I’ll channel my best Barbara Walters and not giggle like a school girl and tell Lainey how “fabulous”, “wonderful”, and “excellent” her answers are. If you like this interview, maybe we can get our other EN writers in other parts of the country to interview their favorite riders. Let us know your favorites, or any questions you suggest in the comments! Thank you again Lainey so much for being a professional and taking the time to sit down with us, and thank you for watching.


Go eventing.


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