It’s the End of the World as We Know It’s Friday News from FLAIR Nasal Strips

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Boy do I have big news for you Eventing Nation!

The big news you say? You really want to know? Well the world is ending today. Actually, it probably really is ending because there’s not much news today. Well, not a lot of evneting news, but just a few tidbits of terrific news! Quality over quantity folks. It’s Jimmie Holotik Schramm’s birthday! Happy 26th lovely lady! You may remember Jimmie from those awesome Evention videos.

Want some even bigger news?!

USEF Eventing High Performance Training Lists are coming out soon!!! Let’s take a look at the action on Facebook and Twitter already…

On Twitter:

On FB:

Kristi Nunnick – “Im so excited rosie and i have been put on the training list for the usea

Meg Kep – “Global Talent – Combinations that currently possess the ability to win anywhere in the world…. So long as the world doesn’t end. Go tate and sinead!

Jennie Brannigan – “Excited to have been named to the US world class training list on Cambalda…. He might have to loose a couple pounds 🙂 me too…..

The official teaser

We will keep you updated as the lists are announced officially. Go HP Eventing.

Bruce Griffin of Griffin Sport Horses receives USEF Honor. He has been named the 2012 Recipient of the USEF “Equestrian of Honor” Norm K. Dunn Trophy for excellence in halter and is a finalist for USEF Equestrian of the Year. This year he handled YEH East Coast Overall Champion, De Luetje MF among others. [Go Bruce!]

Best of the Blogs: Jessica Pye and Bounder’s luck is turning around! I love this side of the story. We’ve all been there with lame or accident prone horses, and I wish Jessica the best of luck in Florida with Gold Chip, in her MBA program, and everything else she’s worked so hard for! [Pye Equestrian]

Honorable Mention: Boyd showing love for one of his owners. Amy Lindgren was out to watch her horses go. She’s got some of Boyd’s homebred and a champion eventer turned hunt horse. [Boyd’s blog]

Found on Facebook: From Lucinda Greene’s FB page – “Here is to an action packed 2013 eventing season #DontLetTheApocalypseGetInTheWay (or #TheWeather!)”


Also from Lucinda Greene’s FB page… Loving this video!

Go eventing.



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